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    Happy New Year turtles!! Welcome tearsandrain, hope your DS gets well soon Chocolatelover93, LavenderBee hope you get well soon Sashanut glad your DD is ok.

    NSDs Aiming for 10 : 1 / 10 Resisted coffee so first one in the bag today

    Make plans for the month – Need to do more of this

    Always pay your debts first – No debts but this month I want to get tothe end of Jan on my Jan pay. This month I was effectively £950 in debt as I was spending Jan money in December

    List your frogs –I am going to try and make bread this month. For some reason this is terrifying! I will use a Kenwood and the oven.

    Chill out – This is going ok today

    Helping others – Need to get my next CS bag started, planning 5 mins a day decluttering and sorting digital photos. Also turned my hangers the wrong way to shake some more clothes out of my wardrobe

    Always be grateful – Grateful for:
    Yesterday: lovely walk up Parliament Hill, relaxed time with BF and for Camembert
    Today: Quiet day at work, having a good gym session at lunch and getting a place for something I wanted to go to in Feb

    Get involved – Turtle number 28 all present and correct!

    Exercise – Halo glowing - gym today :)

    Sort it out – Need to do this & will be culling my paper recipes and actually trying some of them out rather than letting them gather dust. Doing 5 mins a day clutter busting this year.
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    NSD – 1/15

    Make plans for the month –Have just been asked to an afternoon tea with a colleague who retired in October and my best work buddy so will go to that as I enjoy their company. Not sure when it will be yet.

    Always pay your debts first – budget for food set – DD’s gone out today and accounts updated. Small shop updated as well.

    List your frogs – fridge cleaned and sorted

    Little savings – 72p put away yesterday and 59p today

    Chill out – read one book yesterday and started another today

    Helping others – will do

    Always be grateful – 3 things I am grateful for are: lovely weather again so we could go for a lovely walk, baking with DS2, central heating as it has been cold today.

    New to You – nothing today

    Get involved – checking in

    Exercise – got my 10,000 steps in today lovely walk with DH and DS2. Cold but refreshing

    Sort it out – got my use it up box made up and I will menu plan tomorrow to try and use some things up
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    Can I join in again for Jan? I lost track in December, but new year and new month - love the theme CCL.

    The New Year starts for me on the 2nd as the 1st is Youngest's birthday and so part of the festive season :D. Must say that I did not begrudge paying out for time and a half when I had to get a taxi to the hospital in labour!

    Have been for a short (not quick) run and also walked into town with the kids to supervise the spending of Xmas and birthday money.

    Having failed to meet any NSD target so far I'm pleased to see an option of 10 days, will aim for that! Had to buy some school shoes for Eldest today, luckily they were on sale. So still at 0.

    Today I am grateful for: my emergency fund equalling my CC debt for the first time (all being well, one will go up and the other down), for a few extra days off before I go back into the office, and for finally getting a bit of peace and quiet (in the bedroom with my knitting and the door firmly closed).
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    LavenderBee - hope you feel better soon x

    NSDs - now 2

    Make plans for the monthDS2’s bday will mean a Nand0s next weekend . May possibly purchase a Grooopon afternoon tea for myself and OH and Will also add in 1 takeaway towards month end Nothing today. Always feel a bit in limbo until kids are back in school in Jan.

    Always pay your debts first have sto & ddr to savings & ISA. Extra monies to holiday savings. Hoping to keep food spends relatively low for the month… Have some late Xmas and DD’s 21st spends on 0% CC – will clear no later than Feb payday. - £1.54 transferred to mtge to keep balance at a round amount after interest :D

    List your frogs Hmmmm…. not sure I've done one yet today :(

    Little savings Yep – have sto going out 1st monthly. 'Shrapnel' change and £2 coins used for holiday fund :) - small amount (<£3) tfrd to hol savings to round up balance from month end.

    Chill out – Whatever helps you to relax, goalsime for this – even if it’s only 15 minutes a day Planning on exercise, reading – and ironing! :D 45 minute walk again today and about 75 mons of ironing :) Didn't iron yesterday in the end - but did finish off a book in bed last night

    Helping others – If you can, please consider donating to charity or to your local food bank. –

    Always be grateful – Take time every day to think about and write down three things in life that you are grateful for. –Today - a lie in, fitting leftover choc panettone into my calorie allowance for the day :D, some very pretty red and white berries on trees and bushes when out walking, almost catching up on the laundry!!

    New to You nothing today

    Get involved – Try and check in Yep

    Exercise Have signed up to Red January (www.redtogether.co.uk)Would like to average 10k steps/ day over the month 45 minute walk again this afternoon - also on just over 9k steps so will get over 10k.

    Sort it outYour food cupboards and stores. Proper sort out still to be done next weekend. Did use up the last of the pesto cheese in pasta at lunchtime :) ETA - also used a face mask last night which I've had for 2/3 years :T

    ETA: now done 2 frogs - an email I've been dithering about and writing up 2019 goals :T 10K steps achieved about an hour ago :)
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    Also thank you greent for the RED January link - have signed up.
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    Still on 1 NSD.

    My usb cable I use to charge my phone stopped working so I had to buy a new one today which was frustrating. Luckily I had a small fund for those little unexpected expenses.

    I’ve signed up to R.E.D January as well! Aiming to get to 10k steps on my Fitbit by the end of the day.

    Made a £5 donation to the WWF as part of the “Helping Others” part of the challenge.

    Today I’m grateful that I have a job and the HR department has been very supportive when I’ve struggled with my mental health recently.
    I’m also grateful for supportive colleagues- it’s been nice catching up with everyone following the break.
    I’m also grateful for this forum for giving me the motivation to sort out my poor money management.
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    Welcome newbies. Get well soon poorly people and their poorly children.

    NSD 2 today, have worked and am now home and fed with no plans to spend.

    Ran last night and may go again tonight, not sure yet.
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    Hello :D :wave:
    Welcome GlendaSugarbean - you're in :)
    LavenderBee - sounds like whatever it is has wiped you out. Hope that you're on the mend soon - it's a very extreme way of getting a nsd :p

    I haven't managed a nsd today. As I had suspected, naughty tortie 1 incurred expense at the vet (least surprising news ever). She needed a steroid injection and a vitamin injection, and the vet wasn't keen on vaccinating her at the same time. So, £55 lighter there and she still needs to go back in 3 weeks for her jabs anyway :cry: As I say, it's a good job that I love her.
    As I was spending, I decided to go for my weekly grocery shop a day early. Whilst I intend to exist on leftovers for the month, my kids will not so they need some of their rubbish, and I also needed soap powder - another £54. I'm really hoping that will be it for the short term spending. I can't afford for January to continue like this.
    When I got home from the vet I was half in the mood for tackling frogs so I took down the Christmas tree, made a phone call I'd been putting off for months and got a doctor's appointment. I put another 3 frogs back on there though so no overall movement on the frog front.
    My blanket is not finished, however I have less than 2 rounds to do. It may still not be tonight but I am quite close now. Plus I have already found my next project to finish - it nearly fell out of the loft onto me when I put the tree away so I've taken it as a sign.
    Also found a hoody in the loft that I'd put up there ages ago when I got too fat for it. As I've lost just over a stone since I separated from my husband I can now get into it again, so I have a new to me hoody.
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    I know I’m late but would love to join in. I have long term health issues and at the moment this is impacting my mental health. So much of this will help to get me back on track.
    I am thoroughly enjoying reading the posts here- lots of ideas and inspiration x
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    Welcome *Jellie*
    Everyone is welcome at any time. Just jump right in and post - as you see the Turtles are quite a nice bunch.
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