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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • emmwriemmwri Forumite
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    Wow houseelf that is late to break up, but at least you'll still be enjoying summer when everyone else has gone back!

    Yesterday was our last full day of holiday:
    1. Doing the washing up at the static caravan window, looking out at the Cornish countryside with the sun warming my face.
    2. Going to a magical Sunday service at the little chapel on st michaels mount.
    3. Having a picnic on st michaels mount.
    4. Talking to one of the mount residents about life on the island.
    5. Sitting in the car at dusk watching the sea around st ives with someone playing guitar out the back of their car next to us.
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    ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Back from various bits of away.
    Lot now needs dealing with pronto.
    Wondering strongly about both birds with broken wings met on travels. It is real concern, more now for young Canadian fella. Left no. in extremis, along with food, note etc.....yes, I know, no more &, no more, but...

    Osps of recent times, no particular order:

    1. Wearing brand-new, new2& Lands End red paisley nightie. Cold here, last 2 nights.

    2. Just enjoyed isihac with late brekkie in bed, from whence come these osps too. Doesn't matter :-)

    3. For some reason, lots of peeps - & included - didn't know about big church fundraiser bbq after double christening. Church full, which is always vg. Ended up taking someone and we were outside under marquee roof as the thunder and rain rolled in, fairly frequently. All good though. &'s passenger won raffle:-), mateus ros!, apparently back in fashion and meandering drive back (which & knows person likes) was bees' knees. Big horizons, big weather, person's old-time local knowledge all made for good extra hour+. The white geese vacated the old road when they were ready, stream and track mixing with ford overflow. On way back, & looked, pulled over and picked up......a new-laid egg! sitting out proud on grassy bank mound. In fridge now.

    4. Enzed friends are trialling nights in van outside & squat and fine-tuning next stages of their 5year travel plan. J has been more than accepted by Oxford Aunts. Assignment could begin as soon as tmrw, otherwise Thursday. So glad it is working for them AND that they are making good acquaintances all around &squat, among & neighbours..

    5. Have to unpack Meriva with Spits in mind. Met Patron early at rainy Trumpy b4 church for catch-up. He is being mucked about badly by redevelopment, but & knows where she'll be - just opposite usual spot. Can try and stock-sort accordingly, best laid plans' usual fate notwithstanding.
    Good Mondays to all, rain butts overflowing.
    Welcome emmwri :-). That's a very disciplined posting rate))), most unlike my verbal diarrhoea. This is a good Thread. Hope you stay.
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Some recent pleasures,

    DP's headstone now back in situ with Mum's details added, so few words for such a huge life...took over a Busy Lizzie as she always was...

    Finished my latest read, The Riviera Express, thoroughly enjoyed and next episode due out later this year.

    Rain, a lot of rain but garden is looking lush especially clover covered lawn.

    Picked big dish of cherry plums, there is a number of fruit trees left over from when they were part of the big house's kitchen garden, no-one else bothers with this free food but I'm thinking compote or jam.

    English Lionesses winning the World Cup.
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    For Monday
    Chat with my wise friend from home
    Work. Such a busy shift it fairly zoomed past.
    Nice chat with friend from Sydney.
    Poldark...though kept snoozing so took about 3 attempts.
    Nice dog walk and just happened to met DD1 who was on her way home from uni. Haggis was very pleased to see her.
    Lovely lasagne for tea, wth roast potatoes , roast parsnips , sprouts and peas and carrots. Stuffed.
    Final episode of Masterchef tonight.

    Have a good week
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for yesterday (Sunday)

    1) A lie in.

    2) Lots of baking for sister's birthday party. Made a courgette quiche and a raspberry and almond cake.

    3) Also made a few jam tarts with the left over pastry that we ate over the course of the afternoon.

    4) Hens well and I cleared out their sleeping quarters.

    5) Did as much housework and washing as possible prior to the plasterers arriving (they're here now).

    6) Sister's birthday tea. Small niece very funny in her explanation of life (she's 2.5).

    7) A quiet evening back home as sons stayed behind with my brother and brother in law to start a new role playing game. Can't remember what this one is called but they have finished Pathfinder that they had played for a few years before.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Not again! I had such a story and yarn to tells you all yesterday and guess what. BoP was &’d! So you missed out, which is rather tortuous for you because did I go on and on and on about nought! But you all missed the following exciting events at the house of BoP!

    5 Now as BoP has been working all hours god has at the mill to keep BoPsie in the lifestyle she has and her boudoir! And I mean I get up early just for the pleasure as well! On SatDay, as I have been worked so hard last week, I had the usual fest, but with double rations! Snorkers, best back, grilled toms, toms, mushrooms hot buttered toast, topped with fresh six egg scrambled. It was well wolfed down with tea and fresh concentrate of orange and eau de faucet! Then on SunDay, we had home mega chilli! With proper mince, chopped carrots, peppers, mushrooms, beans (Not Broad!), sweet corn, and dog eared onions! Served with fancied saffron rice, not from your uncle! Well, saffron rice is expensive, so you use termites to get some body in to it! Then second serving of the rhubarb crumble so hand rubbed last week! Served with instant lumpy custard. Raffles was impressed with the custard! Tum was well rubbed this weekend!

    4 Tried to watch a Clooney film. Failed again, that guy is just not … Watched Ursula instead coming out of the water. Proper good stuff! Wobbleades were consumed as well. Yesterday watched the lasses play with some leather. They won, but I thought they were around ten runs short, but came off in the end.

    3 Now back at mill, see above. I have holiday to pay for and we are again talking apple of big. BoPsie is looking inn BB Kings pad, so it looks like funk everyone. I must remember to take my pastry brushes so I can have a little tinkle on the top hays and cymbals! More later!

    2 Night, as seen above that there was a mega chilli made yesterday, there’s enuff left for the freezer and some for tonight! This time served with plain rice. Long grain rice will be used, as you’ll find that the racket packet of basmati rice is actually mostly long grain anyway! Avoid and don’t let the emporiums rip you off otherwise! On emporiums, yesterday BoP seriously overspent keeping his BoPsie in the desire she likes! I bough a big bottle of Schweppes lemonade! Not only that, but a cake and ice cream lollies! If I had not been so caring for BoPsie, the weekly shop could have been less than £30! Instead it was an extortionate £35! But the cake was nice! You need these things occasionally! As said above, about holiday, and I has said here afore. BoPsie does not get luxuries like this everyday, so please whink of us and send some wobbleade chits via pay pal. You know it is worth it! With that, I am the dogs do da!

    It is as far as I know correct
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 Work is over for the day, it wasn’t brilliant as it is overflowing but then there’s lots to keep busy.
    2 Home, healthy food ahead of prawns as a starter, and haddock with mushy peas for tea.
    3 DH has been digging things out to clear and sell, he is currently drafting up adverts.
    4 I have my fingers crossed for a job application I put in today, I would really like the opportunity, here’s hoping.:)
    5 About to sit with a hot cuppa and nothing but the film for an hour.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Quick update for today as quite tired now.

    1) Not a bad sleep, though had to get up early...

    2)... for plasterers, who have plasterboarded the entire staircase wall (an outside wall) and filled in various holes and bits. They'll be back on Wednesday to do the nice coat.

    3) Hens well, 2 rats caught.

    4) Went to Ikea for lunch and to get a new bath mat and their 3 pairs of scissors for £1.

    5) Popped to see my friend who lives near Ikea, who I only see a few times a year now.

    6) My brother came over 7ish and we watched University Challenge and walked down to see the hens.

    7) Going to listen to Clue now.

    Got to try and make myself phone the dentist tomorrow as wisdom tooth fragment had its first twinge this evening. I feel faint just thinking about it - will she be on holiday? Will it snap off and have to be (shudder) dug out? Will I cry/shout/faint/drive off in terror? Who knows!
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    1) glorious sunny day. Pain that it rained all weekend, but at least the drying got done
    2) hm lunch of pasta and veg that needed using up. Add chilli, basil, a splash of white wine and tomato purree and one very nommy lunch
    3) colleague getting married. The Damon team had decorated her corner of the office with silver bunting and there was pink cake and pink lemonade with raspberries (a raspberry makes a good Afro for a lego character)
    4) speed walk to slimming club. Half stone shiny award
    5) then mum's for tea. Salmon, new potatoes and summer veg. Back home, mr piano had made pork burgers and salad so that's my lunch done for tomorrow.
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  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Morning from the early train - a visit to dad today, it's beeen a while.

    Pleasures for Sunday

    1. Finally got the house clean and tidy - but for how long? DD has pretty much moved back (though her stuff hasn't yet :eek:) and, much though I love her, she is a messy moo. Rules are going to have to be imposed.....
    2. OH did the shopping, bought yummy bread and bacon for lunchtime sarnies. i don't eat much bread, so when i do it needs to be decent
    3. OH did the garden (he's a goodun, I think i'll keep him :p)
    4. DD and i went to Stratford to see Seth Lakeman at the RSC. Seth Lakeman is a 'kind of' folk artist. Man he was good and the theatre - wow!
    5. We had dinner before hand at a Marco Pierre White place that was quite reasonably priced

    And for yesterday

    1. Got 3 loads of washing dried
    2. Lunch with bestie, it was good to catch up
    3. an evening alone - everyone else went to see the MiL and i got out of it :T:p
    4. Fish pie from the freezer for tea
    5. Had a bit of an argument with DD - she was trying to wriggle out of some work she'd agreed to do. Need to have a chat to her regarding being grown up and work and stuff. Anyway the pleasure is that it didn't last and I think she sees our point of view (for now)

    Have a great day all
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