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    I'm going to aim for 15 NSDs.
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    please count me in for I have have drifted.

    I printed out the rules to read during lunch, done my numbers and paid my dues as it was pay day today. I also did a balance transfer to a 0% card (all our recent vet bills were on a normal card and I want to avoid paying interest while we're waiting for the insurance to pay out). I paid a fair bit to the debt and will be stricter this month as our debt is higher just now due to vet bills.
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    lcc86 I really liked your 'healthy days' target. I'm going to appropriate it if I may. It's far more meaningful to my 'health and wellbeing' than NSD's. (Its's normally failure in the first that leads to failure on the second)

    I'm still writing my July goals but will post them this evening ready to roll tomorrow.

    Feeling a bit more positive today - good counselling session, and I have job on the horizon.

    Less positive - our Dishwasher has died. OK we get 30% towards a new one with our repair cover, and it was 9years old. But its taken out a kitchen door where its leaked and the makers went out of business just after fitting the kitchen 9 years ago. Aggggghhhhhh.

    Off to search for a reasonably priced new dishwasher. Essential requirement for household harmony:D Particularly as DH's taped up finger means he can't do any washing up at the moment:mad:
    Goals - Weight loss 6/26lb at 22nd Jan 18
    Mmmm. 26lb at 1/7/18. Oops:o
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    Can you count me in please. I am aiming for 15 NSDs. I fell massive on the way side and found myself spending daily for food as I got used to eating and shopping for one. However, I am on extremely tight budget this month and wont be able to spend much until 21st when I am next paid.
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    Well, good start on the grocery front for the start of the month tomorrow. Rather then trapesing round the shops with the kids tomorrow or worse, tonight, I did a pick up order with [email protected] again (£51 should last the week). I did little tests in June and under certain circumstances it works out cheaper for me although [email protected] is usually more expensive then Ald!. It depends how good a list a made and how much meat/fresh fruit (the more expensive things) I need. Often I'm also tempted to buy more nice fruit and veg than we can eat in ALD! because of the low price (i know!!). I also went through my cupboards and was really strict (i.e. we have 5 bags of various shapes of pasta remains, do I need to buy a big bag of fusilli-NO). Now I just have to say no to DH when he thinks we "need" a top up shop. Also what got me last month was having to put stuff like the vet bills on the CC because the emergency fund was empty or doing surveys relentlessly to get about a tenner a month in vouchers but blowing 20, 30, 40 quid on stuff a week.

    As you said half a year to go, the glass is half full ;)

    All these "revelations" feel a bit like ground-hog-day but surely one day it must click and I will be able to stick to these things for a month/year....
    NST September
    NSD 6/20 NDD 7/22 spends £180/500
    Exercise 5/22
    CC Debt £1013 £700
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    Mothernerd – Can you add me to the list, please.

    I aimed for 12 NSDs last month and managed 16 ( a minor miracle). This month aiming for 14. We have friends visiting for a week and Cs birthday so this will involve eating/drinking out but the cost is coming from our holiday/entertainment fund. Even so there will probably be additional spends but really trying to keep those to a minimum and plan in advance where I can.

    The freezers have been defrosted and tidied so, as far as possible, I am using what is in there and in store cupboards. I’ve planned enough meals using what we already have for the next month for C and I (excluding Sunday lunch which I like to make for the three of us and my son doesn’t like a lot of the tings that we do). I really want to try to cut the food budget.

    Exercise is the difficult one. I really like walking but I keep getting sidetracked by other things.
    This and concentrating on loosing weight really is up to me so I have to make the effort. Willpower is what I need.

    I have lots of lovely things to pamper myself with (presents) and instead of watching mindless TV I’m going to catch up on reading the huge number of books that we have.

    I really need to get organized again. I’ve got out of the habit of making a proper to do list and sticking to it until everything is done. Starting one right now. First thing is cleaning the house, A proper clean of one room every day and then keeping on top of it.

    Few things to be getting on with then.

    Joyful July, everyone.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
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    I am in. Going to be lot more accountable next month, plan ahead.
    No more popping to shops at lunchtime.
    Exercise at the very least 10k a day and go back to the library.
    Will work on budgets tonight and find my diary to list everyday spends.
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    Everyone up to here should have a number. Please check in case I have missed anyone.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    lcc86 wrote: »
    It gets me every time too! And my name's Laura, perhaps it's a Laura thing!? :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    Perhaps!! I just can't seem to say no! If something is reduced and I like the look of it I'll buy it - my freezer is full of scones at the moment because I could not not put them in my shopping trolley because they were yellow stickered! Must try and eat from the cupboards this month!

    Plan for July

    I am wiping the slate clean. The last 6 months of this year are going to be busy and fantastic! I'm excited and I can't wait!

    Budgets are set - it'll be tight this month but hopefully July pay day will help massively (overtime will be in July pay) I'm going to have to adopt some form of frugality this month!

    Pay-day today and money is now sorted
    Came out with £1,239.
    - £850 straight in the joint account (bills/food shopping/dog bits - OH will add the same)
    - £200 in the wedding fund (OH will add the same)
    Leaves me with £200 left in my account (bit left over from previous pay!) £100 left after personal debts/fuel etc so £100 for my monthly 'spending money'. I'm going to cancel my contact lenses subscription tomorrow as I'm not using them that often anymore so £23 a month I'm wasting really. I also need to book my car in for its MOT tomorrow too.

    Food budget is £275 for the month - I don't know why I struggle with this so much because it's a healthy budget and should not make us feel deprived!!! I will challenge myself to plan and I MUST food prep this weekend.
    Entertainment budget - £50 (for anything we want to do together - I'm hoping this won't be touched but it's there just in case! I would usually include takeaway spends here too.)

    My NSD target will be 14 - 2 more than last month. Fingers crossed.

    I'm also going to aim for 14 healthy days where I stick to my diet plan!

    I'm also going to embrace the world of overtime this month, I want to make an extra £100 AT LEAST. I usually hate to do it and point blank refuse but I need to get out of this attitude. This weekend I'm working 4 hrs on Sat and 4 hrs on Sun. If overtime is available next weekend I'll only be allowed to do either Saturday or Sunday (must have 1 day off in every 14 days) and I'll do the Sunday as it's more pay. I am basically going to do it everytime it's offered where I can but stick to the four hours. I can get that done in the morning and still have the rest of the day to myself to do things. So a compromise with myself, I guess.
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    We are now half way through the year and how are we doing with our annual goals?
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]
    2017 aims:

    Lose weight
    18.6 lbs lost so far this year.
    I'm going to try and keep up with a 1.5lbs loss each week. Now I'm back exercising with a vengeance it all seems to be going the right way.
    Losing a total of 28 lbs to reach a 2 stone weightloss will be my stretch goal, but I think 9 lbs in a month may be a little ambitious. We shall see.
    [/FONT] [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Buy a house
    We are one step away. The seller needs to move out! Unfortunately it is now a waiting game.
    Julys Aims:
    JOY Find 3 things to be grateful for at the end of each day.
    ORGANISE Sort your budgets for the month before July 1st (if possible). Budget has been written up. I have 2 birthdays which will just be £10 each in a card (I've no idea what kids these days want!) and my MOT is due. I have £150 saved in my Car fund, but have earmarked £350 for various savings pots, which I will use if needed.

    YOU If you don't like it, change it. My weight loss and fitness is what I'm focusing on right now. I'm going to keep at it while I am still determined and motivated.

    FRUGAL The Frugalwoods are having another Uber Frugal Month Challenge I have signed up to the emails, and interested to see what will happen!

    USE what you have. Bf is in control of the food spends this month, however I am in control of the lists and menus. I want to try and use up some of our cupboard stores, so I will attempt healthy meals around bits we have. I have already decided on a stirfry to use up some egg noodles.

    LOOK after you. I am planning on having a spa day sometime this month. I have enough saved in my Treats pot, I just need to decide which treatment and when. Bf isn't into it and it's not my besties sort of thing so it will be a solo trip, and a chance to have a bit of me time.

    UNLESS you have a specific reason you should avoid takeaways etc Work lunch is always brought from home, and I'm trying to avoid takeaways right now. We might have a celebratory Nandos if/when we get into the house.

    YOU will aim for 16 NO Spend Days Going to aim again for 20 this month. I managed 16 last month, and 6 spend days were just grocerys. It's BFs turn to buy the grocerys this month, so it should be achievable.
    Debt Free as of 17/01/2009 Turtle Power!!
    NSD's - 16/31 / EF Challenger #3 £2000 / £5000
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