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Updated Find the cheapest broadband discussion thread

edited 14 June 2010 at 3:34PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • I have ADSL and I am thinking of switching from Virgin to Sky because the speed i get is simply terrible but Virgin want £200 to break out of the contract. Do you think i could say that the speed is really bad and because of this i have the right to break out of the contract without penatly simply because they arent supplying the advertised speed. I know ofcom are looking into ISP's who advertise broadband speeds much higher than what people can actually get, so i was wonderign if i could use this as my argument and give them the scare if they get funny.

    Any advice appreciated!
  • Please could somebody help me.

    I have finally had a phone line activated yesterday with BT. I now need to find the best / cheapest broadband deal.

    I do not already have a modem so this would need to be part of the package. The internet would primarily be used for surfing so download limits are not to much of an issue. I would prefer not to be tied I for more than 12 months if possible.

    I look forward to your responses.

    Regards. :T
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    It depends exactly what is available to you at your location. Check here.
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  • go for talktalk or tiscali

    i know theyre the cheapest but might not be the best
  • Sky has a 12 month contract but that would only be if you wanted to get Sky TV or already had it
  • hi my sky package is about to end as the previous occupants have cancelled it.

    so i will be left with a bt landline and a standard tv aerial.

    i'm not worried about the tv as the standard channels will do me, and if needed i could get a freeview box later.

    however i would like to keep broadband. on mse broadband page it says plus net is cheapest at 9.99. this works out as 20.99 with the bt line rental.

    talktalk is 16.49 including line rental and free weekend calls? and virgin is even lower at 15.50 if i'm right, although that means going on to cable internet (previously found this unreliable).

    are they the best deals or does anyone know anything i dont?
  • FarwayFarway Forumite
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    Personally I would stick with BT line rental, you only have to read these boards to find problems arising from Talk Talk and other non BT line rentals

    Sometimes money saving can bring more trouble than it is worth

    I am on 2Mb Virgin ADSL at 9.99 with BT line rental on top, just normal surfing, no games, video, music etc so may not be typical user, but I have no probs at all
  • Cheapest one I found that does not tie you in to a phone deal is Tiscali - £14.99 a month from memory.

    Beware of the cheap introductory offers - eg half price for the first three months - so you compare apples and apples.

    I'd guess if you are very heavy voice phone user one of the combined phone and net packages might be better. But for a low voice, BT landline user Tiscali was the best deal I could find.
  • hey all i'm a light user and dont need the phone calls as i have enough mobile minutes. it just seems cheapeer overall to get a phone/broadband package eg talktalk 16 49 a month as opposed to virgin or plus net 9.99+11 to bt.

    if i got talktalk then id be paying 26 49 for my mobile, landline and broadband. three offered me 500/100 for 10 a month but no new phone, couldnt refuse that.

    only other option ive seen is wireless broadband with 3 for 10 a month but im worried my signal isnt good enough where i am to have a reliable connection.
  • ive also just noticed sky do 19 for everything so only 2.50 more than talktalk and i get some extra tv channels, got to be worth it??
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