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Updated Find the cheapest broadband discussion thread

edited 14 June 2010 at 3:34PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • "unlimited" broadband is almost always subject to "fair usage", which basicly means that there is a limit, but the provider won't admit it untill you go over.

    Wannadon't did this to me.
  • I've got good things to say about O2 so far - 2 weeks in now. I migrated from NewNet to O2 on their £7.50 deal (I'm also on their O2 unlimited PAYG mobile which works too!).

    The router is good quality (Thompson/Speedtouch 780), it just worked and their entire comissioning process is covered by lots of emails and SMS messages.

    I am a very heavy user (I work from home) and the performance is good all day and night - no sign of traffic shaping. It's ADSL2+ and for 8Mb it connects at 11Mbits down and 1.2Mbits up. I can pull 1120k/sec through it with no hassles (!). I'll tell everyone what the cap is when I exceed it ;-)

    I'll keep people posted on how it does.

    I've used Pipex, Demon, Newnet and Eclipse since I started using ADSL in 1999 and this is the best deal so far.

    Newnet who I just switched from (I was on their 20Gb contract) progressively got crapper and crapper with support and reliability so I dumped them!

    Demon ripped me off and I had to sue them.

    Eclipse was ok but expensive.

    Pipex was my first (years ago - I had a dial up with them from 1994!). They have gone to the dogs recently apparently.
    £8k to pay off before Jan 2011! Was 28k to pay off by Jan 2010 though so I'm happy :)
  • JerryFJerryF Forumite
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    Just migrated from Madasafish - a previous MSE best buy - to O2. Using the BBC iPlayer I wanted unlimited downloads (just as Martin rightly updates in his latest advice). Madasafish limit is 5Gb on cheapest package (if you're renewing with Madasafish after 12 months they might offer you this for £9.99 monthly if you sign for another year).

    Anyway signed up for O2 Broadband via Topcashback and £25 credited to my account within 24 hours (can't claim it for 60 days). I see MSE now has a hotlink to O2 Broadband so the referral should benefit this site if you don't have a cashback account.

    O2's customer communication is excellent every step of the way - by text and email. My connection was live 8 days after sign up, broadband was only off for 4 hours on migration switchover day. My Madasafish average speed was about 3.5mbps with O2 I'm getting 10mbps even though I'm signed up to the base 8mbps speed (O2 has installed their own advanced ASDL2+ technology in the BT exchange).

    It's free to call O2 for help, high quality free wireless router (on loan) and the software diagnoses many faults and corrects them - which saves hours crawling about connecting and disconnecting things or hanging on the phone to a helpdesk - but if you do call support is UK based. As if that wasn't enough there's also a 100 day money back guararntee - they're obviously pretty confident you'll be happy.

    As you'll see I'm very happy with the service so far. O2 isn't available nationwide yet, but I read they're rolling out coverage to up to 400 more telephone exchanges by June. You can register your interest up front and they'll send you an email when its coming your way.
  • I pay for the bt line but don't use it for calls, just BB. I don't even have a handset. Is this a waste of money? Should I be looking at cable companys? Not impressed with what I've heard about Virgin and SKY are a bunch of cowboys.

    I heard the Post office was doing BB, line rental and calls. Are they worth considering?

    No, it's just not worth the hassle. You may save a couple of pounds a month by getting line rental from someone else than BT but by doing that, you tie yourself to that provider for your broadband, which is a bad idea since most of those providers offering line rental + broadband bundles are poorly rated ISPs offering sub-standard broadband products.

    There's no way around BT's line rental even if you don't make any calls from that line, I'm afraid :(. Sticking with BT is a necessary evil if you want the greatest choice of broadband providers. I retaliate by using 18185, 1899 and whatever 5p/min calls to mobiles phoneyourgranny provider Martin's call checker throws at me. :rotfl:
    I've always accepted the £10 BT Rental + £19.99 BB although exessive as acceptable as it always worked but now my usage is higher the cost is too much. I've requested a MAC code from Pipex.

    What is my best option?

    O2 Broadband would be your best option @ £12.50/month (or £10.83/month if you top up an O2 PAYG phone with £10 every 3 months), unlimited/undefined usage, up to 8Mbit.

    If you can't get O2 Broadband, given your usage needs, UK Online @ £14.99/month, 2Mbit, unlimited/undefined usage is your next best option. If you can't get that either, go for one of the Entanet resellers (UKFSN, ADSL24, Aquiss, Vivaciti, Freeola, TitanADSL, Xifos, Falconnet) @ £19.99/month, up to 8Mbit, 30GB peak/300GB off-peak usage allowance.
    The true cost of something is what you give up to get it.
  • Anyone got a contact number for 02 broadband???

    Cant get though on 0800 230 0202. Get a not recognised message

    Cant work the bloody online thing either - keeps telling me my number is not a real number!!!

  • Hi Empty pockets

    Try this one...

    0800 089 0281
    Personally I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught - Sir Winston Churchill
  • mk-donaldmk-donald Forumite
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    Anyone got a contact number for 02 broadband???

    Cant get though on 0800 230 0202. Get a not recognised message

    Cant work the bloody online thing either - keeps telling me my number is not a real number!!!


    For o2 Broadband your phoneline needs to a BT line which may explain your problems ?

    Don't forget it may be best NOT to phone as you should 'MSE' go via a referral site - eg give you £25 for buying o2 broadband via them.
  • maglettmaglett Forumite
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    Hi guys,

    Bought new house, have all utilities etc to sift through so any help would be appreciated re. broadband.

    Have just connected to BT Option 2 phoneline (£10.50)

    Want broadband just for light / medium use. Can't get TalkTalk, don't want to mess around with my phone provider etc at the moment.

    Don't know much about wireless, unsure about its security.

    Which would you suggest ? (have laptop, phoneline but nothing else!)

  • Thanks Mk-Donald,

    Still having trouble unfortunatley??? Very strange, almost thinking i'm doing something wrong now?

    I am on a BT line and it is paid for up and working. Can't even get to that stage on the website though, it's asking for my mobile number, simply says its invalid, won't let me progress. Can't dial Customer servises either for some reason??

    Anyway, e mailed them asking them to contact me, hopefully they'll do that.

  • spamusspamus Forumite
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    this seems a cheap deal for those who are changing from a provider

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