NST May 2018: May the odds be ever in your favour!



  • swimminginaseaofdebtswimminginaseaofdebt Forumite
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    • 12 NSDs - 0/12
    • Budgets - £250 food and £100 social - £36.78 food
    • Continue batch cooking for the little one (remembering to include a larger variety of meals)
    • Make an extra £93 through surveys - £1.25 made
    • Continue building the full and final fund - £21.36 added
    • I'm making up Christmas gift boxes for local disadvantaged children. So far I've done two teenage boys and started on a boy 9-12 months but still more to get for him so I'll continue with that
    • Plans - safari park and dinner/new avengers movie. Will also allow for a visit to soft play and I need to take the little one swimming as we're holidaying in June and he's never been in a pool - safari park cancelled as my sister remembered she has tickets to a football match on the day we were planning to go
    • Read as much as possible - done for today
    • Finish my final OU essay for this module
    VSPC 2019 #10 - £168.80/£100 VSPC 2020 #4 - £262.03/£200 VSPC 2021 #9 - £242.88/£200 VSPC 2022 #3 - £188.03/£200 VSPC 2023 #7 - £0/£200
  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    NSD 1/19, will definitely need to go food shopping and get petrol tomorrow though
    Move - went for a run after work
    Me time - started a new book
    Money - couple of direct debits went out, £2 paid to the debt
    Arm yourself - 1.5 hours overtime at work
    You - today I'm grateful for managing to run 5k (I haven't run for a couple of months), a productive day at work, reading
    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £1769.68 (40.5% paid). Emergency fund - £830.33/£1000 (83% saved). Car fund - £651.48/£1000 (65.1% saved). Flat deposit - £5395.98/£15000 (36% saved).
  • LavenderBeeLavenderBee Forumite
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    NSD: 1/19

    Baby may have dropped so I no longer move - I waddle!

    Budgets all looking as they should. Grateful for bed as my back and hips ache and I am shattered.
  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all:j

    Motivation: what is your personal motivation for joining in with the turtles? My motivation is to cut down on the unnecessary spending and pay for some renovations to this property.

    Money: know your income and outgoings. Definitely need to get a handle on this, beginning of month a very good time to do it...

    Me time: look after yourself. Get enough sleep; eat well; move; do things you enjoy. Working on this one, not generally enough me time in the equation.

    Move: being active benefits your body and your mind. You know that. Now do it. All my activity is generally gardening although DH reckons he wants to walk...if so I will go along too..

    Activation: what spurs you on to keep on the path? This thread & others on MSE...I have some serious decluttering to do & have promised myself I will do some every day..

    Arm yourself : you have chosen to follow a path that many mock and despise - that of ridding yourself of debt and financial constrictions in order to be free; free to choose what to do with your money and time, not enslaved to repaying or to other people. I have more than enough clothing to see me out (!) due to having a different kind of lifestyle up to a couple of years ago, where every weekend - during the season - we had to go to a sporting function which required a lot of smart clothes; also it was always with the same group so had to ring the changes. We no longer do this but I have not got rid of the clothes/shoes/bags etc which is stupid as I dress up very rarely...hard to get out of the mind set though.

    Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    You. Are you happy in yourself? Know what brings you joy, what cheers your heart, what makes you pause and wonder. Don’t just stop and smell the coffee in the morning; practise stopping and looking around throughout the day. Appreciate what you have. Be grateful. Very important to me as usually too busy to appreciate the surroundings etc..will do

    Not an NSD today, but should be tomorrow so 0/19 so far

    Happy Anniversary Foxholes & Congratulations Sun Addict on the new job!!
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • Hello pls can I join this months challenge. Loving the 1st post apple muncher - I will copy and paste and respond tomorrow. 1st NSD in the bag and budgets are almost done. So tired with going back to wrk but will try to check in each day.
    Today I am grateful for my in laws helping me with the children and making me a cuppa. I really needed it. Work day for me tomorrow. Lunches and dinners all prepped. Hope everyones ok and has a lovely day tomorrow xx night x
    I am now debt free:T - 20/03/18. Whatever your situation - just.keep.going!
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE][STRIKE][/STRIKE]EF £1000/£1000 goal
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE][STRIKE][/STRIKE]CHILDCARE Savings goal £600/£600
    EF 3 month goal £2,000/£3,500
    HOUSE DEPOSIT £0/£20,000
  • Robi90Robi90 Forumite
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    Fifth Anniversary Debt-free and Proud!
    It wasn't a NSD but i knew that ahead of time as I had already made plans with my colleagues.

    Motivation: My main motivation is to get out of debt as quickly as possible!

    Money: Trying to use cash more often. Also have a little app through FB messenger called Cleo to help me keep track of my my spending.

    Me time: I slept well last night! Also caught up on some reading on my commute.

    Move: Didn't get a chance to do any extra activity during the day as I was so busy at work.

    Activation: I think a lot of the MSE threads and challenges help- I also like listening to podcasts like Dave Ramsey and His and Her money.

    Arm yourself : Trying to unsubscribe from a lot of email lists which are just trying to sell me more stuff.
    [STRIKE]£799 - FD Personal Loan[/STRIKE] :beer:[STRIKE]£500/ £500 FD Overdraft[/STRIKE] :beer: [STRIKE]£5700/£5700 MBNA credit card[/STRIKE]:beer:
  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Happy anniversary f0xh0les.
    Congratulations SunAddict.

    Why am I here? I no longer have any debt and have never had a mortgage, I bought my first house outright (savings plus a 2 year personal loan taken out by my father and paid by me) because I was did not have long term job prospects. I had saved nearly every penny starting from when I had p-t work at 15yo, purchased the house (a shell) when I was 23, moved in a year later and finished paying for it shortly after my 25th birthday.

    I was so focused on buying the house and doing it up (making it habitable) that for a long while I strugged to make a path for myself. My life also seems to run on 'crisis' mode - all those big life events that more than one is dangerous and 3 will send you under - my life average is 2.5 (escalating to 5 at times).

    So, I intended to live alone but briefly acquired a 'partner', had 3 sons (now 33, 31 and 28) whom I brought up by myself. Constants in my life, a very low income, stress/depression (PTSD for 2 years following an accident DS3 and I were involved in when he was 6 months old) and since turning 40, the battle to lose weight and keep it off.

    The turtles help with saving money (when I joined I was doing up house no.2 and trying to move back here to my original house and had more or less run out of funds). The holistic approach helps with thinking about eating, exercise and mental health.

    I am Ms dependable, people lean on me in a crisis. I have been my mother's carer for the past year but I am very bad at remembering to look after me properly. My mum's house is lovely, mine is a tip. Too often I get home and just want to fall into bed. But can't sleep.

    Well I was premature in saying we had no appointments this week. Mum had a minor health scare. She mentioned her symtoms to her cleaner and the lady across the road and both urged her to go to her doctor to check it out (she decided not to tell me until after she found out what it was).

    So on Monday morning she went to the doctor's on her own. Luckily it was only an abscess on her back (not what she thought) and the doctor dealt with it and dressed it, but we have to go back on Thursday afternoon to check that it is okay.

    I also noted 2 appointments that we have been notified of (need to put them in my diary) and 2 that I have to phone up about. So, unexpected day off today as I'm needed on Thursday (cleaning lady is swapping to Friday again this week).

    Scribbled a to do list and reached 20 very quickly. Have done eight, mostly involving messing with bins and binbags and have one I want to get done - putting the big quilt away under the bed. I'm building up to this as it is nearly too big for me to wrestle with, I need to clear as much space as possible beside the bed. Will involve putting things on the landing and maybe in the bathroom. Then I need to get on the floor and use my legs to push it under the bed (this may need to be done in stages, with me getting up again in between).

    Not 'meal planned' but I have a list of what needs using up and some ideas on fillings for wraps. Ate from the fridge all day. A NSD. Lots of washing in various stages (tried to rain when the second lot was ready to go out and one 'sometime' load had just become urgent due to the latest spill).

    For yesterday I am grateful that mum listened to people and went to the doctor, that it was easily dealt with and that the badding plants are looking lovely.

    For today I am grateful for good reading material, a good sleep (not at the right time, but improving) and for doing several jobs that made thing tidier.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
    NST SEP No 1 No Debt No mortgage
  • FmessFmess Forumite
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    SFD number 1 yesterday. I must get back to posting daily. I!!!8217;ve had to rob Peter to borrow Paul already as I booked a surveyor for next month to do a proper survey on my house before I decide which renovations to do, and they require payment on booking :( so I!!!8217;ve had to pool all this month!!!8217;s money to pay it, will our all my spends on the credit card and then have to pay it off next month. I!!!8217;m not happy but if he doesn!!!8217;t come next month then I!!!8217;d have to wait until the end of July when I!!!8217;m on the summer holidays.
    LBM = 07/09/13 Debt = £13339 (100% cleared)
    New roof and car £8557/£19003 New kitchen £396/£5039 Credit card Paid Student loan Paid
  • PuddleglumPuddleglum Forumite
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    Very quick update from me as I have to get out of the house and take a group of teenagers off to practice for their silver DofE award. We will be camping and tbh the weather is not looking that great. Now the Duke of Edinburgh has retired maybe he won't notice if I sleep in the minibus?

    NSD 1/19 yesterday.

    Next update Friday.
    "A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle without shortening the life of that candle."

    I still am Puddleglum - phew!
  • indigowarriorindigowarrior Forumite
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    Nsd 1/19
    Forgot to update yesterday. Things are still not great in Indigowarrior Land unfortunately. :(
    Finding it hard to do much as I am struggling to basically function outside of my bedroom. Mental health has took a massive crash.

    Congratulations to everyone who has had good news.

    Food: £250 (£50 a week to account for the 5 week month)
    Perfect Home: £161 (This will be paid off by the end of the month :T)
    Tesco Mobile: £90 (Expecting a big bill this month due to going well over my data. I have upgraded to a larger tarriff now.
    Transport £50 (Not expecting to go far but, will need money for taxis due to only shopping once a week.)
    Rent: £180 (Its £90 every 4 weeks but this month I am due to pay it twice.)
    Eating Out: £10
    CashPlus Credit Builder £12
    As far as I am aware that is it: Most of these will be spread across three payment days. So I am going to try and plan my shopping around that.
    No Spend November 2/15 and SPC 134
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