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    I highly recomend Orange on a cashback scheme, you'll save hundreds of pounds.

    Get an Orange contgract from a reputable cashback company, like Onestophoneshop, which is part of the Carphonewarehouse.

    You'll only pay £17/ mo for a top rate tarrif, on top of that you'll get free broadband. Just remember to send in your cashback claims on time!

    I'm paying £17mo for 600min and free landline calls and 200 texts, and excellent broadband.. you can't beat that!
  • £10/£15 a month for a two year contract, with the mobile modem costing £49.99/free.

    The big advantage is that your laptop becomes mobile too: no more wires, dependency on hot spots etc. This type of set up is popular in Portugal, yet it is not widely available across UK networks (yet.)

    Does anyone have any experiences of Three's broadband service, as I am sorely tempted?

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    I've just tried to sign up for free Orange broadband (I'm on an 18-month mobile contract) to find they're now charging £5pm for their cheapest service. Is this right?
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  • Hi

    I am now looking for a new broadband provider. Although it is mentioned on this site as a good buy, I can tell you that Eclipse have THE worst customer service in existence. They are totally useless in resolving issues and the time it takes to respond takes at least 10 days for each issue even those set to HIGH priority. I am now disgruntled by their existence and so....

    Can anyone vouch for a none cable provider which they are happ with?

  • Talk Talk broadband and phone beware, broadband is a load of rubbish, phone calls i was told were free when i got my second bill i was charged for some calls, told i would get upto 8 meg broadband, can only get 2 meg from them , when trying to contact anyone from talk talk it takes upto 2 hours when you get through you end up speeding to someone that can not understand english as you are put through to someone in India or africa, had it for 2 months now looking for a genuine provide.
  • Hi

    The article links to thinkbroadband and ADSLguide. thinkbroadband is the new name for adslguide.org.uk. The ADSLguide in the article links to adslguide.com. I don't know if there was anything there before, but currently adslguide.com is a placeholder page.

    Good article though, thanks.


    PS happy NewNet customer here (Lite as rececommended in the article)
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    Sorry, quick question.

    Tenant looking to get a home phone and broadband package.

    That is all he needs, he doesn't even need wireless, or SKY

    Bearing in mind that he may need a line installing as well could I please have some heads up on some cheap packages.

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    ADSL4Less is quite a cheap broadband package - costs about £11.99 per month. My ex uses it and swears by it.
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    Tiscali offers the cheapest bundle out there. It's £14.99 PM and includes 8MB unlimited broadband, phone line rental, weekend phone calls AND weekend international calls. It's a cracking deal.
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  • Just remember that the cheapest isn't necessarily the best.
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