NST Join In January 2019 - In With The New

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  • awinterstaleawinterstale Forumite
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    Second Anniversary Xmas Saver!
    Spend free days (NSD’s) - Have committed to 10 but hoping for more! Currently at 2/10.

    Make plans for the month – A free meal on hubby’s company which should be nice, plus I’m taking DS to a University interview about 3 hours away so we’ll take a ‘car picnic’ rather than the usual Costa/McDonald’s.

    Always pay your debts first – All budgets set, grocery spend set at £250 (my biggest downfall!). Joined Oh My Dosh’ who have already paid out £20.50 with £24.50 pending! I also won £119.98 on Mecca Bingo - this isn’t something I would normally do but Oh My Dosh basically matched a £10 bet so I thought why not?! Cashed out my £119.98 and closed my account, happy days! So that’s £164.98 I can throw against our debt yippee!!

    List your frogs – send off Will paperwork, sort mountain of filing and file away, meal plan and sort freezers/stores.

    Little savings – Doing the 1p challenge, plus £1 a day for Christmas 2019.

    Chill out – Spent the best part of 2019 in bed with this pesky flu that seems to be going around, so not quite ‘chilling out’ but hoping to get out in the fresh air for some lunch time walks once I’m better.

    Helping others – usual DD to Cancer charity.

    Always be grateful – My lovely children who have been looking after me whilst I’ve been poorly, watching Luther on tv later, a fish finger sandwich that hubby is currently making for me (just hoping I can actually eat it because I really fancied one!).

    New to You – Seem to have a ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’, in particular clothes, make-up & toiletries. Planning on watching the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix and will try and get it in some semblance of order and not buy anything new unless I need it rather than just want it!

    Get involved – #12 I’m here! :j

    Exercise – 30 mins walking in lunch break, 5 times a week.

    Sort it out – sorting out my cupboards and freezer is a huge priority. Loving the idea of a ‘use it up box’.
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  • 364ab364ab Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    NSDs - 2 / 10 today 🙂

    Plans for the month - all made and budgeted for - 2 birthdays (including my own) and a book group - if anything else comes up I plan on not drinking alcohol at them (or just not going!)

    Debts - I finally made it to debt free after clearing my credit card in Dec, which I am super chuffed about. Hope to stay that way by keeping a tight budget!

    Little savings - I've finished paying off my car so plan to put £50 a month up towards MOT, tax, service repairs etc

    Chill out - I've started a 30 day yoga challenge as part of NY resolution (to do more yoga) called Dedicate with Adriene.

    Helping others - set up a Wateraid direct debit at Christmas (again something I'd been meaning to do for ages) and also giving to animal non-profit and local foodbank

    Gratitudes - today I am grateful for:
    My health, after hearing about a friend who is having surgery
    Central heating - has it got colder or is it just me?
    A leftover pizza gifted to us from NYE that we'd forgot was in the fridge - having it for tea!

    New to you - I am awaiting a book that I have requested from the library instead of buying

    Exercise - Already walk to work and back 4 days a week, but plan to extend the Saturday dog walk by 20mins. Dog will be happy!

    Sort it out - Plan to blitz kitchen cupboards after the weekend and do a proper food audit

    Love reading everyone's challenge lists - joining in definitely helps keep focus and momentum! :T
  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    Spend free days (NSD’s) – 1/20. Was a rather big spend day. Did a big food shop. Hoping that I will only have to do the odd food top up. Brought monthly buddybox(mental health support organisation), Epsom salt(seemed a very good price, coming tomorrow), charity donation, and some other items.

    Make plans for the month – Planning to see 2 films at cinema. Will bring my own refreshments. The cost is £4.99 per film. These are my only plans at the moment.

    Always pay your debts first – Budget set. No debt. Do have savings, monthly DD already set up. Will add extra when I can.

    List your frogs – So far only aiming to do somethings in the flat. Getting new carpets/lino (free appointment already booked for Thursday for measurements etc) and new curtains. Anything extra is a bonus. Only really one frog done, put somethings in a wardrobe. This will help when carpet is done.

    Little savings – Any change from each week I will put coins into coin bags and when full will put into savings accounts. Also am always on the lookout for roadkill.

    Chill out – This I already do. Will carry on with self-care, eg meditation, reading, wordsearch. This is very important for my MH. Done self care.

    Helping others – Will be looking into food bank donation. Cash donation to SA today.

    Always be grateful – Grateful for: Murder She Wrote being back on tv, having a nice chat with someone who I know whilst out, pj's.

    New to You – This I will be doing. Got quite a few cross stitch kits that I can start on.

    Get involved – Checking in

    Exercise – I also have joined up for R.E.D. January. Walked to and from food shop. About 30 minutes each way.

    Sort it out – Will be making sure I am using everything up. Will be using up my toiletries – these I have really got down and monitoring them closely.
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    awinterstale - that is fabulous money making! Well done you!

    Get well soon lavenderbee.

    Today I am grateful for getting out and about with dd, for dropping another bag at the SA, for finishing another teddy, for plenty of birdsong, for cleaning all my doors and door frames, for big sis arriving for a few nights, for the bus app meaning that we know whether to saunter or sprint, for dh somehow mending the car!
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    Hope those feeling under the weather feel better soon.

    Not a great day. Dentist and I need a filling replaced and my energy DD is going up £40/month.:eek: I usually have a white filling but I am disappointed in how long they are lasting so will go for a normal one and save myself £50. Energy comparison has been added to the list of frogs.

    Spend free days (NSD’s) – Aiming for 15 - 2/15

    Make plans for the month – No new outings planned for January:)

    Always pay your debts first – no payments made today

    List your frogs – I've added some more to the list but not crossed any off!

    Little Savings – I didn't budget properly for the regular saver coming out so am going to find the shortfall from my budget. That's £150 to cut from somewhere:eek:

    Chill out – reading my book and an evening walk, just me and the dog. DH has gone to bed early as he is full of cold so I will have a cup of tea and read some more

    Helping others – found 2 books of DS to donate. One is a Christmas gift that was obviously used and re-gifted. DS had already read it but unable to pass on to anyone else as a gift due to condition.

    Always be grateful – Today I am grateful for:

    1) A lovely NHS dentist
    2) A clean kitchen
    3) Stocking up on cold meds in November's challenge so we have plenty in for DH who has a cold

    New to You – nothing today

    Get involved – Here I am :)

    Exercise – 35 minute walk with the dog

    Sort it out – Used up chicken and chips and mini sausages from the freezer, beans and soup from the cupboard and some Christmas chocs.
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  • *Jellie**Jellie* Forumite
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    thanks for the welcome

    Spend free days (NSD’s)aiming for 10 but not going to beat myselfup over it! I need to get out regularly and will be doing small shops rather than usual online shops to encourage me to get out and about. Planning to spend minimum as I’m doing a storecupboard challenge.

    Make plans for the monthAll planned.

    Always pay your debts firstI’m debt free now apart from mortgage but urgently need to rebuild an emergency fund and plan for possible lower incomes. Will be aiming to save what we can.

    List your frogsThe list might take a few days. I’m going to divide into a priority list and non- priority list as I’m good at using less important tasks to put off doing the major frogs. Depending on numbers I will focus on a major frog every Monday and only move on to minor ones once it is completed

    Little savings will think about possible challenges to help. Main thing will be to make and stick to a budget.

    Chill out – reading/ crafting/ bath/ meditation

    Helping others – DDs set up

    Always be gratefulwill write in journal

    New to Youwill keep in mind

    Get involvedwill try!

    Exercisealso doing red January but adapting daily due to health issues. On a bad day exercises in bath, slightly better day short walk, ok day chair yoga

    Sort it out – fits in with my storecupboard challenge. Will be batchcooking when well enough
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    Hello.Number 11 checking in.
    Spend day today. Big shop. meat fruit,veg ,fish.Washing up liquid. Washing capsules. NO treats! Used clubcard vouchers so the whole lot came in at £11.59. Hopefully no more spending for a while/
    NSD 1/20.

    Grateful for a sunny but cold day,had a lovely walk. Snowdrops in bloom. Cuppa with a friend which ended in laughter.

    Donated a few bits to the food bank and agreed to do another shift in the charity shop.

    Chilled out by doing some more cross stitch. Finish the kit now so will look for something else. Have plenty :o

    Think that's it for today.

    ilovetea xx
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    In 2018 I had 267 NSDs, however on my spend days, I spent a total of £4017.71 in misc items!! I need to reduce this drastically this year.
    'kay, so here goes 2019, starting with January!

    Spend free days (NSD’s) – Aiming for super tough 25

    Make plans for the month – It's my birthday on the 4th, I'm off to the cinema (with a free ticket) then to the VR centre (they are next door to work, so give us a special discount).

    Always pay your [STRIKE]debts[/STRIKE] savings first – Budgets are set, got a few extra shifts so extra will be put straight into the savings pot.

    List your frogs – I don't have a lot of unfinished stuff, but I need to sort out the pet insurance. I've found a much cheaper quote, I've also found a lower quote from the same provider for 'new customers only' which I'm going to try and haggle for. If its a no, then I'm off.

    Little savings – I've signed up to a well known cycling takeaway delivery company, to earn a few extra pennies (and to help train for a triathalon I'm planning on entering in June). All extra £'s will be popped into savings.

    Chill out – I want to devote a little more time to my gaming, what with working, keeping fit and cleaning, there isn't a lot of time and my consoles gather dust. Even thou my game pile is building! I have a huge backlog of games I want to get through, I plan on icking a game and playing til its finished, then I can re-sell or donate. I want to get through my Xbox 360 games first, so I can get rid of the console and just use my xbox one.

    Helping others – Next Christmas I am not doing gifts for family and friends, instead, over the year I will be collecting things for homeless boxes for next year. I'm planning on at least 10 boxes (one for each family member/friend) and getting something once a month to fill them.

    Always be grateful – Take time every day to think about and write down three things in life that you are grateful for.

    New to You – I want to avoid shopping for anything, as much as possible this year. I want to see how long I can go without spending on 'stuff'. I will still buy (or preferably make) birthday presents and buy necessities. I want to see what I really miss and struggle without. I have plently so I'm hoping I can last a while.

    Get involved – Posting daily is a struggle for me, I am going to commit to popping in at least once a week.

    Exercise – I took a break from the gym over Christmas, time to get back to it. I have a 10k next Sunday, the first of the year, and I have a Marathon & triathlon planned for later in the year.

    Sort it out – We don't tend to overbuy. Apart from a few vitamin tablets we keep forgetting to take, and a bit of quinoa I need to use up.

    So inspired by your NSD count!! I am thinking of also tracking days when I do spend, but under a certain amount, say £5?
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  • f0xh0lesf0xh0les Forumite
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    SFDs - 1 of 20
    Make plans – writing lists
    Always pay debts first – credit cards paid and bills gone out.
    List frogs – car insurance still needs sorting
    Little savings – tidied bank accounts again.

    Chill out – no chillin' today, busy cleaning
    Helping – sos orangutan, a malaria net charity, wateraid , animal aid - dds out today. As I don't have an income as such, they are the ones that a small amount regularly can do a lot with.
    Always be grateful – DH went back to work today and I missed having him around the place. Also a bit grateful he was at work as I stripped all the beds, scrubbed the kitchen floor to the point it is no longer disgraceful, did all the laundry, hoovered the whole house, tidied the living room, washed the bathroom floors, cleaned baths, bathrooms and loos, stuck on a pizza dough, made rocky road, got rid of a bit more 'Christmas' into a box ready to be cupboarded. Grateful I got so much done today.
    New to You – nothing on this today. Unless turning leftover choc from the pantry into rocky road - reducing, reusing and re-serving up as pudding. All happy, and used up bits and things from pantry - also used a couple of glass jam jars and a sticky label to bring order to a few half packets of things so that they don't disappear down the back of a packet of something else and hide from me. All lined up in a row like soldiers. No more hiding.
    Get onboard - here!
    Exercise – speed hoovering. speed bed stripping and remaking, just crazy fast cleaning today. May not be 'conventional' exercise but I ache like an aching thing tonight from all the stairs, bending, and stretching.
    Sort it out – all day long, nothing but sorting.
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  • Eager_ElephantEager_Elephant Forumite
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    Haven't read all the posts yet and not posted up my targets but wanted to post so you all know I'm joining in....

    Yesterday passed in a blur as DD was 16 and we had a meal out...I will be catching up in the next few days.

    No NSDs yet as meal out for DD yesterday and today I brought my milk for the week.

    Hoping tomorrow will be better!!!
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