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    Hi Turtles, hope it's ok to re-join you after my mad dash trip to Australia in August. When a family crisis happens you just do what you have to do and deal with the consequences later. My trip to Australia cost me more than £2,000 - money that was part of my retirement savings so I'm back on the frugal path big style !!! I also have a builder booked to do some external work to the house that has to be done before winter. The money for this was budgeted for but the cost is now £200 more than expected. I am also visiting my son for my birthday later this month. I could have done with saving this money but can't really cancel when I went to Australia for another family member. So you can see why I'm going to be super frugal for the next few months .

    ORGANISE - since I got back I've been really in the mood to organise and declutter the whole house. Done two bedrooms and the third will be completed this week.

    BUDGET fixed for October to include extra spending money while at son's. Believe it or not I'm still eating my way through the food in the freezer. Started this at the beginning of July and there's probably enough left to do me for the whole of October. So most of food shopping money this month will go towards builders money.

    NSD - hoping to do at least 15 NSD.

    IMPROVISE - grandchildren visited yesterday and 2 egg mayonnaise sandwiches left untouched. Bread was a bit soggy today so I scraped off the filling and used it to make a fresh sandwich. Also loads of soup left so that's going to be part of my dinner tonight.

    EXERCISE - my knee is a bit better but still giving me problems. That's been 5 months so I'll probably have to go to my gp. For years I exercised to a Rosemary Connelly dvd 3-4 times weekly and stopped when I hurt my knee. I decided to give it a go this morning and it was ok. I had to be careful in parts but it was worth it.

    CHRISTMAS - When I got back I received texts from my two sisters saying they had decided to stop giving birthday and Christmas presents. At first I was a bit miffed that this had been decided when I was away but now I'm thinking it's a good idea. I then got in touch with two ex work colleagues and suggested we stop giving presents. Since retiring we have all moved on and I only see them a couple of times a year. So I've saved myself about £80 this Christmas.

    EXTRA INCOME - I put 4 things on eBay and have sold 2 already but I made a mistake with the postage on one thing. Because of the weight it's a medium parcel which increases postage by about £10. I've been in touch with the buyer asking if I can post via Hermes. If they refuse I'll have to cancel the sale and refund their money. Note to self - always check parcel size !!!

    Today is my first NSD �� xx
    Debt free - Mortgage free - Work free ( in that order :) )
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    Oh my goodness me. Did my budgeting this morning and I'm already in extremely tight circumstances. Should bode well for nsd's. Even though I'm not home from work yet, I'm declaring today to be my first nsd as I'm not going anywhere other than home and bed. I'm not feeling very well at all today - migraine without the pain and I'm just desperate to sleep. I defrosted some food for dinner so that will be a reheat in the microwave job. I have all of my budgets set and although very tight I know exactly what I (don't) have to spend for the next 4 and a bit weeks. I really, really hope this divorce and mortgage is settled soon because I have to try and get back on an even keel...

  • Hi Thrifty, count me in please
    Debt due Oct 18 £26,669 :eek:

    Plan Debt Free Date June 20 :D

    Every £ saved is a £ closer to freedom :j
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    Welcome Gometra.

    Didn't go to the gym :o but I spend my lunch time on "personal development" apparently. That's what they call watching motivational videos and educational clips about budgeting, time management etc on youtube nowadays :rotfl::rotfl:.

    Today will be an SFD.
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
    DFD 12/21 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 92300 (11/19) 80779 (08/21)
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    Challenge – Do more self-care. Started my 365 days of self care journal and 365 tiny love challenges. Did go to my GP appointment this morning re my depression/anxiety/grief.
    Organise. This I must to. Have been tempted to buy things unnecessary. Did bake some mince pies today. Had everything in already.
    Regular budget Budget done. Have made a note of things I know I am planning to buy/do. Started making a list for Saturday as to what I need to get and do.
    No Spend Days NSD today 1/20. Paid council tax - not counting that as it is a bill.
    Exercise Walked to/from flat/gp also walked to/from flat/post office.
    Christmas This is already sorted. Have put money into a savings account each month for the year. Immediate family all get money. Christmas will be a difficult time for me so I will concentrate on self-care. Usually I spend time around my sister’s. Will have to wait to see what the plans are for this year.
    Banned This I have to concentrate on.
    Extra Income Will be doing surveys when possible.
    Report - Reporting in.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2021
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST September 2021 NSD 14/20
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    Hi all,
    No. 5 checking in. Hugs to all who are poorly and struggling.
    Work was quite busy today - shocker. Its DDs 17th birthday today and she is currently on her first driving lesson (bought a block of 11 for her birthday). We are out for dinner tonight - only 4 of us as DS1 is still in Morocco with gf who also has a birthday today.

    In terms of the challenge this month:
    Organise - I'm pretty good at keeping abreast of what's in the freezer./cupboards, and have taken to meal planning for the week so all good there.
    Regular budget - all payments are set up ready to go, plus regular savings.
    NSD - will aim for 15 - obviously not today as we are eating out.
    Improvise - hmmm will need to come back to that one.
    Exercise - need to make some time to start running again (I know I said this last month).
    Christmas - I know who I'm buying for and have a few small bits already. Budget is in place, plus I'm smashing the sealed pots one month today which will go towards the food.
    Banned - really really fancied a shop coffee at lunch time but I resisted as I hate wasting money and I'm tight.
    Extra income/time - made £60 at a car boot sale yesterday which I share with DD as she got up at 5.50am with me in the cold and dark. We both bought a jacket whilst there - mine is M&S single breasted with silver buttons. Looks fab and only a fiver - bargain!
    Report - will aim to report in daily.

    Have a good evening all,
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    A challenge for you - is there anything you could change to the positive or give up for October? My plan is to re-start bodycoach during Oct, before then I plan on cutting down to one sweet treat/ day maximum :o:o - Had 2 small protein bites at lunchtime (date/ coconut/ cacao) - total < 100 cals and not overly sweet. May have one of our many HG pears after dinner if I fancy something else

    Organise. . Cupboards/ fridge/ freezer all tidied this past week and are looking rather empty and I'm also taking the opportunity to use up those things which have been lurking in the freezer/ cupboard and are now exposed! food from stores (hm leftover soup for lunch, hm leftover chilli for dinner. Protein bites were a freebie

    Regular budget r. CCs all paid off in full (in fact one is in credit!) Savings sto and ddr come out Monday. Food budget this month is a learning curve with 2 less people here but also needing to re-build supplies. Will see how it goes! We are considering a holiday in half term (talk about last minute planning!) so that may also change things. It's also OH's bday and my nephew's 1st bday this month.Spends: Groceries £1. Clothing £35

    No Spend Days. Not one today. Spent £1 in smkt and £35 in Clark5 on reduced footwear for me :)

    Improvise. - threw some leftover baked beans from yesterday's brunch into the leftover chilli :D Made laundry gloop[ with hotel freebie bars of soap
    ETA - am also using up hotel soaps in the shower instead of buying more s/gel. Not exactly a hardship - am currently using up L'0ccitane ones :D

    Exercise Four times a week at least (20 minutes minimum but can be done 10 minutes at a time). Nothing structured today but have been out in garden and have done 12K steps so far

    Christmas Will plan this out this month

    Don't Be A Martyr For Christmas. - have already declined a Xmas do :D Have cut down on presents/ cards in past few years - will double check if there are further savings to be made

    Banned Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, pie shops, vending machines, sandwich bars etc. - have social budget. Will include a meal out for OH's bday.

    Extra Income £5.49 net made from a flebay sale today :T 2 bundles of clothes listed on fbook earlier today - both SSTC - will count once I have the money....

    Report in, here :)

    Thankful for - shopping apps, flebay and fb00k sales, weather enabling me to get 3 loads of laundry dry outside, a beautiful sunset (a picture of which is now my fb00k profile header) family chats via wotsapp with the students :)
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
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    Today I am grateful for my alarm waking me up, for a relaxed day at work, for a chat with a parent afterwards, for working with some very caring people, for a pinkish sunset, for dd chatting away ahout stuff at school, for a good book to read, for bumping into a neighbour and her kiddies, for dh prepping tea.
    NST July; NSD 14; Ex 17

    Mortgage £300 ish (01/14: £78,201; 01/15: £59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143; 01/19: 18.275) MFWDate: very soonish
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    NSD 1 today.

    Didn't manage to drink any water as I've just been feeling so cold, but switched the coffees for tea in an attempt to at least reduce the caffeine. Took breakfast and lunch to work and meal this evening was from the freezer. I've eaten healthily all day - until everybody else went to bed and I've just raided the sweets. Must stop snacking in the evening!

    Have cashed out a £10 voucher on SB and completed various surveys this evening. I've even had a few pop up on PA.
    Enough is enough...
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    I'll post my goals for the month tomorrow as super tired and want to get to bed but today has been a spend day, paid council tax, rent and home insurance plus spent £9.22 on food.
    Debt at LBM Jan 2014 £10458.09 Now £0
    New flat debt Jan 2017 £2302.75 Now £0
    Debt Feb 2020: Credit card - £607.09. Now £0
    Car - £4992.88. Now £2643.76 (47% paid)
    Emergency fund - £1000/£1000. Car fund - £1000/£1000.
    Flat deposit - £850/£15000 (5.7% saved).
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