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    How funny, DH engagement ring was from Ortak too. He no longer wears it (actually I have no idea where it is) since he's now got his wedding ring. We had that custom made based on the wedding ring I picked out, he had the same design but no stones as at the time he worked with food. Sorry, rambling....

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    f0xh0les said:
    1 out of 1 husband who expressed a preference said he would prefer ghb (no details, just hypothetically).
    In other news, he was sent a paper to review  this morning, by a journal to see if he would recommend it for publication, and it seemed very familiar, because it was an old paper he wrote, a bit paraphrased, but 100% stolen.  Some cheeky swine is trying to pass off DH's work as his own....In another country...  So he is absolutely livid.  Huge professional academic No - No.  He was not even cited as a source!
    That kind of set the tone for the day, before 10.30 he is a stressed out lunatic feeling violated. 
    Nothing has been achieved today. Not a sausage.  House hoovered, made a shepherds pie.  That is about it.
    I am sooooooooo aware of being in banking limbo until tomorrow, and that dh will not be up before I leave on the school run to find out  the mortgage balance, or how much I can overpay.  Going to do everything I can to get as close to £84,999.99 as I can.
    It is chucking it down, the heating is on +1 and 3 kids will be in the bath tub this evening. 
    I feel your bank holiday limbo pain! 

    The scores on the doors will see us down another 1k tomorrow.  Chanel 5 has been putting on 80's music / hits / vids, I will put it on later and have a little shimmy about in pre-celebration for your under 85k

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