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    congratulations on winning the FA Cup, imagine L will be very noisy and celebratory tonight.   

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    T'was silent round by me, except for the bird nesting in the hedge next door again (do they not learn??) sitting on our  bedroom window sill giving the DANGER!! PREDATOR!!! call at 4 flippin' 15.  
    I did say to DH if it kept on much longer I was going to go outside and eat it myself.
    It started again at about 5.30 but not for as long ( fear not, I did not eat it).
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    That must have been a good book!
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    f0xh0les said:
    I think the only way to make an okra dish edible is to leave it out.   
    🤣🤣🤣 That is so true.
    Half and hour ago we had beautiful sunshine and rain, the rain has now stopped and the sky is grey cloud, very strange.
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