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    Evening everyone,

    Please count me in for this challenge. I’m nearing the end of my maternity leave and will be returning back to work the end of July on a part time basis. I’ll be taking a hit to my wages and although tax credits will make up some of the shortfall I’ll have higher outgoings due to childcare. Therefore this month I’m shifting my emphasis on paying off debt to putting some money to the side as a buffer in case I fall short when I need to adjust to the new income.

    I have my budget all set up for July, my main aims though are:
    • Have 12 NSDs
    • Buy new clothes etc for return to work – budget £150
    • Batch cook meals for the little one before my return to work (wish I had a bigger freezer here)
    • Take part in the £10 a day challenge – target is £155
    • Walk wherever I am going whenever possible
    • Start de-cluttering and organising my flat rather than just saying I’m going to do it!

    Look forward to reading everybody’s progress.
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    Right. Budget done. Every penny is squeaking. Savings squirrelled first - I need to build them back up after the pounding they've taken.

    I've reviewed my goals and re set things based on the last month. But I've also put in some dream goals. They aren't immediately achievable, or not even feasible in their current format, but if I aim for the stars I might at least get into the air!

    This month the focus is going to have to be selfish. On me. I need to get myself back into a routine and get my emotions under control. I had my first counselling session today and I feel a bit more in control of things.

    I'm going to set a target for 'Health Days' this month. Of 25. This is eating healthy and exercising. Usually, NSD's follow naturally.

    As I can't predict what is going to be happening when I start work, I have allowed a small discretionary budget for 'lunches/coffees/getting to know people type things'

    Better get meal planning!
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    Can you count me in please. I am aiming for 15 NSDs. I fell massive on the way side and found myself spending daily for food as I got used to eating and shopping for one. However, I am on extremely tight budget this month and wont be able to spend much until 21st when I am next paid.

    When I was single I used to cook for 2 (or 4, whatever the recipe was) and freeze the rest for an easy week later on.
    Me and bf will sometimes cook for 3, so we can have a portion for tea, and half a portion each for lunch the next day.
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    Can I join up please.
    Planning to update budgets tomorrow which I will now do with having a JoyfulJuly in mind.
    Will be back to post. Promise.
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    I'll have to put my sunglasses on to protect me from the shine coming off all those newly wiped slates.

    Welcome to the first day of the rest of 2017.

    Accept your past without regret
    Handle your present with confidence
    And face your future without fear

    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Plan for July

    walk, drink water, eat well, laugh a lot.

    Finance frugal month. Budget £100 for everything

    Family Look after mum and enjoy the time I spend with her. Write to thank cousins for their support. Sort out tools for DS1. find out about courses at M/c airport.

    Work/Career Applied for Carer's Allowance. Will give up WTC if successful.

    Friends/ Social life Keep existing committments. Look for other things mum could do.

    Spirituality Daily gratitudes. Fresh air. Sewing as meditation. Keep smiling.

    TODAY focus on food. Enjoy the weekend.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    mothernerd wrote: »
    Jo, do you want to be in this challenge for July or will the Frugal woods be enough to take on - would be good to have a few hardcore frugals commenting to help the rest of us along

    Yes please :D - thank you :);)

    Aiming for a minimum of:
    15 No spend days - Today is NSD No.1
    15 Exercise days - Today is ED No.1

    I'll just go along with the rest as I'm [STRIKE]very tight[/STRIKE] fairly frugal anyway :rotfl:.
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    I'll get my post in early as I'm off on holiday later today. Today won't be a NSD as I have to buy a train ticket to the airport. I'm also going to treat myself to some shellac for my nails for holiday - never done it before, probably never will again but its just something nice. Today will be a healthy day though as I'm off riding my share horse later on so that'll be a good workout.

    I won't have any NSD's on holiday and I don't plan on keeping track of healthy days, so will check in again next week on my return. Good luck everyone!

    ETA: the nail shop was shut so I didn't get my nails done, I'll take it as a sign! Lol
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    Happy 01st July!!!

    So - a fresh month - that always feels good. I have signed up to the Frugalwoods Monthly Challenge as a way to try and help bring my spending back under control. Alongside this post - I'm looking forward to testing myself.

    Today I am grateful for:
    1. My good health and the ability 'to do'
    2. For a roof over my head, and a car to get around in
    3. For full food cupboards and an opportunity to learn to cook different recipes this month
    This month my aim is to just get back on track. I will re-establish a routine of batch cooking, and exercising on my days off. I will start going out for more walks again, and reconnect with the world around me. I pledge to be less wasteful, and use up left-overs, and not buy anything more until I have run down my food supplies (essentials like milk, bread aside). I will also aim to plan my NSDs better. Any spare cash I have is going to be thrown at my 'Phase I Savings Challenge'.

    I'm off to do some cooking :T
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  • Happy 1st July everyone,
    Budget is set. Stocked cupboard and freezer which should last until next week. Like I said money is tight but that is a good thing in my case. New slate here to. I need to stop letting the personal stuff get in the way. I have planned spends this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday due to seeing my children but its already budgeted for from last months money.
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