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What are you making for dinner?



  • kerri_gt
    kerri_gt Posts: 11,202 Forumite
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    OH had the last piece of breaded fish from the freezer with mash and beans.

    I had a lonely sausage from the freezer with Jersey royals and beans (would've preferred broccoli but easier not to use another pan)

    Extra cooked Jersey's turned into potato salad (incl chives from the garden). Also opened some tuna and sweetcorn and made some sandwich filler for lunch tomorrow. 

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  • JIL
    JIL Posts: 8,707 Forumite
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    edited 22 May 2023 at 4:49PM
    Been out for lunch, just a sandwich and a coffee, which is probably what I would have if I was at home. So why do I not feel hungry?

    Will do a salad that I can have later if I get hungry, if not that's tomorrows lunch.
  • Brie
    Brie Posts: 10,414 Forumite
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    soup and cheese for supper.  unless I decided to make a tuna bun to go with my soup.  must remember to take the spare box of instant borscht to work tomorrow.  I don't mind if it get used up by others as it's close to it's BBD and I do have another to use at home.  Hoping this will prevent me buying sandwiches or whatever when I work the long shift on Wednesdays (a full 5 hours!!!)
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  • Florenceem
    Florenceem Posts: 8,014 Forumite
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    I had the last of the Ald.Bockwurst with LO tinned tomatoes.
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  • kboss2010
    kboss2010 Posts: 1,466 Forumite
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    C_J said:
    My never-ending quest to run down the big freezer has unearthed two small battered cod fillets so we’re having those tonight, either as mini fish and chips or as filet o’ fish burgers if I can locate the baps which I know are in one of the freezer drawers (somewhere!).

    I can see daylight in three out of seven freezer drawers now, so I’m winning at last.
    I always feel the same about the freezer!

    Using up the root veg hanging about in the fridge drawer by making a tagine. A few more bits out of the freezer - some chicken pieces, a couple of homemade naans and some leeks. 

    Also taken out a couple of those Markies melting chocolate puddings for dessert that I bull-bought when there were loads on yellow stickers after Valentine’s Day. 

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  • happydenial
    happydenial Posts: 770 Forumite
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    Rush rush rush, we had fish finger salad wraps with a few fries and sweetcorn. 
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  • Islandmaid
    Islandmaid Posts: 6,538 Forumite
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    Sat with the bifolds fully opened - Sun already beating down, garden fully of our builders digging up concrete 😱 I bet our neighbours love us 🫣 we did tell the nearby ones.

    dinner will be something spaghetti based for them as forgot to removed meat from the freezer last night 🙄 thinking puttanesca type thing, might chuck a tin of tuna in.  I’ll have frittata and salad 

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  • C_J
    C_J Posts: 3,049 Forumite
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    I remembered to defrost a pack of chicken thighs last night and will make a Thai green curry. However I’m off work this week and Mr CJ has suggested we have lunch out somewhere (rule is: whoever suggests it, pays!) so we will probably end up just having a light snack tonight and the curry will move to tomorrow.
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