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    Hi guys
    Well last day of the month, didn't that go by quickly.
    So time to report in and my month was a month of ups and downs.
    I totally lost track and gave up on how much I spent on my food shop. I didn't spend loads, just kept forgetting to keep note.
    However my excercise is going well with me getting at least 45 mins in most days, sometimes more which is helping with the weight loss and also the fuzzy headiness I have been getting with being in the middle of the menopause.
    My NSDs came to 12 out of my planned 16 ( but in my defence one was where I bought a waterproof jacket for half price which in turn will save on bus fares and give me no excuse for not walking when it's raining)
    On the whole my month was quite positive.
    I have offered my services to a local charity shop two mornings a week and have started helping out at my diet club too.
    Also my weight loss is back on track
    So overall not a bad month
    Anyway better get on
    Hope everyone is happy with their progress for this month and raring to get on with the next.
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    Things To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed

    Take a nap or shower

    Say NO

    Focus on NOW


    Stop multitasking

    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Thanks Mothernerd for July.

    Apologies I haven't been about as much as usual. Still having computer problems.

    Loved all your quotes. xx
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    I've made it! More positives than negatives to report which is a bonus! Today has been a NSD so I've hit 14/14 target! I'm really happy with that.

    I've conquered the grocery budget! We came within target this month! This is something I am very happy about because I've kept getting this wrong - well not this month. Bang on target. I think this is realistic for us if we still want some treats!

    My emergency fund has increased by £7.00. Not so impressive BUT th S has kept going down for the past few months so I'm happy we are going back in the right direction with this!

    Not so good is the diet. I'm exactly the same as I was at the beginning f the month. No loss, but no gain either. I will endeavour to try and get this right in August.

    Thank you all.
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    July has flown by!

    I hit 19 NSDs and 26 exercise sessions (more than ever before, thanks to shred,though I did slack off towards the end...)

    Today I am grateful for the sunshine, for dd playing out a lot, for hobnobs, for a day out tomorrow to look forward to, for ribbons for my penguins and owls, for my bigger owls coming together, for a sprightly walk up to aldee on my own, for the back looking much better after a mow and a weed, for dd on her spacehopper.
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  • x_raphael_xxx_raphael_xx Forumite
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    End of month Review.

    YOU If you don't like it, change it. Weight & Fitness. Weight has fluctuated over the course of the month, and I have ended up exactly where I was at the start of the month.

    FRUGAL The Frugalwoods are having another Uber Frugal Month Challenge I've enjoyed the daily emails. I've definately been a lot more mindful of my NSDs and spending money on only essentials.

    USE what you have. Meal plans were made with store cupboard ingredients in mind. Used up a little of our stock.

    LOOK after you.

    UNLESS you have a specific reason you should avoid takeaways etc One takeaway bought this month. We have far to many still.

    YOU will aim for 16 NO Spend Days 20/20 Made my target yesterday, today is a spend day so didn't manage any extras. Most monthly total I've had so far so pleased with this.

    JOY Find 3 things to be grateful for at the end of each day.
    1) Game of Thrones
    2) Banana bread
    3) Cups of tea :)
    Debt Free as of 17/01/2009 Turtle Power!!
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  • swimminginaseaofdebtswimminginaseaofdebt Forumite
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    Evening everyone :hello:

    A quick end of month progress report from me:

    Have 12 NSDs - Ending the month with a NSD bringing my total to 8.
    Batch cook meals for the little one before my return to work (wish I had a bigger freezer here) - Went back to work last Monday but cooked him some Butternut Squash Risotto and Soup on Sunday there. Will try and do a new dish or two every week rather than a big cooking session once or twice a month.
    Take part in the £10 a day challenge – target is £155 - Ended the month on £159.49.
    Walk wherever I am going whenever possible - Done quite bad on this, my clothes are definitely tighter!
    Start de-cluttering and organising my flat rather than just saying I’m going to do it! - It's still a tip, but my mums going to take me to Ikea so I can get some storage for the little ones toys. That's going to make a big difference as they're currently lying on the living room floor.

    Mothernerd thanks for running this months thread and see you all on the next one :)
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  • misstaramisstara Forumite
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    Another NSD today so 17 achieved this month :D
    Debt has reduced to under £1500 :D

    Thanks for July mothernerd, see you all on August's thread.
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    Just about achieved target of 16NSDs, below budget for groceries & spends and off to sign up for August.
    Thank you mothernerd for running the July leg of the journey.
    Groceries: Personal Spend: 0
    Goals for 2021:
    Self: Health: Wealth :
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