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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

edited 18 July 2017 at 10:40AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    BoP is having his lugs recalibrated. More too morrow!
    Cardiac Arrest - Electrical - Patient unconscious! Heart Attack - Plumbing - Patient conscious!
    Defibrillators Cannot Cure a Heart Attack!
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Bedtime. Bit dark and dismal here and a bit blooming chilly but no, I am not putting the heating on!

    Work 9-12... Out that door ! See ya!

    Met a friend and had a good blether.

    Home via my mothers ( walking) picked some hydrangeas.

    Pottered around. Tidied hall cupboard .

    Niece popped in to grab some things I'd found in cupboard.

    Friend popped in with a lovely gift of a glass pumpkin. Saw it & thought of me :) sent her home with courgettes !

    Had chicken with own potatoes and corn on cb for tea.

    Watched some actual telly!
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 All white goods moved into a bit by the kitchen, when you look at it, it would be a great extn, but it doesn’t fit with our needs so we are leaving it as is, dh started chasing walls and removed the radiator from the kitchen. One thing leads to another, we now have a hole in the lounge where the wall came through, and also have to take down part of the kitchen ceiling tomorrow, where they, the previous people bodged the pipework. I suppose at least this bit is being done by us and we aren’t in effect paying extra for the pleasure.

    2 We popped across the bridge, as we needed a few bits but it was mayhem out there and C0stco was horrifically busy, I can’t believe Halloween is already in store and even a hint or 2 of Christmas items!

    3 The chap who will be installing our boiler is also a friend and neighbour, he popped over to check the current kitchen and would like it as woodburning, so that’s mainly sorted and I will be burning one of the cupboards well just cause I can.

    4 All of the ferret areas deep cleaned and swapped a few around to keep their minds occupied, thankfully the ones we have tried as different friends get on and are a distraction for a little while off their grief.

    5 Dinner was using up things from the freezer they tasted nice but I still have no idea what they were.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Wednesday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Hens OK.

    3) Sold a pair of shoes on Ebay very quickly.

    4) Have haggled and got bigger son's bus pass down to a mere £400 per year. Also had a very detailed letter about smaller son's bus pass (for disabled people), telling me exactly how to apply, plus a form that I have to take in to his college with a post it note telling them how to fill their bit in!

    5) Had a game of Scrabble with my mum.

    6) Popped in to neighbour's farm on the way home and had a cup of tea. Her oldest is also waiting for his GCSE results. Her middle one is a 23 weeker so we had a chat about our respective autistic sons.

    7) Got lots done around the house. Ironing, washing, cleaning.

    Interview in the morning...
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Frith -
    Just dropping in to send super special ��!��"this job is MINE " vibes for this morning.
    AND sure success wishes for ALL your village show entries. Beautiful ��jellies.
    'All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things shall be well."
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    Norman Kirk, NZLP- Prime Minister, 1972
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Bus arrived on time and it wasn't raining.

    2. Work - the pleasure was when I left.

    3. Various text conversations with friends.

    4. Enough tea left over for lunch today.

    5. DS1 trousers are now comfortable just about. These are the suit trousers which he has for the wedding (part 1) in Saturday. When he got them the next size up was too big and the pair he got were too tight but the gym is doing him good.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Wednesday pleasures,

    Early call from the lovely farrier saying he will fit me in before the rain comes.

    The beautiful grey one had been put into a new paddock and was reluctant to leave the fresh grass so I had to drag her in to get feet done but she was a good girl once we made it to the yard.

    A wet afternoon spent batch cooking meals for freezer, ready for those cba days.

    Pork Souvlaki for tea.

    An early night, reading in bed.
  • MandM90MandM90 Forumite
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    1. Woke up this morning to a sparkly house - feel on top of things!
    2. The smell of the bathroom with laundry hanging and the dehumidifier running. It is toasty and smells like home.
    3. Porridge with maple syrup for breakfast.
    4. A cuddle with the cats.
    5. It's Thursday. Just 2 more days until the glorious weekend!
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    Hugs PK sounds like she had a great life
    Positive vibes frith
    Have looked up Pork Souvlaki laineyT yum I may well have that this weekend :P
    All the best for anyone who is awaiting A level results
    For yesterday
    1) moved forward on a couple of sticky jobs
    2) lunch with friends - they are all retired so i had to slope off early, but lovely to catch up
    3) gbf came round in the evening. he admired my tidy kitchen (mrpiano was marvellous but not the tidiest!)
    4) we walked the dogs over the railway, over by the airport then back past the botanics. the round walk takes 45 minutes
    5) then we had a very nice supper at mine.
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    PM2DD. Tinpot, were through! Listened to the Tinpot TuesNite, and yes we care, wes through DD! Minds me of the day we of the thirst team to knock Liverpool out of a cup in the 21st century!
    Inn gym last nite as yous knows BoP is getting rid of his puppy fat and even more beach ready.
    Viewing this weakened at JAM on the Vulcan. More appearances soon. Wes gone a notch on the belt of BoP. Yous wants to knows that!

    At the hearing quack Yesterday. Pardon. Got new lug aids, and theys be noise cancelling, just like me glasses. Ifs yous put up carp, I no see! Can now hear pins drop inn the wood! Please remembers ifs yous use them in ear ones, they get clogged up. AVOID!

    Day 8. The pack up is good.
    Lugs has bin recalibrated, see above. That quack can go forth, Jenny’s quack is due soon, but tests went wrong and she is lucky to be alive? Or is it BoP failed his test? Oh well, life testing continues.
    New Quack in October. He will get what for! Getting loads of leaflets about stuff and note to go with it. Jenny sends her usual to others who are … :heartpuls

    BoPsie has her appointment, then again, they may has made a balls up! I coulds not use Stop Tap up could I. Try it?

    Got chilli for dinner too nites and as BoPsie says, tastes better when it is brewed on the stove!

    Usual in the Lunch Box of BoP! BrekFest was poached egg, mushrooms and best back!

    Last nites we had the grilled stuffed mushroom at gaff de BoP. Wes has no Jimmy the Cook’s books here! Cocoa was supped. Proper cocoa. At the mill some miller has the foam version of cocoa and the is 17g of sugar in ever drink! You should only has around 5g a day. Wander whats the Fizzades have? AVOID. Them as you has the recipe yestday, grilled stuffed mushroom for supper. Proper foods! I think the one on BoP’s estate that eats cheese on toast delivered to the door is on holiday as the moped rider is missing this weak! Ooh, I see the hamburger gaff now delivers! Do the couch potatoes live there all day?

    Yous nots want too much BoP today!
    Cardiac Arrest - Electrical - Patient unconscious! Heart Attack - Plumbing - Patient conscious!
    Defibrillators Cannot Cure a Heart Attack!
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