NST May 2018: May the odds be ever in your favour!



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    Motivation for joining this thread is to get out of debt so that I can move me and the little one out of our one bed flat before he reaches secondary school age at the latest (which is not for another 9 years :rotfl:). I have defaults on my credit report which will drop of in 2021 so a move can't happen until after then anyway.

    I've done my budget for May and set the following goals:
    • 12 NSDs
    • Budgets - £250 food and £100 social
    • Continue batch cooking for the little one (remembering to include a larger variety of meals)
    • Make an extra £93 through surveys
    • Continue building the full and final fund
    • I'm making up Christmas gift boxes for local disadvantaged children. So far I've done two teenage boys and started on a boy 9-12 months but still more to get for him so I'll continue with that
    • Plans - safari park and dinner/new avengers movie. Will also allow for a visit to soft play and I need to take the little one swimming as we're holidaying in June and he's never been in a pool
    • Read as much as possible
    • Finish my final OU essay for this module
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    NSD: Will aim for 19.

    Donation: Will do this.

    Motivation: To be more mindful regarding spending. This is going to be ongoing.

    Money: Will make extra effort this month. Really need to cut down on emotional spending and to think before spending.

    Me time: This I really have to take note to take time out and rest. Look after my mental health.

    Move: Will carry on with walking as much as I can.

    Activation: Will look into this.

    Arm yourself: Will have to stand strong in my quest against consumerism and acquiring more.

    You. Will look at ways to improve. Will be good for my wellbeing.
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    can I join again please? I keep disappearing half way through the month and need to do better. Just had my 40th birthday party. Three months to the big race and 2 months to the remortgage. Need to get my financial and physical health sorted.

    P.S. just read x_raphael_xx post and I like the minimalist game, will definitely give that a try. Found a box with five pashmina type things that I must've bought of eBay in different colours. I got so many other scarves and keep thinking oh I keep them in case they come in handy later, when I'm sixty?? So, declutter is needed.

    Paid the CC off, put some into savings and did a very sensible ASDA online order for tonight. Off to a good start. Spend about a quarter of my grocery and spends budget but had to stock up on loads of stuff that should last beyond the first week.
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    Please add me, still at the beginning of my journey to debt freedom and I!!!8217;m sure this will help.
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    Hi lovely Turtles

    So I know it's technically April but my head has made the switch to May.

    Motivation: we want to buy a home in the area we are currently based. We need a deposit of about 25k and we aim for the end of 2019. We currently save in two help 2 buys and with only one wage by the time mines gone on childcare it can feel a bit much. But it's the dream and it's doable.
    Money : we only have 128 pounds to live on this month,but fuel accounted for & my cupboards are full to bursting. Making things stretch will be the theme, using annual passes reduced shopping , free baby groups. We went to one today that gave us free bread & fruit they had from snack time. Even better :)
    Me time : this is always a challenge, but I read as a way of shutting off.more of this.
    Move: I will try to get outside daily. I. Fact once hub is home I can walk to Tesco to go reduced shopping.
    Activation: I am on the prowl for free things to do with my kids I took some battered bread from playgroup to feed the ducks
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    I'd like to join please. We're saving to get married next year and are really trying not to fall into the trap of loans in order to create the fabled "perfect day".
    I've already cut our spending a lot but need a bit more motivation to make sure we're putting enough away to meet our payment deadlines.
    We're both school teachers so have a holiday at the end of this month which I can already see being an issue - we're always tempted to use the free time to eat out and go on trips etc. since we can't do those things really at all during term time.
    I hope I'll be able to stay committed to this and I'm really looking forward to hearing everyone's advice and stories. Fingers crossed I can make it the month!
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    Please can I join in this month.
    Off to read from the start and will post soon.
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    Here for another month please x
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  • Hello All

    Can I join in please. This is just what i need. 21 NSD -hmmm maybe a challenge but thats why we are here



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    Motivation - what is your personal motivation for joining in with the turtles? My motivation is to get out of debt once and for all. I was in debt for the whole of my 20's and don't want my 30's to go the same way. I'll be 34 next week and would like to be out of debt by the time I'm 35. It's a big ask since I have over £9.5k to pay off and only my income coming in but I'm up for the challenge!

    Money - know your income and outgoings. To the penny. I budget my pay down to the last penny but never quite manage to stick to it. Budget is done for May and my notebook is at the ready :)

    Me time - I always struggle with this as I work far too much and am pretty much constantly sleep deprived, however, I've got a weeks holiday in May so will make the most of it.

    Move - currently training for the kilt walk so trying to walk regularly. Also want to get back into running.

    Activation - what spurs you on to keep on the path? Reading other threads on MSE definitely helps.

    Arm yourself - stand strong in your personal quest against consumerism and the futility of always acquiring more. I shall do my best.

    You - I will try and be more mindful of my surroundings.

    The Rules:

    19 NSD: Managed 18 in April so hopefully this is doable.

    Foodbank/ charity donation of £5. Will do

    Pay to your debt/savings FIRST and live off the rest. Done

    Plan the month: every single day: what you are doing, what you are eating, especially with the Bank Holidays and half term, birthdays, anniversaries. Still to do.

    Check in every day. Will do

    Thanks for the challenge apple :)
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