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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

DundeeDoll Posts: 4,930 Forumite
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edited 18 July 2017 at 11:40AM in Old style MoneySaving
Ok I'm diving in as I've noticed several of us have lost posts we thought had posted, and there now seems to be a serious risk of losing the whole thread. So thanks for the heads up Karcher. (and i sympathise Frith - i too like to nip back)

I've revisited the first thread of our part 2, posted 28th October 2009. It said:
thriftlady wrote: »
Time for a shiny new thread The old one had got to 4500 odd posts which amounts to 22,500 OS pleasures (at least) It's so good to know that the OS life can be so rewarding.

I'll kick off the new thread.

1) Homemade bread and marmalade for breakfast.

2) A walk over the Malvern Hills to blow away the cobwebs.

3) Drying the washing outside- still, in October.

4) Watching mydaughter making a game out of sweeping the leaves with her friends.

5) The prospect of collecting a big order of meat from the butcher this morning and having my freezer full for less.

Part 2 went on considerably longer so many many more pleasures. And of course life stories shared, support given, tears of sorrow and joy shed. Part 2 I shall miss you, but here's to part 3.
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  • DundeeDoll
    DundeeDoll Posts: 4,930 Forumite
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    Pleasures for yesterday
    1) A beautifully sunny day - no lift but had a very pleasant walk into work.
    2) DD2 was in the vicinity lunch time, so we had lunch sitting on the grass by the labyrinth in front of the Maggie Centre.
    3) Bought a punnet of strawberries - local and very sweet.
    4) Mum's for supper. DD1 and DD2 had already arrived. DM had done a complete roast chicken dinner - DD2's fave. nom nom
    5) A sit and a read in DM's garden before a lazy wander home with two very happy spaniels.
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  • Blackbeard_of_Perranporth
    5 Oh boy, back at the mill and the cloth making. One of the stokers was out playing a contact sport at the weekend. Unfortunately there should be an age limit for these types of games and he was well pass that limit. So back to the sweat shop it is. While I was out enjoying life under the yellow thing, the IT peoples have managed to downgrade me again! Seems that my log in the log book saying how much effort we put inn on the boilers was migrated over the weekend and my entry key no longer works. I should have received new key on new system when I logged in last time, telling me about this before I was downgraded! Oh well! I’ll get the shovel and put some more coke into the boiler! Elevenses this week are proper digestives with a nice milk chocolate covering. They were on offer at w8rs, cakes of Jaffa are so last week!

    4 Well, we are firing the boilers today and have loads of coke to shovel onto the fire. Forgets nothing about the change to the climate, but the election of the new pope is under way. We also have some tar for him should the parishioners be inclined.

    3 Watched last evening the speedway. Exciting. Even BoPsie was chirpy about it. Wobbleades were consumed. Please see notes passim about sending wobbleade chits to BoP! They are needed otherwise, BoPsie is not fed. Talking of giggling, was funny at BoPsie’s girl set. Watched two of the girls trying to get through the door at the same time while carrying a glass of wine! No wine was spilt. BoPsie though is far more sophisticate and was drinking wobbleades, pints of, instead!

    2 Night, BoP is showing off his beach ready look in the gym. It must be working as some young binty has managed to want to friend me on my Facebook. Such a shame that she be a cad instead. Be careful out there, I think I would be better inn the Bridge on singles night. No telling BoPsie! No, is better on speed date night where mes and BoPise look at each others thoughts and someone wants the chair as they think they be next!

    So there is a new doctor who! I missed the last three, so ....
  • villagelife
    villagelife Posts: 3,047 Forumite
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    1. Warm, sunny day.

    2. Enjoying cup of coffee in the garden.

    3. Vase of flowers still looking good.

    4. Washing drying on the line - DS2 back from holiday and a wet towel in with all his clothes! Clothes are smelling far sweeter now.

    5. Enjoying reading my new book.
  • house_elf
    house_elf Posts: 1,073 Forumite

    Stayed home today as not poisoning from the Prom last night?


    1. Got big piece of work finished and emailed off by the end of the day.
    2. Prom. Students looked lovely and had a great time. Noticed one of the girls was wearing same frock as me, so had to slip out and put on work dress. Would be awful to arrive at the Prom dressed the same as your teacher!
    3. Beautiful sunset on the way home.
    4. Lit the log burner when I got home and sat with DH having a little chat.
    5. Nice sleep until I woke up

    Feeling hollow, but much better now. Rang work to let them know I will be back tomorrow, only to be told I have to be off 48 hours! This should be a pleasure, but I am too busy

    Doh! Silly me posted in the old thread:rotfl:
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 17,413 Forumite
    First Post I've been Money Tipped!
    5 things that made my day:)

    1.Streetched left over meat from left over Sunday dinner to make two cottage pies for the freezer

    2.DD got her appointment to see the foot surgeon for next month instead of a three month wait :):)

    3. DGS Ben comes home on Thursday from Canada,fingers crossed the M.11 is behaving itself as I have to drive up to Stanstead from deepest darkest Kent

    4. Just had a lovely cuppa made for me by another DGS, who has also cut his Mums lawn for her Well done Henry xx

    5. Tonight is quiz night and I get a meal in with the cost of the quiz so no cooking for me tonight

    Life is good at the moment :):):)

    JackieO xx
  • [Deleted User]
    Thanks for starting a brand new thread for us DUNDEE DOLL, very sound thinking and much appreciated!

    1) Fantastic couple of days with DD2 and the grandsons, totally fun in every conceivable way, so much laughing, so many smiles, so many cuddles.....THE BEST!

    2) Good run home.....thank goodness for air con in the car, was 28 degrees when we got here and like stepping out into a sauna.

    3) Having an emergency pack o UHT skimmed milk in the larder which meant tea as we arrived and not having to walk to the shop in the heat.

    4) Visit to the Oh So Useful scoop shop where DD2 lives this afternoon, invested a little cash wisely ingredients that will last a good long time and make delicious food.

    5) Home, cups of tea and nattering here with my pals! things money can't buy!!!
  • DundeeDoll
    DundeeDoll Posts: 4,930 Forumite
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    And thank you for putting a notice up on the old thread bop what team work :-)
    MrsSD declutter medals 🏅🏅🏅⭐⭐
  • Purple_kitten
    Purple_kitten Posts: 3,051 Forumite
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    Thanks for the shiney new thread DD.
    1) I had a great run in, a very busy day which was done before I knew it.:T

    2) Beautiful butterflies and dragon flies seen during the lunch break.:j

    3) Dinner was batch cooked hm lasagne with salad, I grated up radishes and carrots to make them stretch.:p

    4) Making plans for date night next week and Minions 3 is on the role call – ah I’ll never grow up.:rotfl:

    5) Received confirmation of first payment in a little while, much needed to repair the car.:cool:
  • Kittikins
    Kittikins Posts: 5,335 Forumite
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    Hello lovelies,

    1. Sunshine!

    2. It's the last week of term, and unlike HouseElf, I haven't got the dreaded lurgy that's sweeping through my school......

    3. Have started undoing my classroom ready for the move to the one next door. Hopefully, no scratch that, I WILL be moved out by Friday 2pm!

    4. Cuddles with DD, much needed as I'm still not feeling right! Blooming end of termitis.

    5. Free eye test - has revealed I need more glasses than I have eyes (reading, mid distance and driving when tired) so looks like varifocals might be the way to go.....gulp. Good job glasses suit me nicely (unlike hats....bane of my life!)

    6. Got a chip in my car windscreen repaired this afternoon. Think it's been there for rather a long time...but now just looks like there's an eyelash on the screen, if you look hard enough!

    7. Whole school picnic tomorrow, hope it doesn't rain.....we have a lot of fun to be had :)

    8. Looking forward to an evening chez Chap (or KW as I might call him, short for knitted Welshman :) ) tomorrow, whilst DD's out on a sleepover.
  • Frith
    Frith Posts: 8,202 Forumite
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    edited 18 July 2017 at 9:29PM
    A nice, new thread.

    Here are my pleasures for today (Tuesday)

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Went to parents' for lunch - roast pheasant, mash and courgettes then cherry flan.

    3) Meant to say yesterday I received a letter about more canvassing work for the election. £1.10 per door knocked is well paid.

    4) Plasterer phoned and he will be starting next Monday, which is more convenient than this week which was planned.

    5) Took smaller son for some new trainers - now a 7F. His "friend" hurt his foot - the one he broke last year. :-/ The trainers are more comfortable than his football boots.

    6) Bigger son strimmed all round the allotment and made cabbage guards from the old door frames (removed today pre-plasterer) as the hens kept eating the leaves off!

    7) YS burritos for tea, with coleslaw and cous cous salad.

    8) Quick game of football with smaller son.

    9) Guided tour of his shed and tools by bigger son.

    10) In bed with a cup of tea now and ready to watch Holby.

    11) Had text that I can go in to old job on Thursday to finish my NVQ - they've had over 3 months to get in touch with me so about time!

    12) Also forgot yesterday (I think) to say my sister was successful in her interview and will be a primary school TA next year, with some teaching, before converting to a primary school teacher properly. (High school teacher for 10 years).
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