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Updated Find the cheapest broadband discussion thread

edited 14 June 2010 at 3:34PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • aerostaraerostar Forumite
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    Plus net £9.99 per month with 1 Gig allowance or 14.99 with 8 Gig allowance. If she stays a year the hardware is free (apart from postage) and the setup fee is free.

    Over the allowances and you can buy more or your speeds get reduced until the next month starts.

    I have put three friends on it, and they have not had any problems.
  • donny-galdonny-gal Forumite
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    I forgot to add, that it will go free in July, once new equipment installed in our exchange.

    Looked on above and still no real solution, can get Tiscali, but only gives weekend and not evening calls free, cannot get O2. How successful has anyone been negotiating the Talk-Talk to get some monies back? I had Plusnet as Force9 who were very reliable, but
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    Why is it I have less time now I am retired then when I worked?
  • I have been paying too much to tiscali for some time now for there BB and anytime calls package. I get unlimited BB but only at a lowly speed of up to 2meg.
    Up to 8meg is available from my local exchange, but I can only access certain providers. Some of the better deals that would be of interest to me from SKY, O2, TalkTalk etc seem to be ages away from becoming available.

    As well as paying £19.99 p/mth to tiscali, I also pay my line rental to BT.
    I have noticed that shortly BT's option 2 calling plan, if on a 12 month contract, and paid by direct debit, will be charged at the same price as option 1, which I am currently on. The big bonus is that they include evening calls as well as the standard free weekend calls.
    This free call package really suits me, so armed with my MAC code from Tiscali, I am now searching for a new BB supplier, without the need to pay for a calls package.

    Plusnet @ £9.99 looks cheap, but the low download limit is a bit off-putting, even if extra useage is cheap to buy as required. Madasafish @ £12.50ish a month, but with a 5meg cap fits the bill as well.

    Any thoughts on which way i should go??


  • donny-galdonny-gal Forumite
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    Have you looked at Virgin? I thought they were cable only but they are now offering a non-cable at good prices as long as you have a BT line, but you take your calls in the package just pay rental to BT. Been unable to check for reviews due to problems below.

    I have had an horrendous 2 days, on Thursday a.m. while using Bband it went off. Picked up the phone to check if I had a line which I did with like electronic switching noises as well. Reported to Talk-Talk who I have my phone with atm, who took the call well, and I went through the normal checks and nothing cleared it so they passed it to a BT engineer. Noise disapeared around mid-day, but bband will not connect. BT Business who my Bband is currently with I have to admit have been fabulous trying assist. It was nice to talk to a native English speaker who understood what I was talking about. Currently on dial up, cannot have it free as Talk-Talk do not recognise 0808 calls as free so being very sparing with use. Dial up not staying up long,and very slow, await BT BBand engineer on Monday. Tried to talk to Talk-Talk again today there will be a complaint about the attitutde of one of their none native English speakers going in as well as telling them where to put their package. What is crazy is I have been with Talk-Talk One-Tel for 2 years with no problems, and within 2 weeks I am going to tell the other branch to lose themselves. Sorry Rant over.
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    Why is it I have less time now I am retired then when I worked?
  • Yep, Virgin's non-cable ADSL offering looks good on paper but it's probably the worst choice of ISP anyone could make at the moment. If you look at Virgin Media (ADSL) feedback on DSL Zone, thinkbroadband and ISPreview, it's complaint after complaint. :eek:

    Sky Broadband (with the £150 cashback deal) and O2 Broadband are the best offers around at the moment.
    The true cost of something is what you give up to get it.
  • donny-galdonny-gal Forumite
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    Neither of which I can get at the moment on my exchange - next best?

    This is really bugging me now as two people on our street have got Talk Talk free, but they are telling me the exchange will not be unbundled until July? Confused!
    Member #8 of the SKI-ers Club
    Why is it I have less time now I am retired then when I worked?
  • harryhoundharryhound Forumite
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    The dedicated MAAF thread on here offers good support.
    Logically I should be switching to my only (non BT infrastructure) option of Talk Talk, but after a first year with MAAF, and a nasty experience switching electricity providers (see NP threads) I've got a very reasonable deal from MAAF for another 12 months and will be monitoring the situation to see if BT is going to get its act together with the new century technology.
  • Shame on you Martin using the same "lies" as many Broadband companies use by advertising UNLIMITED Broadband but then having "oh but theres a Fair Use policy" in the smallprint. If theres a fair use policy then there IS a limit. "Oh it wont affect most people" is not an acceptable excuse.

    In the newsletter this week you call O2's "unlimited" but then go on and say it has a fair use policy.

    Please only use the description Unlimited if it is. If companies have a fair use policy, please state what the companys limit is. It will make it a lot easier for us to choose suppliers rather than having to trawl through small print everytime.
  • I recomend Bevalue package at £14 per month. Sign up through Quidco and you could get £55 cashback and if you use promo code SALES2 you can get free connection (£24) and 1 month free (£14) . Thats £93 off! With those discounts it's equivalent to £6.25 per month for the 1st year.
    I think this pretty much wins the cheapest broadband.
    It's also an unlimited service and has been a good service for me so far.

    It is not unlimited.
    "If it’s felt that any Be member’s Internet activities are so excessive that other members are detrimentally affected, Be may give the member generating the excessive web traffic a written warning (by email or otherwise). In extreme circumstances, should the levels of activity not immediately decrease after the warning, Be may terminate that member’s services."

    They do not state what amount of data it would take for it to affect other users. It could be if you download tem programmes in a month from BBCi to watch, you could find yourself cut off for excessive use! At least other Fair Use Policys quote a number and you can track that yourself to make sure you dont breach it.

    Unlimited Broadband! - well of course unless you hit a limit that we decide...
  • Hi,

    Had a browse through the posts but I can never seem to take too much imformation in, I think it's called being a thicko!!

    Can anyone advise me on ISP's??

    I'm with Pipex at the moment and have been for many years. The service is good and never had and major connection problems. The problem I do have which Martin covered in his email was downloading from BBCi and 4od.

    I just checked my online statements and i've had two direct debits go out for approx £30 and £60!

    I've always accepted the £10 BT Rental + £19.99 BB although exessive as acceptable as it always worked but now my usage is higher the cost is too much. I've requested a MAC code from Pipex.

    What is my best option?

    I hate being tied into contracts due to poor service but I've no real reason I can't be.

    I pay for the bt line but don't use it for calls, just BB. I don't even have a handset. Is this a waste of money? Should I be looking at cable companys? Not impressed with what I've heard about Virgin and SKY are a bunch of cowboys.

    I heard the Post office was doing BB, line rental and calls. Are they worth considering?

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