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    Congratulations Mrs Hubbard.

    Spend day today. Big shop and a few small ones. Also had to get fuel.

    Lawn cut, gardening done, lunches for week cooked and dinner for tomorrow in the SC. Productive day.

    DH flight got cancelled so he won't be back till tomorrow.

    Also made some me time by reading every night again. The cat is still poorly but eating way better as we changed back to wet food so she doesnt bite on her tumour in her mouth. Had changed to dry food a few years back due to digestive/kidney problems but so far so good. Anything that makes her a bit more comfortable just now. She's very cuddly just now, not like her, but we enjoy it while we can.

    Hopefully now 5 SFDs in a row till my girly Friday night drinks. Another thing to take care of myself more. Make a monthly effort to socialise for a few hours with adults.

    Have a good weekend
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    Evening everyone,

    Had my 1st NSD of the month today, easily achieved as I didn’t leave the house.

    Payday was yesterday and I had £370 leftover over from Mays wages so I’ve paid £120 off my 2018 holiday balance and sent £250 to my savings as part of my buffer goal. Have also been on Qmee, Swagbucks and Prolific Academic and notched up a few pennies though I’m not planning to cash out on them until my balance is higher.

    Yesterday I purchased a dress for my return to work and the cash will come out of my most recent wage rather than the leftovers from May so my spends for the new clothes are at £18/£150 to date.

    Tomorrow will not be a NSD as I need to do my grocery shopping and I think I will take the little one to soft play as he is a grumpy child and keeping him indoors for more than a day does not bode well for my sanity :rotfl:

    Mrshubbard congratulations on the new arrival and glad he is home safe and well.
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    Congratulations MrsHubbard :T well done you :j and welcome baby Fluff (he will be the only one in his class!:rotfl:)
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    E/F £19,000 but I still need a new roof and an extension and the loft boarding out.
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    Good luck to all of you planning to return to work cuddlymarm, swimming and FBO (how did the run go?) and lauralozzle well done on the overtime and very sensible to keep to the 4 hours.

    x-raphael-x excellent weight loss and I hope the house move happens soon.

    Ice86 enjoy your holiday.

    Best wishes to indigo and all of you facing a tight month and eating from the cupboards.

    PlaysNicely you have coped well with a difficult situation and a great plan for getting back in control. So many employers see their staff as a disposable quantity these days - push them till they break and then discard them.

    Hugs to Fmess and anyone else who needs one.

    Calling we tend to neglect our poor feet and we rely on them so much.

    thrifty well done on a productive day and I hope the cat is as comfortable as possible.

    apple, Jo Blogs, x-raphael-x, abundant and others following the Uber Frugal Month, how is it going. I am finding it quite comforting atm, ticking off the things I already do/ steps I have taken (like never having had a car).

    I've written down why I am participating in the challenge and I'm going to set it down here to make me more accountable.

    I want to save money and spend as little as possible but when I am stressed, tired (TATT) or struggling with a craving, I cave. Similarly I know that walking everyday and eating healthily will aid weight loss and contribute to my long term health.

    I know I can do it. I have done it before.I even enjoy bowls of crunchy dip with a yoghurt and mint dip and love walking so why am I allowing my everyday actions to sabotage my long term goals?

    I want to be closer to the person I want to be (the one I feel is the 'real' me). It would be good if the person in the mirror reflected who I am in my head. When i make an effort I still look like a bag of badly tied spuds.

    Small steps strategy

    Did not get into this situation (money/ weight) overnight and will not solve it overnight - it's a long slow slog. Use the mantra 'Anything in life that is worth doing takes effort'.

    Need to 'love' myself first - so continue patting and stroking the excess pounds, thank them for keeping me warm and comfortable and telling them goodbye.

    Need to break the old habit of resorting to food when things go wrong. It is no longer 'fit for purpose'.

    I had some sweet potatoes and a cauli that needed using up, so sweet potato mash to go with the fish in the freezer and cauliflower cheese with wholewheat pasta for meals. Spare cheese sauce, grated cheese and cauli florets and stalk boxed and in the fridge.

    Cauliflower cheese is so simple, so quick and easy to make and so delicious.

    Today I am grateful that I saw a red admiral butterfly, that I didn't do the food audit yesterday (Beloved - DS£'s gf - has made a vat of soup which means several bags of frozen veg have disappeared), for cauliflower cheese, for the UFM and all the turtles.
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    Mothernerd - like you, I am 'chuffed' to be able to tick off things I already do from the Uber Frugal Month. Many thanks to nsk for starting me off, and to the nst challenges for getting me to this point! I like her post on luxurious frugality - or is it frugal luxuriousness? - as that is what I aspire to.

    My goal is to track everything we spend, to get a true idea of our food spends, plus dh's £ emporium habit and my ch shop habit.

    Yeserday was a spend day as we went to dd's sch fair. We spent a whopping 80p! 50p on an articulated p0cah0ntas and 30p on sweets. I had previously spent £1 on 4 Jillian Michaels dvds, so am now planning to do some of that this month, 50p on some pretty as-new bath bombs, 10p on a pretty, heavy metal fairy for dd and 20p on some earrings for big sis. A satisfactory list of spends.

    Yesterday's gratitudes: that dd loved dance, for family time together, for the Tour starting.
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    Hi guys
    Well my going back to work didn't work so to speak. It was with an agency at a local factory. It turned out to be much heavier and harder work. I'm not a lazy person but I'm just too old and unfit, I'm really annoyed at myself that I couldn't do it ( and admitting to myself that my body can't cope with anything I want it to do any more) I lasted a week and then said sorry enough.
    But it's not put me off working and I'm back to applying for other jobs.
    I still should be able to clear my credit card this month though.
    I have lots of food in and also £6.50 in T**co vouchers that I will use this month to get bits that Al*i doesn't stock.
    I hope everyone is ok.
    I'm aiming for a NSD today and a lovely walk along the prom later for my excercise so will report in later.
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    Good morning all :);)

    Congratulations Mrs Hubbard :p:cool:

    Great day yesterday! Glad to be able to tick off things I already do from the Uber Frugal Month. :D I've set a very tight budget for the month - No spending unless it's a real emergency. Looked through all my cupboards and freezer and there is more than enough food for the month, other than a bit of fresh veg, so really going to town on cutting my spending down. Although, last month I managed a load of NSDs too ;).

    I walked everywhere yesterday, so plenty of exercise :);).

    Today will be NSD No.2 and ED (exercise day) No.2 :D

    Wishing you all a super blessed NSDay! :);)
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    mothernerd wrote: »
    x-raphael-x and others following the Uber Frugal Month, how is it going. I am finding it quite comforting atm, ticking off the things I already do/ steps I have taken (like never having had a car).
    I was having a good day yesterday, breakfast brought to me in bed (as per usual), 5 mile run, healthy lunch, NSD, free bottle of Lucozade from a win.

    Then I thought I'd spend my last hour before work reporting into the thread. I got halfway throu typing up my post, and the computer crashed on me. I think the hard drive has died again. (I'm typing this on bf's laptop, which I find really awkward to use)
    The hard drive was only bought in January, so I am going to pop it back to the shop to see what they suggest. However my laptop is a good 5 years+ old, so I think it maybe time for a new one. Not exactly a frugal start to the month!
    I have plenty of savings so I won't need to flex the plastic, but it's frustrating because I don't want to use my saving :rotfl:
    Rather than getting another gaming laptop (mine cost just shy of £1000 as a refurb) I'm wondering if I should just get a cheaper normal laptop for the next couple of years, I have cut back on my pc gaming, although it is nice to have the extra power when I fancy logging on for a couple of hours.

    I could possibly survive without a laptop for a while, I get my emails on my phone, I can watch youtube on my phone or xbox (we don't have tv), I can borrow bfs laptop for NST updates and budget shuffling. I think I will go and see what pc shop says, then decide.

    So onto yesterdays and todays updates.
    YOU If you don't like it, change it. Weight & Fitness. I had a 5 mile run yesterday, and after visiting the pc shop, I will park nearby and go for a 7 mile run thru the woods. (Laptop safely stashed in the boot out of sight)

    FRUGAL The Frugalwoods are having another Uber Frugal Month Challenge I had a quick glance at the emails yesterday, but in the panic of my laptop dying I haven't read through them properly. I think I will sit down tonight and read them/do the homework.

    USE what you have. Nothing new bought yesterday or today. I did win a free bottle of lucozade which I cashed in and collected yesterday, and wasn't tempted with anything else in the shop.

    LOOK after you. I'm enjoying a nice lazy morning today, bf has gone to work. Pc shop doesn't open til 10, so there is no rush.

    UNLESS you have a specific reason you should avoid takeaways etc Avoided.

    YOU will aim for 16 NO Spend Days 2/20 Claiming yesterdays and todays. Even if pc shop says there is nothing they can do, and I decide I will buy another lappy, I will be doing some research first so won't be purchasing today. (I may look thou)

    JOY Find 3 things to be grateful for at the end of each day.
    1) Sunny, but not too hot for my run.
    2) Being able to face the broken laptop with humour rather than despair. Expecially as I have a lot of stuff backed up on a portable harddrive. (I've learnt from experiance!)
    3) A busy saturday pay-weekend in work (when everyone gets paid they all want to spend it on going out, busiest weekend for us taxi companies) but no screamy/sweary customers.
    1) Lazy morning cuddles with the pup.
    2) A 'spare' laptop to report in.
    3) Fajitas for tea (I've been craving them all week so really looking forward to them!)
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    mothernerd wrote: »
    Need to break the old habit of resorting to food when things go wrong. It is no longer 'fit for purpose'.
    Try to find a less destructive comfort blanket.
    Relax with a footbath and a fave film/book.
    Paint your nails.
    Put your favourite music on and have a sing & dance.

    Remember if we didn't have rain, we wouldn't get rainbows :)
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    Morning all!

    I would like to join please :) I am on holiday though 7-14th :j

    Thank you for your inspiring comments mothernerd. I also want to loose weight and get frustrated that it won't come off quickly but like you say, it took a while to put it on!:(

    My debt is pretty high again as I had a new kitchen and bathroom. I put it on my 0% credit card. Idea being my Airbnb money will pay it off. Unfortunately I keep dipping into it so not much progress made. :mad: I also overspent on my holiday budget as booked a holiday to USA in August and didn't realise how shocking the exchange rate is so everything is soooo expensive! :eek: So my main goal is to live within my salary and ensure ALL Airbnb or other extra money goes to debt. I should have all the money saved for USA by the end of July. I will keep Augusts money in my savings account until I get back in case I have underbudgeted but fingers crossed I can make a good payment with it when I get back! I also have a car loan from work which is about £2.5. Aiming to pay a minimum of £650 to debt per month from August which will give me a debt free date of Dec 18. I want to complete on remortgage by then so that's a perfect target :A

    NSD- will aim for 12 as that's 3/4 of the monthly target. Won't count spends or NSD while on holiday.

    I am aiming to not spend any money until Friday. Only exception is if I have to buy bread and milk for Airbnb guests as hardly have any bread and my milk won't last if they eat cereal but I will buy this as and when needed.

    Today I am going to empty my second freezer. I'm doing protein shakes ATM so not much batch booking in there so it should fit in the main one. Will give it a clean and leave it switched off until I start batch cooking again!

    Going to make pesto and cook pasta for lunches for the week.

    also need to investigate raspberries and strawberries to see if any are edible in the garden as I have neglected them :o

    Have a good day all :j
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