NST May 2018: May the odds be ever in your favour!



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    lavander Bee Growing a baby is hard work, getting through it is a fairly big task in itself.

    I have managed my first NSD- I did have hospital parking & I put £1 into a charity tin, as part of my £5 per month. but nothing else.

    more gratitude today - it has been a good day- that my son was discharged from the care of his Doctor this morning, they have been keeping an eye on his kidneys for nearly 2 years. I am so chuffed he is done with it all, for the amazing lady who gave my son a sticker at the hospital when he had had enough after a morning of car journeys and sitting around. It made getting him back int he car a much easier task- Isn't it amazing how small acts of kindness can really help your day?:D
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    (Could be he have a surprise when he comes home tonight? )

    Rather cheeky plasterer too, has he at least given valid reasons?

    Happy Anniversary :)

    Sadly not. These things mean nothing to him. Very MSE though:(
    Flowers were not an option as we are both suffering with hayfever.

    Plasterer had to look after his son this afternoon. As excuses go it is a good one. If he does not turn up tomorow I will not be happy.
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    Evening all :)
    Claiming my first NSD today :) We went out, but took food from home, made our own coffee and went to a fairly local attraction we have membership of, so no parking costs / entry fee. Had a nice, though chilly, walk with the dog, and enjoyed the spring flowers :)

    Came home, and filled a quiche shell I baked yesterday with odds and ends including leftover ends of cheese, the last 2 cherry tomatoes and the last few frozen mushrooms in the bag (defrosted first). This was fine for dinner, and there will be enough for another day, as it was quite a large quiche and there are only 2 of us to feed tonight :)

    Ran out of paper table napkins (don't use many but useful when grandchildren are messy :)). Found some old cloth napkins in a drawer, and going forward, we will be using these instead. Less waste, and I won't have to add napkins to my shopping list :T
    Grateful today for spring flowers, our ancient camper van, and the dog, who makes me laugh :rotfl:
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    Started the challenge as I mean to go on - I had a job interview on promotion today and I got it :)

    Although this has meant that my planned AFD and NSD has been abandoned in favour of buying a celebratory bottle of wine!
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    Congratulations Sun Addict!
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
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    f0xh0les - Happy Anniversary.
    Sun Addict - Congratulations.
    NSD: 1/19 NSD achieved today.
    Donation: Still to do.
    Motivation: To be more mindful regarding spending. This is going to be ongoing.
    Money: Most of the budget is done.
    Me time: Read my book today. Also started to reread Self-care project book. Will try and do other things this months.
    Move: Walked to school from bus stop. Also plenty of walking doing errands in school.
    Activation: This thread at the moment.
    Arm yourself: Will have to stand strong in my quest against consumerism and acquiring more.
    You. Grateful for:
    Able to book a dental check up during half term.
    Feeling ok today.
    Having a laugh at work.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2023 Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
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    Today I am grateful for a dry day, for my counsellor, for my kettlebell session (it's one with overhead squats and windmills - sooo tricky), for dd + friend loving my ginger biscuits, for dh having a successful day out, for a chat with a friend, for yummy food, for the interweb.
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
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    First check in for the month and NSD #1/19.
    Decided to push back the errands for today, that involve spending, to tomorrow when I will hit the shops purposely with a long list.
    Dinner was leftovers with a twist and then whilst the oven was on baked a banana loaf and flapjacks for the week ahead.
    Grateful for
    getting washing dried outside
    watching bees on the bluebells in my garden
    Groceries: Personal Spend: 0 NST NSD Goals for 2022:Self: Health: Wealth :
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    Congratulations sunaddict, that is a well justified spend on a bottle of wine.
    DEBT 03/23: CC 4637 4318 4100 Family 1380 0 , Extra money earnt £54, NSDs 1/20, sober 2/31
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    [FONT=&quot]Money[/FONT][FONT=&quot]: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]know your income and outgoings. First of the month, and most of my DD's have come out. Spreadsheets updated.

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Me[/FONT][FONT=&quot] time:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Look after yourself. Revive an old hobby. Exam practice. Got stuck in work so too late by the time I got home today. I am shattered so will be off to bed soon.

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Move[/FONT][FONT=&quot]: I was shattered after work, but dragged myself out into the drizzle to walk the pup. Missed out on a 4 mile training run as I was home too late.

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Activation[/FONT][FONT=&quot]: What spurs you on to keep on the path? Today I am listening to a podcast by Richard Nicholls, a therapist who has the most uplifting and happy voice. His podcasts always cheer me up.

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Arm[/FONT][FONT=&quot] yourself [/FONT][FONT=&quot]: Whether you opt to work more or to spend less in order to achieve your goal, stand firm against the naysayers. No spends today, and a couple of extra hours at work.
    Planned spends this month - £20 tattoo deposit.

    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]You[/FONT][FONT=&quot]. Appreciate what you have. Be grateful. Today I am grateful to leave the office. Been a long stressful shift.
    19 NSD: 1/19 NSD Achieved. Good start to the month.
    [FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Minimalism: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Day 1, 1 item. - Thrown away a pair of tights I discovered a hole in this morning.

    [STRIKE]Foodbank/ charity donation of £5.[/STRIKE] Big bag of dog food donated to the usual C&D home.
    [STRIKE]Pay to your debt/savings FIRST and live off the rest.[/STRIKE] Mums DD came out this morning £1800 left.
    Plan the month: every single day: what you are doing, what you are eating, especially with the Bank Holidays and half term, birthdays, anniversaries. Birthdays some out of the birthday pot. I have just a £10 to put in a card, and a couple of cards to buy. Other than that, it should be an uneventful month.
    Check in every day. Here I am.[/FONT]
    Debt Free as of 17/01/2009 Turtle Power!!
    NSD's - 4/31
    EF Challenger #3 £300.51 / £5000
    MFW 2023 #100 £2550.00 / £10,000

    MFiT #40 Jan 2025 Target - £99,999.00
    Mortgage at 30/09/22 £113694.11
    Mortgage at 24/01/23 £110707.87
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