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What are you making for dinner?

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  • MandM90MandM90 Forumite
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    Easy tonight. HM sweet potato fries, veggie burgers and salad. We do occasionally eat wholesome food, promise!

    Lunch was wholemeal pasta with chesnut mushrooms and saffron milk caps from our garden.

  • goldfinchesgoldfinches Forumite
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    I splashed out using this month's treat budget and had the veggie option on Dishpatch from Ottolenghi Ottolenghi Test Kitchen Mezze by Ottolenghi | dishpatch menu.  I've only eaten about a quarter of the savoury dishes and am completely stuffed so the rest has gone into the fridge for the next few days.
    I've also come to the conclusion that a big part of the reason the food tastes so good is because they start with really high quality ingredients especially wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetables. Co-incidentally W*rose have sent me some vouchers to use before 14th Nov. which give £5 off a £30 spend so I'm now wondering whether to try shopping there or to get a delivery from someone like A & C.
    What would everyone else suggest? 

    . A host of legends surround this, one of the loveliest of seafoods, except when overcooked. My favourite true story concerns the young lady scallop preparation worker, interviewed by the 'New Yorker' Magazine. When asked for her honest opinion of the shellfish she said "They don't have much personality".
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    JILJIL Forumite
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    I bought the £15  fakeaway m and s nando's . So there was chicken, rice, coleslaw,  halloumi fries supplemented with salad and cheesecake for afters.  A pack of chicken burgers for another meal so I thought it was good value.
  • C_JC_J Forumite
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    @goldfinches I would be very tempted to use the £5 Waitrose voucher. Whilst they tend to be quite pricey compared with other supermarkets, they do have nice things and I do enjoy a twirl round in there if I am running low of unusual ingredients, esp herbs, spices and pastes. The other thing I have noticed is that they always have a really good selection of yellow stickered items - and these are not just ready meals (which don't interest me), but general ingredients incl lots of fresh fruit and veg. They don't seem to have a particular time of day for their reductions - it seems to be a fairly day-long thing - so you could make your £30 spend (well, £25 with the voucher) go very much further. As you will know, there are branches in Headington and on the Botley Road.
  • IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    Roast pork with all the trimmings, MIL is joining us, so we have to eat at 12 😳 I rarely eat before 6, so might make my excuses as a roast dinner that early really isn’t doing it for me 
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

  • C_JC_J Forumite
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    I'm making a meatloaf tonight, to be served with cabbage, carrots and lashings of gravy.
  • PurpleJayPurpleJay Forumite
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    We are having (vegan) cauliflower cheese with mash, broccoli and carrots for tea. I will make enough for twice so there to be leftovers. 
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  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    Went for a long drive yesterday all the way across the border into Devon to get to Miller's Farm shop in Kilmington.  Excellent place should you be in the area.  OH picked up the most humongous steak pasty - it was at least 8 inches long and 6 across and 2 high - and was cheaper than any available on our local pasty shop.  I got a much more dainty cheese and onion one as the OH is not good at sharing.  (beans for the OH & a jacket tater for me)  I've got half my pasty left too!

    tonight is pheasant, new potatoes and salad - Miller's had 2 romaine for 50p so it was hard to say no.  They also had a lovely selection of squashes and pumpkins so we're sorted for a while.
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  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Gnocchi with garlic and onion tomato sauce and the other half of the caramelised onion and cheese flatbread.

    Have had a bit of a day today so not up to cooking anything that needed lots of prep or kitchen time.
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  • KJSamKJSam Forumite
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    Salad: canned corn, tomatoes, olives, bell pepper
    Main dish: frozen vegetables mix, frozen fish cooked in fried onions and mushroom

    Cheap, healthy and good!
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