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Official Vodafone Complaints/Query Thread

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  • Hi,

    EMail sent to Vodafone but I have not had no response back or anything. Any update that my query has been picked up will be appreciated.


  • Hello Vodafone Rep,

    I found this thread via google. I ended my vodafone contract back in May/June. Vodafone hasn't updated all of the Credit Reference Agencies. Experian, Equifax and Call Credit, it is still open on all of them.
    Can this be looked into please? I have followed the advice and got a ticket number which is #14487043
  • VodafoneVodafone Organisation Representatives - Private Messages may not be monitored
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    Hi introlux & Whistler23,

    We've checked your reference numbers and we've received both of your emails. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to help with your issues.



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    Official Company Representative
    I am the official company representative of Vodafone. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
  • Another update... Still bad and slow customer service from VF..
    My phone has now gone for repair for 8 weeks.. I only got contacted after posting complaints but still not resolved...
    I found out that I got phone calls but nothing goes on notes so every time it goes back to square one...THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TEAMS IS SHOCKING..
    I got a voice message telling me I would receive a new handset, - of similar standard as the cheap one they had sent me temporary keeps crashing and is shockingly slow - I confirm by email as I was abroad..phoned when I got back...nobody knew about this offer, I got put on hold 3 times..repeated the same story 3 times to be told that the woman, Sarah who called me was on holiday so I had to wait for her return...! Unbelievable...Vodafone must be really struggling if they can't even have a team dealing with ongoing so sick of this..
    Do not join Vodafone....and I say that after 20 years with them.. Terrible customer service...:(
  • I'm doing at advised on this thread. I have been nearly 12 months sorting this complaint out - so hoping this method will be the one: Here is my reference number #14511801 - have you got it? Thanks.
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  • Utterly useless and incompetent customer service. Complained weeks ago have not had it acknowledged in line with Vodafone guidelines or a resolution as promised. I have been lied to repeatedly (14 times last count) told things are resolved about issues that do not relate to my account have just spent 35 minutes on hold to be told they are sorry for any delay before they cut me off, no live chat contact and a basic dismissal of any standard of customer service.

    As soon as my complaint is resolved, either by Vodafone, the Ombudsman or Civil Courts I will be leaving after 18 years as a customer. Truly dreadful.

    Come to think of it I may just cut out the Ombudsman bit and sue for my money back plus time for inconvenience
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    This clown outfit has just been fined for being rubbish to their customers. How anyone is with them I can't understand.
  • mobilejunkiemobilejunkie Forumite
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    Well, I would be if there were good enough cashback deals. Unfortunately, there aren't.
  • I have had issues for over 11 months with my billing with vodafone. every time i call or use chat they say its fixed and i wont have to call up. but then again i have to do the same the following month.

    I have 3 numbers on my account now and the billing has been wrong every month. The bill does not represent the money they take out its a joke. One agent said the amount they seeing is correct on their side but online its totally different.i have just had enough. I have saved all my chats so hopefully that will help.

    I just want to leave with my three numbers now and not have to pay any compensation as they haven't been able to sort the issue out. I am only on a sim only deal with all of them and when i renewed and got a great deal they said that ll my billing would be sorted.

    I should be able to leave due to the fact vodafone cant sort my billing out and causing grief every month.

    I have just logged the request and this is my ref i hope those on this forum can sort something.

    WRT135 [#14528384]

    Hope to hear back soon
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