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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

edited 18 July 2017 at 11:40AM in Old style MoneySaving
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  • Skint_yet_AgainSkint_yet_Again Forumite
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    Thanks for stepping in and starting us off again DD :T
    Pleasures today

    1. work over quickly
    2. got some salad potatoes, a sweetheart cabbage and carrots cheap in morrisons
    3. made potato salad and coleslaw adding an onion and mayo from stores
    4. warm sunny afternoon got 2 loads of washing done
    5 tried to buy a tall safety gate from argos for puppy but showed out of stock for miles around. Spent some time looking for another similar (cheap/good reviews) without success then checked argos again and 1 came back in stock yay! Quickly reserved it for collection tomorrow with £10 voucher will only be £6.99. I think someone must have reserved the last one for collection by 6pm today and not picked it up/paid so when their computers updated after 6pm it became available :j lucky me !
    0% credit card £1360 & 0% Car Loan £7500 ~ paid in full JAN 2020 = NOW DEBT FREE House sale costs EPC £55 Solicitor insurance £90. Solicitor fees £1290 OCT 2022 = NOW MORTGAGE FREE 🤗 House purchase costs = house 1 fell through serious illness of seller. Solicitor Insurance £90 Searches £300. House 2 offer fell through structural problems / damp on survey. Solicitor insurance £90 Searches £300. Survey £375. House 3 offer Oct 22 survey £540. Solicitor insurance £90. Mining survey £60 Searches £300. Damp report £150. Builders report/ quote £100. chaps transfer £23. Solicitor fee £2000.15. FEB 2023 = NOW COMPLETED 🥳🍾Debt free & mortgage free & no longer working, now living off the equity
  • Sj62Sj62 Forumite
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    First time posting under a new username. I've missed this thread! Hope it's ok to post again after a long absence?

    1. Sunshine with no interruptions
    2. Remembering to take a packed lunch to work, saving £4
    3. Getting two loads of washing line dried
    4. Getting some outdoor work done (even if it was very slow)
    5. Getting through a difficult day at work intact
  • bagpuss38bagpuss38 Forumite
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    Thanks for new thread Dundee doll l. Have subscribed and wil continue to enjoy all your lovey pleasures xxx
    SIMPLY BE-££577.11:eek:
    Very BNPL - £353.00:o
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Welcome SJ62, of course it's ok to join. Do we have to guess who you were before? It is it a secret? :p

    Pleasures for yesterday

    1 DD had a lovely birthday. We gave her a surprise present of a trip to Disneyland Paris, to be taken in the autumn probably.
    2. After initial baking disaster (the top part of one of my Victoria sponges fell away from the bottom and is now in the freezer as trifle sponge), I baked another and so she had a triple layered cake decorated in chocolate ganache, cadburys chocolate fingers and maltesers. Sickly sweet so it should last a long time :rotfl:
    3. Went out for lunch with Ds and DD
    4 three loads of washing line dried
    5. Out for dinner with OH and DD. yummy food. I had smoked salmon followed by lamb

    Off to lahndon today. Trying to get back into work after a LONG time off
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • house_elfhouse_elf Forumite
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    Good morning,

    Well, this 'food poisoning' thing has knocked me for 6:( Glad I am not going to work today.

    1. Didn't do much.
    2. Stayed in bed til lunchtime.
    3. Decided I would still meet DF and her DD to go to see a film. Met at Costco for cheap meal, as DF had never been to There. Baked potato was good after no food all day.
    4. Film was a free preview of The Big Sick. Nice gentle film. (Did have to tell off the lads next to me for teachy voice did the trick!)
    5. It was still light when We came out of the cinema. I was home for 9:00 and we watched The Royal Family on Catch up.

    Have a lovely day. :)
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    VJsmum wrote: »
    Welcome SJ62, of course it's ok to join. Do we have to guess who you were before? It is it a secret? :p
    my thoughts exactly!
    Get better soon house elf
    Good news on the canvassing frith
    For yesterday
    1) another glorious sunny day
    2) another lunch sitting next to the labyrinth
    3) corn on the cob for tea. Forgotten how much i like corn on the cob
    4) lovely walk with dd2, mrpiano and the 3 dogs
    5) another episode of heartbeat - oh the simple pleasures
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Thank you for the new thread DD
    SYA we still have the baby gate up and our dogs are 12 and 5, they are invaluable :)

    Some pleasures for last couple of days,

    Some dear friends, who have been together for years, announced they had recently got married, lovely.

    Re-reading the Shell Seekers after too many years to think about.

    Sorry but Ed Sheehan, GOT, seriously!

    Uni Challenge back on tv.

    Last Pilates class for a few weeks as instructor on summer hols, we have homework :)

    Afternoon nap on sofa and waking up feeling much better.

    Good job as woken by lightning early hours and stood by window to watch the show.
  • ampersandampersand Forumite
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    At whatever time it is from here, some part coasty in PK land. It's NT coastal path too. VG. Sea beyond and SSSI adjacent.

    1. What big lightning! All sorts, too. Woke & around 3bells, but who minds Nature's theatre, a 240°spectacle out over the sea, with light ship central? No rain though.

    2. Part-way through perfectly adequate brekkie as we speak. Orange, done. Apple, done. Final pain au choc. français, done. Croissant, will be same soon. Thermos doing what thermoses do - for &, black green tea. All is well enough. We need very little.

    3. Watching some tiny cocoa+black+gold spot butterflies dancing in spurges, willow herb and other plants n/k to &. Some thrush variants, too, hence the SSSI sans doute. Hmm, sky's clouding over, but there is always plenty to see and do.

    4. Seems &'s post was Last Post on previous thread. Plays lit. and fig. thus:-)

    5. Wearing new2me linen+floaty truc français+ new ditto swim things. All très propres. So, croissant as per 2., then more Sea.
    Welcome back, returning SJ62:-)

    Vjm - salmon, then lamb? Oui merci. Perfect.

    Frith - usual ridiculous for your sis, just as kk experienced. It'll be a lovely Light the Blue Touch Paper for bop.
    Tour of shed and tools v. special. That son must hit a Spookymen gig soon. :-)
    Have watched overweight young woman make 5th trip over stones, donkey-laden with excessive paraphernalia inc. wok, 2 loungers, bag of charcoal, 2 chillbins, large carrier bags of wkw, much sundry hard plastic. She looks enforced, plodding. "Enjoy your beach day", & won't say. "This is a triple-SI", & also won't say.
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    'People don't want much. They want: "Someone to love, somewhere to live, somewhere to work and something to hope for."
    Norman Kirk, NZLP- Prime Minister, 1972
    'It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere' François-Marie AROUET

  • juliettetjuliettet Forumite
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    My 5 on a shiny new thread,
    1. Niece picking up her kitten that i was looking after. I renamed her Darth Kitty. What a handful! I have only really had older rescued cats so this was an eyeopener. Impossible to believe that something so tiny can disrupt a whole house.
    2. A sneaky G&T in the garden last night. Beautiful (quiet) evening.
    3. Audit went really well at work. I put a lot of hours into it so was really happy.
    4. Arranging tea out tomorrow to celebrate friends birthday.
    5. Discovering the Blacklist on TV.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    DD Teamwork!

    5 Just what you need. millwright’s customer has just built themselves a palatial gin palace on the back of their slaves work. Where desks are not locked down by a single user, but available to all. Chairs are optional in some areas, but eating is only allowed in the rest area! Guess it is a free for all and first come first served! Be interesting on next visit up norff! Mind you with conferencing with video, I think …Then I think it will be a rush to the gates, the doors will be swung open! Had problem getting cloth to them using the internet things, as the file kept being corrupted by IT! Again, they seem to have updated one bit without the other! Fortunately in the boiler room we have ways of defeating IT!

    4 Last night again BoP was showing his beach ready body at the gym! And we are talking trim, and well groomed. Excepting the fur. Which has not gone rusty, but just curled up. No I is not talking about my lip!

    3 At the moment BoP is having serious kitchen issues with his hand rubbed short pastry! Last two pies has bin like patchwork quilts! I’m certain, as BoP as you are well aware is too good for getting things wrong, I have the recipe correct. 8oz of plain flour and 4 oz of proper fats, not glycerine that is used in emulsions! Now BoP’s fat as you know is proper stuff and not emulsions, so 1 oz of lard and three of unsalted butter! Mixed and rubbed by hand and then a tad of water. Now it falls apart when laying the crust! Tips please and you will be credited in the usual ways! Mind yous lot, the crust is always crispy, as it never will see a nuclear oven! So instead we had pork pie salad! Tum was rubbed! Oh and remember the only walls emulsions should be on are in your house, not your arteries!

    2 Last night watched the cricket. I love to see balls whacked, but I have again missed some tennis event! Mind you, just seen that some galactical programme is being flouted on Buck of Face. Yers, I missed the earlier series as well. Guess I don’t miss the sheets as I lay sleeping not worrying that I missed out!
    Curious like a cat, and to think you actually read this!

    BoPsie is currently in dire need of wobbleade chits as she is starving while we go skint paying for our next holiday inn the Apple of Big. Today she has found the club to visit on my birthday. BB Kings! Get inn. Please consider BoPsie and her starving when you eat tonight and send her a wobbleade chit!
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