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Official Vodafone Complaints/Query Thread

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  • Leon_WLeon_W Forumite
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    Here's an idea.

    Why don't you set up a dedicated complaint email address or web form on your own site ? It's not rocket science.

    All this covert "get a WRT code" , post it here and we'll get back to you whenever we like is laughable. Just even more stupid hoops to jump through.

    I'm sure other telcos don't have such a ridiculous way of going about it, which says everything you really need to know about Vodafone IMO.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes vodafone to get back to you?It said within 48 hours. Been about 5 days now.
  • I left Vodafone over a year because of their bad customer service. One year on they send be a bill for a trivial amount. I call VF customer service line to get it resolved explaining i'm not a VF customer for over a year. The friendly VF rep on the phone says, oh, I see what's happened and i'll get it sorted. I hang up feeling that it was easy.
    One month later, i get another bill from VF for the previous amount, plus a new amount. Obviously, it is not resolved.

    Rightly or wrongly, I decided to try Resolva as it's promoted on this site.

    The first submission went in, and, guess what, there has been no response from VF.
    Today, Resolva said I can escalate the complaint, which i've done.

    I've yet to see if that works.

    I just find it incredible that VF customer service is so poor. How can anyone get it so wrong!

    My main concern right now is that the outstanding amount will go against my credit rating. Really, why should I pay for something that i've not ordered, and VF rep could not explain. Surely, that is fraud! I can't send them an invoice, or perhaps I should.

    Vodafone, life's too short to deal with you, and it's just stupid sending bills to a non VF customer!

    Will I ever see the back of vodafone! I hope so.

    Hopefully, Resolva will resolve this with the minimum of fuss.

    I feel better now i've written this, but have wasted more time on VF than I should.
  • BosieBosie Forumite
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    Vodafone wrote: »
    Hi rambo83 & Bosie,

    We've received both of your emails and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



    Social Media Operations

    Vodafone UK

    Thank you Nathan any idea how long this will be?
  • Dear Vodafone team people. Have submitted the email response, the number is 14561644
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  • I have had a complaint against Vodafone going with Resolver for over 3 months. It even went up to their CEO.

    Of course it goes without saying that there has been zero response from any director or Chief Executive of that company.

    They are a total waste of space and a complete disgrace. A £4.6 million fine is not enough, needs to be £460 million which will concentrate their minds!
  • Hi all,

    This is my first time posting on a forum so I apologise if I'm not doing everything correctly.

    Today I received an email from CCS Collect claiming to be collecting £1335 on behalf of Vodafone that must be paid within 7 days or else further action will be taken. This is the first communication I've had from them, and the best part is, I am not a Vodafone customer.
    Upon receiving this I gathered somebody must have set up something in my name with them, and I panicked.
    I phoned Vodafone and they said there was an account in my name with all my details including DOB and my old address. I checked my bank statements and there are payments dating from late 2013 - early 2015 ranging from £13-£84. I was a student and working during this time so I didn't even notice the money which is the worst part. If I'd noticed first off I could have prevented this. So somebody has been living it up with a mobile phone contract in my name, which I have unknowingly been paying for until it was cancelled and now I'm being chased for an outstanding balance. Quite ridiculous.
    Vodafone have assured me their fraud team will investigate but I'm not sure how they can prove it was fraud as it's so old? The police don't want to know and my bank haven't been much help either because the payments are so old.
    Please help I feel like I'm stuck and over time have become over £900 out of pocket thanks to whoever did this!
  • An update... just because it is so bad...

    Last thursday i must have spent about 3 hours on phone with VF.. being passed on to so many people as telling the same story..finally i got to the Resolution Centre. Ash, apologised profusely (like they all do.. empty). And then told me the phone will be despatched in 3 or 4 working days.. Yesterday i had a meeting near the branch where the phone should be sent so i checked..the sale assistant could not find anything, phoned the centre to be told that the phone could be another 2 weeks AS DUE TO RECENT SAMSUNG PROBLEMS THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEND SEVERAL SAMSUNG HANDSETS TOGETHER,..WTH!!!

    I was rather annoyed and when i got home called again 191.. I stayed again 75 min on a call and finally after many harsh words, a handset is apparently on its way... but the worst was that i was told by Alfy at the end of the call this was A GOOD WILL GESTURE AND I SHOULD BE HAPPY ABOUT IT AND NOT EXPECT COMPENSATIONS..

    this has been going on for 10 weeks now...and i have been lied to so many times, waste so much time, paid for a phone i didn't have...Appalling customer service and now i should be almost grateful to have a resolution...DO NOT JOIN VODAFONE!:mad::mad:
    Froggy27 wrote: »
    Today the Customer team have surpassed themselves in bad service!

    Bottom line I am still without a replacement phone (because mine cannot be repaired), promised on 18 October and VF customer team, cannot handle anything as every time i call .. i get a different story.. but not result, no solution just a lot of empty apologies.
    But of course i have received my bills (for a phone I do not have) for the last 2 months..

    the most appalling service to date! basically today (and the last few weeks) is total proof of what has been in the press...:(
  • hossyhossy Forumite
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    Richmer, I agree with you. Since 25th October I have emailed the CEO’s office five times. Complaint handling at Vodafone is extremely poor, even at CEO level. Have you written to the current CEO (Nick Jeffery) who was appointed in Sept 2016 ? If you need his email address let me know. I have had no service for almost one month and still waiting for it to be restored. Apparently they have been having “technical issues” in sorting out my SIM card for A MONTH.
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    addedvaluebobaddedvaluebob Forumite
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    Utterly, utterly useless Vodafone service again.

    Got home to find a letter asking me to call as they just needed a piece of information to resolve my complaint. Unfortunately I believed the letter. Held on for 35 minutes for the phone to be answered 6 minutes for the person at the other end to read the notes and six minutes discussing the fact that the case was now in deadlock.

    To complete the story, I was told the letter was sent on the 20th of October, so I assume it was posted in a small post box in a sparsely served Lapland community where the post is collected once a week by a reindeer sled before being driven for 7 days to the nearest postal depot. The letter wasn't dated but the call centre member assured me it had a date on it.

    I was also told that as we had reached 'deadlock', or as Vodafone like to think of it, (we really can't be bothered and assume if we inconvenience you even further most people will give up) there was nothing he could do. The deadlock letter will be here in 7-10 working days which again is 'misinformation' or as most people describe 'lying' because the guy I spoke to 3 days ago said 3-5 days.

    All the calls are recorded for training purposes, so I suggest to Vodafone that they listen to all their call centre staff to identify and cut down on the 'misinformation' (lying).

    Now waiting for the deadlock letter so I can move it on to the Ombudsman and through the civil courts if required.

    Really not optimistic that any intervention via MSE will make a difference but as always the optimist maybe they will prove me wrong
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