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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Pleasures yesterday.....

    Coffee and chat with friends.

    Roast chicken dinner.

    Finally got attic cleared out, don't have to go up there ever again. Trouble is, there's a mountain of stuff that came out of it to deal with.

    Finding lovely photos of me, OH, our son and my daughter. Don't want to chuck them but where to display them all?

    Forgetting that Poldark was on so a visit to Iplayer on the menu today, a deferred treat!
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Sounds like a smashing day VL
    Thinking of Sue x

    Sunday pleasures,

    Bacon butties for breakfast.

    Capt S toook himself off to Egbaston to watch cricket so had a quiet day at home by myself.

    Tried tidying debris off garden but still windy enough to be blowing around so gave up.

    Took small dog for a long ramble, good to stretch legs and found some decent blackberry bushes so will be back with containers.

    A hedgehog in the garden, first time seen in years have been living here, it was rolled up into a ball as small dog found first but was quite a large one.
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    DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    wet indeed mhags
    1) woke to alarm (3:15am) and hugged mrpiano off for his 3 years in Alabama adventure
    2) a friend had come back from the farewell drink and stayed for a cup of tea - he went at 4:45.
    3) made it to church, albeit 30 mins late :D
    4) mrpiano's plane - 'hydraulic issues' became apparent on the runway so he spent the night at Gatwick
    5) some slow tidying while watching the rest of Beecham House - Poldark set in India if you ask me. Good bubblegum for the brain. Am now starting on 800 words
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Poof it was gone, the weakened. Just like that! Back at the mill.

    Had nite out last eve, and Raffles, King of the Road, walked us off the parish. Why do stupid cats do that? So I has the jug of wobbleade. And we have to pick him up on the way home. He stays in his restaurant, the unprotected newt pond! Well I say unprotected because them who protected the newts could not care less about them, even though round the back of where we has the wobblefizzes, they be plenty of unprotected newts.

    Had snorker fest on SatDay, no best back this weak as we had left over snorkers! Served up with poached egg and mushrooms! Watched the T20 cricket on SatDay and we had chilli chicken wings and some wobbleade as well! Raffles enjoyed his wing bits and I always put them out for birds on the table as well. The table prevents Raffles from munching, he has his own restaurant, see above! Inn the morning theys be gone!

    PM2DD Good games from the mariners and the goooners, and even happier that the scooonts, who were going to trounce this, theys bee the strongest team in the EFL. They’re 71 clubs above them! And to think they has a Grimsby reject in charge of them as well! And yous wants to see the banter on Cod Almighty!

    Didn’t find film to watch but has put some on the stick of fire from flix net. More later this weak. Did watch again the tour of grand, as we has finished with the comics drinking coffee and cars.

    Day 5. No not missed any yet, but we has the call at 12. So yous wandering. Well BoP has gotten and changed his lunch box! He has to lose weight like money on a Friday nite inn town with BoPsie! So today BoP has no biscuits. None, finite. Got it. So what is BoP eating this day.
    Poached egg and peppers!
    Lunch Box
    Satsuma, berries, toms and cucumber with two cheese!
    Topped cheesed flat iron mushroom, chillied and some more peppers! With BoP’s berry mix as well! Good for you.

    Way Inn at the Gym tonite, you will just get the losses! Though BoP is already beach ready, you cannot be too careful! As he has muted, he needs to rid the puppy fat!

    Well they said go to work on an egg and BoP has done so! Nows I hears you says that egg is bad for you? It is not! Just remember that BoP cooks in Lard and Butter, not the glycerine coloured emulsions and although one of his tests was wrong, his cholesterol is in check at 4.4 and 1.8! That is what you get when you don’t coat the walls of your arteries with emulsions. Remember emulsions are for walls, walls of your house!

    Nows yous pondering why no cakes of Jaffa or proper digestives this weak? Well yous see when BoP had Jenny he gave up the sweets. Now he just walks pass the aisle of carp foods and sweets like they do not garner his needs. He did get beach ready, but he has to take it further! Now yous looking at that nice cake on the emporium shelf, with its luscious looking cream. It is all glucose, like that foam drink? The need avoiding. Just like whens BoP was on his apprenticeship and we learned of the dangers of double processed food!

    Theres, that bees enuff BoP for this day!

    When you come to my house you can has whatever is on top of the fridge!
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. I've just tucked myself into bed! Not particularly tired but kind of 'done ' today and tomorrow is another day!

    An early morning dog vomit at 5am ...sigh! A sock!

    Landscape gardener chap came at 7.30am ( just after I'd hung my second load of washing out) to discuss moving forward with the slab scenario...can't remember if I've said. Newly laid slabs developed horrendous effervescence then turned green with algae and have started chipping off in bits. Builders merchant said 'wait and see' 'don't touch them' ' don't attempt to clean' slab supplier rep came out and was an arrogant plonker ( just my opinion) said I got no light in my garden, hello sun! It was the fault of the bushes at side of main road ( we are corner plot) they have been there for 20 years and we've never had green slabs or decking? Anyway his suggestion and the merchants was they gave me a free bottle of cleaner and I do it myself! Er, no! So not happy with their response and copied in gardener who came up this morning for a chat...he's on team me!

    Had emailed builder last night...again! Messaged architect who messaged back to say he's on hols but back by Thursday and to give him a call. He's not happy with builder either. Outstanding work to be completed on extension. Extension had it's foundations dug a year ago. My huge window leaks and has done from start. Last night water was dripping through and I'd to leave a basin on window sill overnight. He was supposed to come last week. Has said he'll come tomorrow .

    I've still to contact the bloody plumber too! I hate them all!

    Anyway...went to Lidl forgot a coin for trolley so probably didn't buy as much as I may other wise have done! Got a few 20p RTC things.

    Went to home bargains . Have never been in this shop and it was huuuge!

    Picked up DD2 and dropped off for work then went to Tesco. Got amongst other things 6kg of strawberries very RTC. Chap said he was just going to throw them out!

    Got 8 kilner type jars also very RTC. Have finally sorted out my deep baking drawer . Was all in a cardboard box before !

    Went to allotment with dog. After such awful rain yesterday and much local flooding it was a beautiful day. Spent about an hour weeding and being badly stung by nettles. I was trying to remove them whilst they tried to remove me! Picked some courgettes & little onions ( just had with dinner) and a bunch of wild flowers. Sat for a bit and just watched and listened.

    Home and made jam. Then jam overflowed in both pots ( I've obviously never made such a big quantity before! ) what a mess. It was blooming everywhere. Have made 7 large jars. I get the jam jars at work.

    More washing out and back in.

    Downstairs loo done!

    Made pasta for tea with courgettes, onions, mushrooms, bacon, cream and Parmesan.

    Poor doggy got stung by a horrid wasp. There were so many this afternoon. Maybe jam making was sending out nice waspy smells but please don't sting my best boy .

    A bit more rain this evening .
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    mrpiano will leave a huge gap in my life, but let's start the next chapter
    1) had lovely long chat with dd1 on way to work. i have persuaded her to come up next weekend to play at a ceilidh :D:D:D
    2) fun and games at work. we were warned friday before last internet would go monday and tuesday. it didn't due to delays. then went today at 11:20 with no warning at all. so took my 11:30 meeting to deanery then 4 impromptu meetings. good stuff
    3) then walked home. no rain hooray. talked to dad. i love mobile phones!
    4) dd2 back from camp tired but happy
    5) took dogs for super walk. mrpiano's dog didn't like the bridge over the railway so had stopped.
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    MHags - when I made raspberry jam the other day, I used a saucepan instead of the jam kettle and had to do the "on the ring, off the ring, back on the ring, OFF THE RING!" dance.

    Pleasures for today (Monday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) 6 days until bigger son comes home.

    3) Hens OK.

    4) Popped to town to get some shoes for my interview and a new pair of trousers for smaller son.

    5) Went to my sister for tea and cake.

    6) Salmon for tea.

    7) Enjoyed watching Who do You Think You Are?
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. I didn't shout at anybody at work. Probably because the people causing all the problems hide away so I can't speak to them. Person in charge of my department was totally disinterested and told me to deal with it as it wasn't her problem. A colleague was running behind with her clinic and was asked if I could help her out. No as I was the only person fully booked.

    2. Leaving work for the day. My mood did improve slightly.

    3. DS1 has a good first day in his new job. Travel was ok and he thinks he will enjoy it more.

    4. Text conversation with both done 're England rugby squad for rugby world cup.

    5. A friend rang which helped cheer me up as she is so positive. She makes me smile.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Aw, I’m going to miss hearing about MrPiano too DD hugs x

    Monday pleasures,

    Going around the back of horsey town and being stopped by a string of racehorses returning from the gallops, as a horsewoman even I was worried about one that was jumping about precariously close to my car but thankfully no damage done!

    Dropped three parcels off at PO and finally remembered to pick up a stop for my martingale.

    Made a couple of loaves for the week, this time a mixture of white & malted flour.

    Over to the yard and brought the beautiful grey one in, she had obviously been rolling so a good 30 min workout just getting her clean.

    Heard some good news about a friend’s health.

    Meat free Monday so spinach & ricotta cannelloni, yum.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    A morning at home on my own.

    A clean and tidy house with all the immediate jobs done.

    A lovely long soak in the bath after the housework.

    Sunshine and a dry morning.

    I have again reached that wonderful state of being 'beanless' oh happiness!
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