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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

edited 18 July 2017 at 10:40AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    Vjsmum aw sounds like a wonderful experience, I have fond memories of a footplate experience with dh, it was when we both decided we were more than friends. aww.
    & I really hope your complaints work, such un needed stress.

    1 Nice to effectively hermit today, no going out anywhere no traffic or people.

    2 2 loads of our washing done and hung inside pending various weather warnings.

    3 Cleaning up the oven 2 fold as I also want to sell it for something as it’s only 2 years old. We have splashed out on a pyrolytic oven for the new kitchen as
    I truly dislike cleaning the oven, sets the asthma into hell every time. When we move it comes with us I swear!

    4 Starting a new book, the binding, it’s got very mixed reviews, but I needed a break from the usual.

    5 Popped a roast in the oven slow cooking for later, and cooked up damson and apple base for crumbles

    6 A sneaky sixth I found an animation I kept laughing out loud at, so found it on plus one and recorded it to watch it properly this evening, “Kubo and the Two Strings”.

    I feel a little tinge of sadness at limitations, we replaced 2 x 6 foot fence panels today and moved a shed. The fence panels, they slot into concrete posts so it means holding the panels 6ft up in the air to slot them in, this is when we both realised that due to health and or age this would be the last time we put these in. DH has taken the old panels apart to see if anything is useable.
  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Oh, DD, all empathy/sympathy re:car. Yes, 1st world problems, I know, but rural fenny lands make car essential, apart from &'s deep need to be able to bolt, find empty spaces, walk long, look about, and those quite often.
    Like now....and Hhurrchrs on, a few of them in a mess, too.

    1. Went in to Church early, for a few moments thanks for Spits/hope for end to asb, but father of lost Mum and I met outside, talked... Was then asked by 2 young volunteering teens where a care home was. Ended up running them there for 1230h. Backtracking, met mother of lost Mum, so we spoke too. Charity day swapped for Monday funeral, St Alban's. Peace Hospice, Watford, for any collection.

    2. Into Charity, some crossover work, all's well etc. Some people are resistant to change, but on many fronts, 'adapt or die' is more than ever vital. We have a new core, back to many good previous ways, meaning youngsters helped/housed must do their bit, too. Some crackers already coming along.

    3. More running about, not least BANKING, hooray! More rugby exchanges with lovely S., in the purple one, Lainey:-). Bledisloe Cup in coming hours, Mrs lw, Alma will have recorded it, plus Albion v. Wales, ahead of Welsh R's bday bash-ette. Dragon still to be finished, but that's ce soir. Connectivity meant &could phone car payment through to Fenboy J. Now see he's dropped a few more £s off.... They are so good to &.

    4. Needed more Garotta. Had great fortune of bring directed to it by Big C in Town of Horse. Turns out to be Mr Chilli, huge allotment, own sauces/concoctions bottled and marketed worldwide! (many pics).
    Goodness me! Great chats and planetary concerns in common. He v.knowledgeable, fierce, accurate on these - middle-aged, burly, good natured, dry humour, working in national chain and surprising & with such passion.

    5. Today's DID - Sir Tim Waterstone.
    Knew nothing of his life. And he chose this, therefore total ��♥️�� from &:-)
    -but that was just one fabulous surprise. Another, John le Mesurier speaking to 'When Nightingales Sang in Berkeley Square'. Meantime, needing another outdoor cinema Bohemian Rhapsody fix...
    Visited authority this arvo, spoke with right people. Car still there, of course. More pics taken. & has taken active steps. Another tack, too.
    On verra.
    Another RIP - MrsLw and vl will know of Brian Lochore, great AB and Captain of the 60s. Our mtgs were while & was stationed at 2ZD, Masterton, in the Wairarapa, during the great days of the NZBC. As per posts passim, revisited during time with oldest schoolfriend, Feb. A grandfather of Sir B and &'s were cousins, hence what became his initiated play of AB/NZBC cousinry, going both ways.
    Another event, when almost back this morning, but that can keep. Police advised, wisely said they. Still thinking about it.
    01274 760721, freephone0800 328 0006
    'People don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."
    Norman Kirk, NZLP- Prime Minister, 1972
    'It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere' François-Marie AROUET

  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Bedtime. Its lashing with rain like I've never heard it lash so much! Oh my goodness.

    Yesterday was beautiful. Work till 1pm.

    Home and cleaning ladies there.

    Niecelys also there! Sat in garden, put big parasol up, fed baby under it. Did not take big parasol down....

    Lovely walk with GN and baby. Popped into my mothers. Popped into work to buy a gift to put away for a Christmas gift...its August, it's when I start!

    They left ( hurrah) and I finished my library book.

    Went to allotment. It's such a beautiful space to be emotionally, physically, mentally. I just felt I wanted to actually bottle the feeling. Four courgettes , 2 onions, sweet peas.

    Had RTC sausages and crusty bread for tea.

    Today. Was working 8-5pm. Busy. Work dramas which have over spilled slightly into my evening. Feeling very 'told you so' about someone! However that would of course be very childish and not at all 50 years old-ish!

    Home with some leftovers that son munched through.

    Nice chat with friend. Her big day at work went well and I'm very proud of her.

    Rain and yet more rain! Waaaah!

    So the big parasol was to be found dragging the table and almost in next doors garden over the 6 foot fence this morning. The wicker obelisks blown over and poor sweet peas strewn . Picked a bunch after rescuing but see they are down again.

    What's that light in the garden? Oh that would be the street lights! So early. Thunder and lightening . Lashing rain. Waaaah!
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    You no doubt know this, &, but when dealing with pillocks, keep a paper trail, send emails you can print out later and keep a diary with dates and times...

    Pleasures for today (Friday).

    1) Could not sleep at all but returned messages sent by bigger son at 5am. He saw a scorpion. Back to Kathmandu on the 15th.

    2) Still doing jobs pre his return. Kitchen today - inside and out of freezer, washing machine, oven. Shelves cleaned down, kettle etc.

    3) Hens OK despite torrential rain.

    4) Letter came re PIP for smaller son. Anything new with the DWP does not bode well. I made the phone call to kick off the process.

    5) Popped to the charity shop for more jam jars and there was a pair of black Clarks shoes, just right for my interview next week! Just half a size too small but will last me for the 45 minutes I need them.

    6) Fish and chips from the van for tea. Useful as intermittent power cuts due to the wind and rain.

    7) Went to Art deco cinema to watch Yesterday. I rather enjoyed it.

    8) In bed now and will watch Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer's fishing programme.
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    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    For past couple of days.

    1. Work bearable. Manager now away for 2 weeks.

    2. Thursday evening went for a meal. DS2 going on holiday with girlfriend what family for 10 days. Also had DS1 starts new job on Monday.

    3. DS1 going out. Last night to his leaving do at work and today he is going on a stag do. He will leave in about 15 minutes and arrive home tomorrow afternoon.

    4. Changed bed sheets and were washed and dried in the day.

    5. Spent more time in the garden than I thought I would with the forecast.
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Recent pleasures...

    As ever, the pleasure of seeing my beautiful dog run in the park, she loves her daily walk.

    A session of foot pampering with my podiatrist yesterday. I had to update her about my OH's death as I hadn't seen her for about three months. She too lost her first husband to cancer some years ago. We had a lovely chat whilst she was doing my feet, and my feet are now presentable. I could do them myself I suppose but I haven't got the discipline to do it regularly and she has the proper kit to deal with hard skin.

    I browsed around a couple of independent shops in the next village. One sells hand crafted gift products from local craftspeople, I bought a beautiful hand painted flowerpot for stepdaughter-in-law's birthday. The other shop sold gothic themed stuff. I'm not into the skulls/vampire/steampunk/dragons thing myself, but there were some interesting bits that will do as presents for people. I bought a handmade birthday card with a picture of a spooky night sky with full moon and shadows of birds and trees and the silhouette of an owl. It has a motto on the front about watching, waiting and acquiring wisdom. I'm going to stick it in a frame on my bedroom wall.

    Getting confirmation of what my widow's pension will be so I could finalise my budget. It all looks doable, and I should have enough to treat myself to a holiday next year, a short cruise perhaps? A very basic OS pleasure is knowing that you have enough money to keep a roof over your head, food in store, and some put by in case of emergencies.

    Adding a few plums to the Rumtopf I started the other day. It's only a small quantity, in a tall Kilner jar, so it won't have the full range of fruits in it, but there are strawberries, a few blueberries and grapes, and now a few plums. I am sure I can squeeze a bit more fruit in, maybe blackberries or raspberries?

    I am now going to experience some more pleasures - get up, get a mug of freshly ground coffee, get Madame Alexa to play some music and do some downstairs cleaning. I have the urge, I have the motivation, now let's set to it before urge and motivation disappear.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    A new to us recipe I made for lunch has turned out so well it's going into my written 'things that work' book.

    Coffee out with a friend I met in the village unexpectedly and putting the world to rights with her regarding an aging parent who lives in another country and wants to come here to live BUT only on her own terms which can't possibly work.

    Nice books and a pyrex oven dish in my charity shop, well they were, but now they're here!

    Having yearnings to watch some rugby ( it's been a long break and we're not to the start of this season yet) and remembering we have some recorded games not yet watched, NICE!

    A fab picture sent by dear James of both our girls trying to give each other a hug with their baby bumps in the way and neither ones arms quite reached completely, they were crying laughing, it made me happy!
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Friday pleasures,

    Schooling lesson on equine girlie, she took everything in her stride even the sight of men up on stables roof replacing timbers, only slight spook came when my boot clipped fence and even that was half hearted, think my girl might be growing up!

    Warm and muggy day so was very hot & bothered when I got home so pleasure of cool shower and changing into linen dress.

    Worked through chores and baked bread for weekend.

    Downloaded and watched Oklahoma, happy childhood memories of Dad playing the album and singing along.

    Capt S had been for posh lunch in town of gown so made a snacky type tea of nachos loaded with black beans & avocados, he ended up eating quite a lot!
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Art'noon, just, all
    Frith - I loved 'Yesterday' such a feel good film

    Pleasures for yesterday

    1. Last breakfast at the Band B. Whilst it was a slightly odd place, the breakfasts were fab. I had loads of berries, with greek yogurt and kefir and a nutty muesli sprinkled on top. Followed by a croissant. I am not a massive fan of big cooked breakfasts and am fussy about the (small amount of) meat that I eat
    2. Trains home were OK. A little issue in York but soon resolved. OH edited 2 chapters for me, with few corrections.. :T
    3. It didn't rain when we walked to the bus stop in Pickering, and DS picked us up from our local station so, despite HORRENDOUS weather, we didn't get wet.
    4. My girl has been poorly but is on the mend.. and my boy is ok and keeping busy
    5. Fish and chips for tea, home cooked. Was a bit dry but very easy....

    DS gone the footy (it's that time again); DD is going to see her friends in London. She is still quite poorly but thinks she is ok to go, she has 2 days off before going back to work so hopefully time to recover... I am working (again) but I did have 2 nice days off and have a festival to steward next week so I need to put some hours in....

    Have a nice day all
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • SuffolksueSuffolksue Forumite
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    Thinking of you&, we had nasty neighbours once and the added stress of 'what will they do next' is immeasurable.
    Pleasures for last few days

    1 our lovely surgery, which sent another GP to see DH ,as I feared the chest infection had not resolved .
    2 different antibiotics and the addition of steroids have made a huge difference,though sadly the remnants of his voice seem to have gone.
    3 another sister ( and husband ) came yesterday,stayed in the same pub ,now gone back to the smoke
    4 lots of laughs with them and quiet support.
    5 Good drying weather here !

    Again thank you all for your support,I'm not managing to find 5 a day ,but am reading and drawing strength from you all .i have no family of my generation ,whilst DH 's regard me as one of them ,I am conscious how sad they all are . He is their baby brother,so it is the 'wrong order ' for them .
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