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    f0xh0les said:
     Did you see the Essex academic who had his entire life cloned? The guy even tried to copy his hand tattoos (presumably with permanent marker rather than actual tattoos) and pretended to be him at conferences etc, very bizarre! It was in the Guardian a few months ago.

    Yep, it was so strange! The tattoos were permanent though.
    Maybe not remind DH of that just at the moment, his imagination may go into overdrive,  although if you make notes you could turn it into a best seller.
    Remind him imitation is the highest form of flattery or something like that.  But don't mention stalking, and perhaps steer clear of the hypothetical ghb...😳
    I consider hoovering and pie making an achievement at least. 
    Weather here today is awful. I've battend down the hatches, hoovered,  polished, ironed and keep repainting a bit on the office ceiling that never seems to blend with the rest. Its a combo of the plaster and the light i think and if i don't get a grip soon that patch will have so many more coats than the rest of the celing I'll have a white emulsion stalagmite as a feature of interest to deal with. It all started when i decided to sand and repaint it last year after doing an online class and seeing how badly it had previously been decorated. I'm now obsessed and it doesn't help its where i sit 9-5.30 (and the rest) five days a week. 
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    Hugs, f0xh0les. That's tough to deal with x
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