3-6 Month Emergency Fund Challenge!!



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    Hey Mothernerd ..... Of course you can Join, your number is in the first post!! Don't worry, it will take me YEARS to save up my Emergency Fund....and it might take a few weeks to even begin....This Move is proving more expensive than I thought....but as long as we have something to aim for that's the main thing!! :D
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    Hello Dreamer Helen, good luck in the new flat hope you get sorted and settled in.

    I'm like mothernerd, decided what I want but still assessing best way of getting there. I've renamed a savings account for the £10 a day challenge ready for November, got another account in another bank for my EF and have got my mileage claims for September and up to date for October so far. I'm doing an extra shift at work today so that should boost November pay.

    I still think with Xmas and New Year coming I'll not make much headway until January pay, although I might if I'm lucky/ careful be able to make a start from Decembers pay.

    I'm going to make a start selling stuff on Monday, my hoarding stuff may prove a good asset, I'll have be ruthless with myself!

    Roughly priorities are- Get the Xmas stuff done October and November pay, get EF saved, then split some money to this challenge and rest to overpay cc's, then loans, then mortgage!
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  • Morning all

    Hope the move is going well DreamerHelen!

    I intend to sign up for the make £10 a day in November and I've been through the initial post and made sure I am signed up to everything I can, having trouble with Pinecone Research though as my browser crashed and it says I've already signed up when I didn't complete the process, think it may be linked to IP address so will try from work on my lunch break tomorrow.

    Anything I make from the challenge will go straight to the 3-6 month pot though so we will see what we get from it. I will struggle to get any eBay sales done due to a holiday mid-month and then when I come back there's not much time before we hit December.

    Good luck everyone, this is a looooong road but we will get there in the end:T
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  • Hi Helen

    I'd like to join if I may please? I thought when I paid off my debts I would be able to save that debt money every month. Life conspired against me though, and since then I have been paying for everything as OH had been made redundant and his savings ran out just as I paid my debts off. I'm ok with that but it means I still don't have my EF in place, so if anything happened to me we are in trouble. I have pots for the cars, Christmas, holidays etc but really want that EF.

    So, when I read this challenge yesterday I set up a new online account and put £50 into it, a small start but a start all the same. I wasn't sure if I could join the challenge as I have joined a few before but they needed a commitment of £ X per month and if I missed that the failure was hard to take! Also spreadsheets seemed to work against me every time, I couldn't seem to access them. This one seems a lot simpler, thanks to
    Helen for doing the updates.

    I hope to add more to my wee account every month and my target is £4000. Might take a while, but I have to start somewhere. I'm looking forward to it.

    I hope everyone does well and Hi to Stewby, I remember you from NSK days and still follow the turtles every month from the sidelines. You have done brilliantly Stewby, your progress in handling your own affairs is amazing. SL
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  • Hi everyone :D
    I was wondering if I could sign up here please? Having wiped out my £1000 emergency fund in a month when everything went wrong at once I decided to focus on throwing everything spare at my debts and leaving the savings for now. I am due to be debt free in December and want to get straight on with building myself some savings. My dh has health issues so I never know where I am from one moment to the next with him - savings are about to become very important to me. My first aim needs to be £6338...
  • Dobbibill
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    Hello and welcome aboard to all our new members :hello:

    I'm sure Helen will be along soon to give you a number.

    SL there is no set amount to do in this thread, it's all about an ongoing goal for security in the future. Some will get there in a few months, others in years but the main thing is that everyone will be welcomed and supported. You put in what you can, if you can't then that's fine, there's always another month.

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    Hi Helen! :D

    All the very best to you and everyone here, I wish you all the very best possible.

    Budget well...I mean reeaaalllllly well, and if you don't NEED it then DON'T buy it!

    Part of budgeting will be to help lose weight as well. Work out a sensible healthy eating plan and do your level best to stick to it - it's for your own good - and you'll save more!

    Save every penny possible, you'll be so pleased you did!

    Have you bought a Terramundi yet, Helen? If not then use something a lot, lot cheaper to use and SAVE the money the Terramundi would have cost and....you're away saving already!!!!! :j
    You CAN do this, Helen, I know you can...and so do you!! I'm behind you all the way. :kisses3: Bon voyage all.

    Love, Sue
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  • Hi Helen,

    Please can I join this challenge? I was going to wait but you've inspired me to start now as snail pace is allowed ;)

    I'll use the same account as my £1,000 EF fund and use a small notebook to keep the amounts separate. My goal is £5,400 separate from the £1,000 emergency fund. Will take me years but what the hell!! We all have to start somewhere right?

    SP x
  • DreamerHelen
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    Morning All....I'm so sorry that it's taken a little while for me to Update....I've been moving into my New Flat all Weekend and that has taken up most of my time.....I'm in and sort-of settled...still lots of unpacking to do....

    crv1963 .... thanks for the Update....don't worry if you can't make any headway until January....just put something in if you can before then...if you can't then that's absolutely fine....this Challenge is for everyone in their own time whether it takes 6 months or 6 years... :)

    LittleMissDetermined ..... Ooooooh where are you going on Holiday? Somewhere nice and warm I hope as I sit here a little cold this morning!! :D

    stoplurking .... welcome, welcome, welcome - You'll find your Number in Post 1 along with your Goal and what you've put in so far....As I said above, please don't worry if it takes a long time, it will for me too....But we can all encourage each other... :)

    crazy_cat_lady .... a very warm welcome to you too....I'm so sorry to hear that your DH isn't well....I hope he makes a full recovery soon. I've put your Number in Post 1 along with your Goal... :)

    Dobbibill ..... thank you for the support in my absence hun, I really appreciate that and appreciate you letting people know that I'll be along soon....I hope you are well this fine morning.... ;)

    Sue-UU .... what a lovely pleasure to have you on this Thread and thank you for your Support hun, I really appreciate that!! With regards to the Terramundi....yesterday I went to Ikea to buy some new Storage for the Flat and saw a MAHOOOOSIVE Glass Jar and it wasn't expensive....about a fifth of what a Terramundi would have cost...so I bought that and shall use that for this Challenge....How's that for moneysaving? :D Hope you are well....

    stormpassing ..... another warm welcome to you too....Your Number is on Post 1....I've also put your Goal on there too. As I said, please don't worry that it will take years....It will for me too.... :)

    I haven't got anything to report with regards to this Fund....The Move took most of my energy and money and so it'll be a couple of weeks before I can put anything in my nice big Jar... The main thing is that we all encourage and support each other no matter how long it takes....xXx :D
  • LittleMissDetermined ..... Ooooooh where are you going on Holiday? Somewhere nice and warm I hope as I sit here a little cold this morning!! :D

    Off to the Canaries for a week, it had better be warmer than here or I'll be looking for a refund! :rotfl:
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