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Updated Find the cheapest broadband discussion thread

edited 14 June 2010 at 3:34PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • PitchshifterPitchshifter Forumite
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    ^ I wish I could get Freeview in my area:(
  • SaeedSaeed Forumite
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    I recomend Bevalue package at £14 per month. Sign up through Quidco and you could get £55 cashback and if you use promo code SALES2 you can get free connection (£24) and 1 month free (£14) . Thats £93 off! With those discounts it's equivalent to £6.25 per month for the 1st year.
    I think this pretty much wins the cheapest broadband.
    It's also an unlimited service and has been a good service for me so far.

    You got me all excited and then I found the promo code not to work :confused:
  • I am thinking of changing from Virgin/NTL. When I signed up, pre LLU days, I had to wait for NTL to install their equipment at the exchange. Will this give me problems/costs in changing to another ISP.
    If I choose an ISP which includes line rental will I still be able to use 18185 etc. prefix for cheap calls?
    if i had known then what i know now
  • pikachupikachu Forumite
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    There is an excellent comparison of Be vs 02 here

    With Be myself on Be Unlimited and very happy
  • daws07daws07 Forumite
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    Thinking about going for the Sky Free Broadband? Done al the checks with your BT Phoneline and post code?
    BEWARE :mad: :mad:

    I have just found out that after all the online checks and a confermation letters from Sky said Yes no problem! Go as letter yesterday from Sky broadband saying there was a slight problem, please call us as we could not get hold of you! 3 x 08702 calls to Sky Broadband & 24 Hours later........That infact NO was the answer due to the speed of my line being below Sky Broadbands minimum? :mad:

    And guesss what? I have had the same phone line with broadband for over 4 years! The line is running a just below 1.9mbps.

    As you may notice from my tone? I'm not impressed with Sky who now have my Phone as of today too! so I now have to pay them to complain about the service & package that they have failed to deliver even after I jumped all ht ehoops!:T
  • ReuboReubo Forumite
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    I am going to be moving home i the next few months and wondered what the best deals would be a and thought I'd ask you fine people!!
    I am with MAAF for BB ( £17.99 per month no contract 20GB limit) and BT for line rental at the moment.
    I am likley to be using more than 20GB in the future so wondered about an unlimited package.
    The best MAAF would offer is the same package and asked if I would go onto their line rental with free evening and weekend calls, together for £27.98..
    (They also seem to be slowing my download speeds,and I have had my line dropping as well recently, I have mentioned this to MAAF and was told someone would call but no one has, so I am going to assume the customer care is getting worse!)
    Is this a good deal?
    What other options are available/ special offers for having my phone line with ISP as well?
    I had heard O2 are doing a good BB offer but O2 is not available in West Wales!
    How about Sky? are they any good?
    And Orange..?

    If I did not need a greater download capacity I would probably not be looking, but as I will, I have to see whats what, as after all this is a money saving site!!

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

  • Hi reubo

    Do you know your new address etc. If so, initially have a look at samknows for your options. LLU seems to be the best value at the moment.

    Good Luck

    Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught - Sir Winston Churchill
  • donny-galdonny-gal Forumite
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    I have been with Talk-Talk One-Tel for my home phone since first suggested by Martin and have had no problems with reduced line rental and 5p a call evening and weekend calls, really minimal bills as I have used my mobile free minutes for day time calls.

    Broadband has been via BT Business which was provided via work, which I finished in June, and luckily they have not cut me off yet. However, I know it is very limited now and trying to sort myself out.

    On the Talk-Talk One-Tel Bill was an offer for the Talk-Talk free broadband, so I called the number and they advised me that at last it was available on my exchange, and 150 lines had been freed up for January, and with that proviso of free Broadband I agreed to joining them. I qualified this on a email with them, saying unless the broadband was free I did not wish to move, and to communicate via email. I got a MAC which they did not apply in time, and I was out of the country for Jan and Feb, so could not read my snail mail, as they ignored my email request. NOW they tell me it is not free until they install equipment in July. I as you can imagine have gone calmly indignant with them, and so far they offered to cancel the £29.99 BB connection free which they collected in January though I am still with BT! over 6 monhs but I would have to pay for Bband until then - at that I stalled by asked them to call me tomorrow, as I wanted to do my sums and get some advice. I have got a new MAC but have not given it them.

    I have called Tiscali to see if I can have their broadband (awaiting call back). I could go with BT, probably not MS, but my BB has been good via business. Look at going back to Talk-Talk One-Tel for my calls, but O2 (I have a O2mobile) for Bband, but they said I had to go back via BT:confused: .

    Can I ask your knowledgeable people what you think.

    I forgot to add I have a wireless router so don't think the freebies are necessary.
    Member #8 of the SKI-ers Club
    Why is it I have less time now I am retired then when I worked?
  • normanmarknormanmark Forumite
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    Check out and their comparison service.

    My general advice to people is write down what your requirements are & weigh up whats on offer from each provider. Take care when going over their terms & conditions for length of contract and any fair usage policies.

    Remember, the best isn't necessarily the cheapest! Good luck
  • neelpeelneelpeel Forumite
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    My 65 yr old mum is finally making the step into the digital world. Got herself a PC and is now looking to get on the internet.
    She isn't in a LLU area and she'll only need it for browsing, maybe downloading the odd song and a bit of email.

    Is there a PAYG broadband service available from anyone?? (i.e. pay per minute like dial-up, or pay per GB?)

    or otherwise what is the 'best value' non-LLU service for very light users.
    When I say 'best value' I mean that it will have to be cheap (under £15), but with reasonable customer service. Speed is not really an issue and 512mb would probably be enough.
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