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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    1) Just back from a lovely walk up the river and through the woods with Maisie doggie and her mum.

    2) Got my little doggie pal for the whole evening.

    3) Had a nice warm and sunny day, not the dismal wet that we had yesterday.

    4) Some good YS bargains in Mr.T this morning and we found He Who Knows some long sleeved shirts 'with a pocket' for very good prices.

    5) Discovered some samphire growing alongside one of the paths through the marshes beside the river as we walked, knew there was purslane and sea beet there but never seen the samphire before, wow!
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    No word at all from interview. How very rude.

    Pleasures for today:

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Smaller son's specialist teacher being helpful, despite an unpleasant hour rounding off with being told to "go away" (or similar) - not by me, I'd like to make clear! Smaller son's holiday started abruptly and unplanned at 11 this morning...

    3) Went into old work at 11 to attempt to finish NVQ. Forgotten just how tedious it was. I was sure I had finished but no, I had merrily handed in reams of paper with one set of questions unanswered! Have to finish them at home over the summer.

    4) Hens wouldn't eat Jack Monroe's horrible chilli with dark chocolate in either, which amused me.

    5) Went to buy my sister's birthday present this afternoon - she wanted house plants.

    6) Made a rice pudding.
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    Mhagster, what a distressing day. Poor you.

    A day of ups and downs.......concentrating on the ups!

    1. Lift to work with colleague and nice chat on the journey.
    2. Positive result to meeting I was dreading.
    3. Meal at posh restaurant for retiring colleagues.
    4. Train home coz thought I was going to have a cocktail or two, but ended up only having a prosecco. I really like trains. Perhaps I should go to work on the train?
    5. It has stopped raining, and turned into a lovely evening.

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    Frith, hope you hear some feedback soon.
    McHags - Hugs.

    1 Work was there, a pleasure it was there.:rotfl:
    2 I visited DF in hospital, he is currently being cared for intensively, they are amazing, my mind feels at ease no matter what happens.
    3 A lovely call with DB.
    4 The fridge is literally empty barring my welsh duck egg reserves, I have even used up all of the long-life milk reserves, but a bowl of pasta with all chopped veg was scoffed.:p
    5 The animals are being playful and loving.
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    5 Can’t say it, but will. England walloped the Jocks six nil last night. Someone has to say it!
    as an englander in scottieland I couldn't possible comment ;-)
    How rude idd frith hope you hear soon
    Hugs Mhags I was aware of the life changing events for both of us chronicled in part 2. Part 3 won't be a new start for either of us Because we still have so many happy memories of the life that was, yet part 3 will be an mse pleasure- filled adventure for both of us, albeit tinged with the life that is no longer to be
    And so for today
    1) 9am meeting on city campus. My friend makes the loveliest coffee
    2) 2 hour meeting and we finished 15 mins early. Very productive and good fun
    3) happened upon stood up colleague in library cafe so I drank my mse flask with him and chewed the fat
    4) lunch with the girls. Not very mse as I paid but wasn't too bad and it was lovely
    5) mr piano picked me up from the library 7:30 then cooked me steak and veg and we listened to recordings of rachmaninov Prokofiev and bach
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    Mhags hugs to you

    1. Better day yesterday.

    2. Went for a walk to post letters and walked back and picked blackberries. Managed to pick quite a few without having to stretch.

    3. Spoke to a neighbour who i hadn't spoken to in a while. He had recently received some bad news but seemed to be doing ok.

    4. Made blackberry and apple crumble for tea.

    5. The rain meant the garden didn't need watering. Thankful for this as I can only carry a watering can which is about 1/4 full at the moment.
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    Mhags and Dundee Doll I hope your plans all go well even though you haven't chosen it this way.
    BOP, your pastry difficulties are maybe the temperature was too warm. Freeze and grate your butter/lard, move your beer along and chill the water.

    5 for Friday.
    1. It's Friday!
    2. Ran out of oatcakes for my morning coffee, double chocolate cookies good substitute.
    3. Had a clear out last night. Got some nice stuff for the PDSA shop tomorrow.
    4. Good laugh with sister in Canada through e-mail. We have the same sense of humour which is not really acceptable in very politically correct Canada.
    5. Garden still looking good as have worked hard in it this Summer.
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    Thinking of Mhags x
    Like you say Frith, how rude! Sorry but I did lol at the hens not eating the chilli either :)

    Some recent pleasures,

    My lavender bush in full flower and smelling gorgeous as you walk by, torn between leaving as it is or picking for drying....

    A bee hawk-moth on the buddleia, never seen one in our garden before and was fascinated by its hovering and eating technique.

    Breakfast out with Capt S, I had the veggie special consisting of scrambled eggs, mushies, toms, roasted beetroot and toast, to quote BOP, rubs tum.

    Long chat with friend, she faces a nasty old op in August, second time in four years :(

    Restorative evening walk with the dogs, weather wise best part of the day.

    Sneaky extra for today, tax rebate indicated, if only the govt website not down for "essential " maintenance, sigh...
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    Ju E Et. Probably the wobbleade factor then!

    Frith. I often think after reading someone’s cv, I really should ring you up and tell you who you’re not going to be interviewed, then I have a cup of tea and use the paper to wipe around! I’m rejecting four out of five! This week, someone sent in wanting to be a stoker inn the boiler room. He left university with a MSc in Stoking fires! Currently working at McD’s. Impressive courses he did at college. He graduated in 2007. Sorry, but if you could not get a job being a stoker these last ten or so years, forget it.
    5 With that and my beach ready body again being shown off this morning to BoPsie, she has thoroughly checked my attire after yesterday’s dress failure. Now I will be brief, they are on correctly this morning, so there will be no drama at the facility on the wall that saves at least 100,000 litres of potable water a year. Baring spills, I’m ready!

    4 T Eight years ago man had an adventure that was totally out of this world. An item at the time was to become a world leader for my millwright. I have to say, that item is now even more impressive and I glad I still work on its latest derivative!

    3 Off to the w8rs to get some wobbleade inn for the weekend. May get some bits to have black bean and egg fried rice later! More soon.

    2 Nite, after the homemade splash chninese done quicker than the cheese on toast delivery service could muster, I will watch a programme from the BBC. For £3.92 an episode, please don’t pay the regressive TV Tax.

    Now available in Briefs!
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    Hurrah for Friday. Was frozen at work. Rather surprised at one woman's reaction to me telling her that the paper is going up by 10c on Monday...rather extreme!

    Home & had to tidy ( which would have needed doing anyway but with less time pressure!) as the valuer / estate agents were coming...could just about see the dollar signs ticking over in his eyes. Big, old rambling house on huge corner plot.

    Baked; lemon cupcakes, tiny choccy/orange cupcakes , about a million gingerbread men. Empire biscuits. Neighbour handed in some rocky road. Looks delicious.

    Eyebrows waxed & salon owner gave me $50 donation which made me cry.

    Neighbour came in with her 15 month old girl & Haggis' friend Dusty. They had a lovely time. Baby H loves Haggis and she loved the lights on the tree & nabbed a shiny bauble.

    Night :)
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