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What are you making for dinner?



  • kerri_gt
    kerri_gt Posts: 11,202 Forumite
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    I think it's the salt we crave when ill.
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  • C_J
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    Hope you feel better soon @Florenceem! This must be the last thing you need, so please look after yourself.

    Tonight I am making a roast pork dinner with two humongous pork chops from the butcher and almost all the veg coming from the community fridge yesterday - I’ll do roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, apple sauce, garlicky parsnip purée, peas and gravy. The Fridge also had some slightly dry brioche buns which I have turned into a bread and butter pudding (with the addition of a drained tin of apricot halves) for this week’s puds.
  • JIL
    JIL Posts: 8,707 Forumite
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    edited 21 May 2023 at 11:32AM
    @kerri_gt I think you are onto something there. I never really thought about it like that.  I remember sitting up in bed, McDonald's bag on my knee, filet of fish burger and chips.  Husband was more than happy to cook for me, but it was a definite craving.

    Today on the menu is beef and yorkshire puddings. Cauliflower cheese, green beans, cabbage and carrots. I will plate up 2 dinners for the inlaws that they can have tomorrow. If I lived nearer, there would also be one for @florenceem, (who I hope is soon on the mend )
  • Florenceem
    Florenceem Posts: 8,015 Forumite
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    JIL - thanks for the kind thought but I expect I wouldn't do justice to a lovely meal.
    More hot dogs in the fridge - may have tinned tomatoes with them tonight for a change - really can't say what I fancy - well I would like a cuddle with Mr F but can't have that.
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  • kerri_gt
    kerri_gt Posts: 11,202 Forumite
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    @Florenceem not the same, but here's a virtual *hug* 🤗 

    Not sure what today will be, I've been spending the weekend making the most of the good weather working on furniture items that are stacking up our garage. 6hrs yesterday and back out at it today.Anyone who thinks upcycling is slapping a coat of paint on has no understanding of the process to be done well. Hours of prep go in before paint even comes out. So will be something easy I think. 
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  • Islandmaid
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    edited 21 May 2023 at 3:47PM
    Hottest day of the year so far here - loving it 😊 doors are wide open, Noah’s ‘helping’ grandpa in the garden, Frank is flaked out shade bathing - lovely 🥰 

    night out with friends was great, DH is a little fragile this morning, I am surprisingly okay 👌 

    DH is prepping the garden for the team to come in Tuesday to start the base for our garden office, I’ve been washing everything that needs doing, feeling slightly smug that the solar panels are doing their job and we’re running the house for free 80% of the time so far (they were fitted January), including charging the car 🙌 definitely worth the missing holidays to pay for it.

    EDIT:  forgot what’s for dinner 🫣 basic BBQ butchers sausages, HM burgers and homegrown Asparagus, got some St Agur cheese that near on walking out of the fridge, so will make a sauce with that to dip asparagus in 
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  • lianne1984
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    @Florenceem hope you feel better soon!!

    @Islandmaid would LOVE to be down there with this lovely weather right now, roll on July!

    Dinner tonight was a pasta bake 
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  • kboss2010
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    I had a sad-looking courgette and aubergine to use so lentil and veg lasagna for tea tonight.
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