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    All registered for now. Might not be able to be online till Monday morning. See you then for a fab October challenge
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
    DFD 12/21 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 92300 (11/19) 80779 (08/21)
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    Right then - I think it's time for me to set my October goals so I'm good to go in the morning. I'm going to aim for 15 nsd's but that may be ambitious for me...

    We unfortunately have rather nasty vices to get rid of but is there anything you could change to the positive or give up for October?
    I don't smoke, and usually only have one or two drinks a week. However, I have been losing a bit of weight and have stalled with a 13lb loss. I need to lose a lot more than this so I'm going to focus my efforts in staying below my daily calorie goal - no matter how tired and stressed I feel.

    Organise. Start as you mean to go on. Know the contents of your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Plan your meals around them.
    Meal planning is one of my weaknesses unfortunately - I just hate it. However, my freezer is full and starting to need defrosting (I need to replace the seal) so that means I need to focus on getting it emptied a bit.

    Regular budget items should be set by 1st October.
    Done - it's half term this month, but needs to be a very frugal one.

    Improvise. Make do and mend with a creative twist. think of a substitute ingredient, how to make an old/broken piece of furniture last a little longer.
    I'm not good at this, but have resealing my freezer (rather than replacing) on the list - and my handyman is going to reuse my bathroom tiles for me in order so save money on some essential repairs.

    Exercise Four times a week at least (20 minutes minimum but can be done 10 minutes at a time). Ugh. That is all.

    Christmas I know it’s a bit early to mention the C-word as Halloween hasn’t even passed yet (not that the shops mind).
    This is already ongoing here - lists done and handmade things in progress.

    Banned Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, pie shops, vending machines, sandwich bars etc. exemption for turtls who budget for this from personal/ social spending or who have nowhere else to meet a friend. Dispensation for support for sick friends. May need to apply for exemption here, as this is planned and budgeted for a twice monthly catch up with bestie over a coffee...

    Extra Income I can do this with my tutoring and exam work

    Report in, daily if possible. Will try my best.
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    Count me in please. October is going to be tight money wise.
    Count down to retirement July 2022 now or never to save.
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    Autumn is here( yay! Carpe Noctem) Embrace the wellies and falling leaves and apples and conkers and candles and warm socks and hot chocolate on the sofa under a fluffy throw.

    No Spend Days. Aiming for 15 as Half Term, 2 birthdays and in-laws, plus new half term after school clubs will need paying last week of the month.

    Improvise. Make do and mend. I am like Yoda on this one.:A

    Christmas - If I had any idea what they wanted, I could get on with this, but they have no clue except st3am vouchers and Xb0x G0ld live. They don't know what they want, and can't tell me. So I find books in the c/s (mostly never read by the original owner), now is a good time for stocking fillers - picked up some good stuff already for advent calendars and stockings. Lots of parents pick the half term week/ just after half term, to thin out their kids cupboards, and lots of board games and toys and jigsaw puzzles hit the c/shops at the end of October. Still on the hunt for a c/s sugar thermometer. One day .... it will be next to the madfish boots I am stalking.

    Exercise Four times a week at least (20 minutes minimum) Ok.

    Gosober/ Stoptober mean nothing to me, but a GOBSTOPPER is ideal for my purposes. I barely drink and gave up smoking as soon as I did the pregnancy test for DS1, so nearly 17 yrs ago. I think that counts as a non-smoker now. Have a gym membership I am not using:mad: so need to change that. I am overweight and need not to be before it starts to limit me physically. I like bread. A lot.

    Organise. I know the contents of my fridge, freezer and cupboards. i inventorise weekly and plan meals around them and usually cook from scratch. Any ideas for dried blackeye beans gratefully accepted. I bought a load YS for 19p and they are looking at me accusingly with their beady black eyes.

    Budget items should be set by 1st October. Bills go out on 1st, cashback should go in on 1st, housekeeping goes in on 1st. I am putting the petrol on the S&M cc, so I get vouchers and can see how much I am spending on fuel a month. It has gone up since kids doing after school stuff and I am essentially doing 2 school runs a day. Still cheaper a day than one single bus fare though:(

    Stop making excuses and just do it. Procrastination is the thief of Time. Get on with those lists. I am on it!

    Half Term - in laws to visit, so extra people for elevensies, lunch, supper and need to stock up on tea, coffee, hot chocolate, R1bena, and gluten free biscuits. If anyone has a good recipe for gf/df puddings I would be grateful. Otherwise I will be going through 2 tubs of ice cream a day- also any tried and tested g/f biscuit recipes, i may adore you and be forever your slave (or until 1st November - I am fickle like that - no promises, no refunds) Also 2 birthdays, one big one (16th) one small one (44th).

    Undesireables- Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, pie shops, vending machines, sandwich bars etc. - Will end up having a meal out for DS1 birthday and no doubt coffee shops with in-laws. :mad:

    Debt: currently £140 on CC, but will be paid off on Mon, so will go into October debt free except the mortgage. Will overpay the mortgage. More info on my signature, shan't bore you on here with it.

    Don't Be A Martyr For Christmas - A Martyr is for life, not just for Xmas - new advertising campaign:rotfl:

    Extra Income - doing well on the survey front - V.O £25+ UG0v £25+ RM£30+ wish I was crafty or talented, but sadly I am useless.

    Report in daily for confession- Aye, aye Captain
    MFW#65 Aug 21 = £81,500.00 next target = £80k in December 2021 Daily interest £4.02 next target = sub £4
    E/F £19,000 but I still need a new roof and an extension and the loft boarding out.
    NSTurtle # 2 🐢 🐢 No Turtle gets left behind.
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    My gobstopper challenge is to go more primal.

    Though more strenuous exercise is currently on hold (folowing a virus and food poisoning in Sept), I am still capable of walking.

    F0xh0les - for most biscuit /pudding recipes you can simpy substitute in gf flour. Aldi do the cheapest flour, and biccies too. If mil requires diary free too, then just use vitalite. That's what I usually do for dd. But beware - gf bakes don't 'brown' like normal ones, so bake them by time, not look.
    NST July; NSD 14; Ex 17

    Mortgage £300 ish (01/14: £78,201; 01/15: £59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143; 01/19: 18.275) MFWDate: very soonish
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    Lovely challenge. Please count me in - thought I had posted yesterday. I had subscribed so I haven't dreamt it - having strange dreams again, keep waking up doing things with my hands - sewing, folding paper, trying to catch a falling book. back later with plans.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
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    Challenge - I stopped drinking last week and I want continue through Oct and beyond.
    Organise- will do this today.
    Budget - done.
    NSD - 20 hopefully.
    Improvise Will do my best.
    Exercise - Will aim for 4.
    Christmas - I love Xmas and set aside money every month in my Xmas fund.
    Banned - will try my best.
    Extra Income - Prolific & Swagbucks.
    DEBT 6 March - £688 NSDs- 3/301 (start 6 March 21)
    Goal 1 - Prudent reserve - £2,500/£10,000 (25%) - represents some security
    Goal 2- New hearth - £50/£2,000 (2.5%)
    Goal 3 - New to me car - £0/£8,000 (0%)
    Goal 4 - Rewire house - £0/£4,000 (0%)

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    I'd like to join please. I've wasted WAY too much money on the Vino this Summer and want to get back to being sensible. Also, the Hangovers at my age are horrendous, so whilst the Vino guzzling feels good when I'm doing it, I'm losing most of the "Morning After" feeling dreadful. Total waste of life when I have so many other fabulous things in my life to concentrate on - so sign me up!
  • Hello - can I join please? I'm drinking WAY too much at the moment, need to lose weight and need to curb my spending. I'm really excited about the shiny new month starting tomorrow - I'm off to do a big inventory of my freezer and cupboards, do a meal plan and a budget :-) I intend to report in each day with my progress so bye for now and see you all tomorrow xx
    Sober October = 0 alcohol free days
    Weight lost so far = 0lb
    No spend days so far = 0
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    f0xh0les wrote: »

    Organise. I know the contents of my fridge, freezer and cupboards. i inventorise weekly and plan meals around them and usually cook from scratch. Any ideas for dried blackeye beans gratefully accepted. I bought a load YS for 19p and they are looking at me accusingly with their beady black eyes.

    I'm fairly sure I read on the small things thread that someone uses these to make Jack Monroe's chilli chocolate soup recipe. I think - although my mind and common sense has disappeared off the planet over the past week or so, so don't believe everything you read from me. :rotfl:
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