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Elderly keying my new car

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  • rover005rover005 Forumite
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    Right, here's whats been going on recently.

    None of the 6 major newspaper issuers came back to me.

    I got my car keyed again, beautiful CCTV footage and NFA - again.

    Spoke to the son of the lady and he seems to have become ignorant of the whole thing.

    On another note, Im thinking of applying some cold water to the sore - just ordered car stickers reading "My neightbour keyed me" and "Smile for the CCTV".
  • Haven't you found somewhere else to park?
  • ossieossie Forumite
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    Leave the car keyed! That will spoil her fun.
  • Guest101Guest101
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    For goodness sake, have you still not issued a civil claim?!
  • SeakaySeakay Forumite
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    rover005 wrote: »
    Hi All,

    Thanks for all your advice and support.

    I have been busy with work and personal stuff but the updates are as follows:

    - I contacted local news papers as well as big brand names ones but none has responded to my outcry. Only Development on the Publicity side of the issue is that we have a proposal form BBC to base an episode on one of their shows. The reason I accepted is that I need publicity not so much to put pressure on the authorities but to shame them and to expose the negligence.

    - In January, I came back form holiday to find my car with flat front left tyre. The tyre shop took out a screw which I kept. A couple of weeks later, I had another screw lodge on the rear left tyre - funnily enough it was the same size/colour/width screw. I handed both of the screws to the police after reviewing CCTV and seeing my neighbour ducking next to the tyres. Was explained that this is a usual occurance, where you only need to lodge a screw and once you drive off, it lodges itself.

    - I had my car keyed twice more in January - both reported to the police.

    Now, although a PC got in touch with me with the good news that my neighbour will be relocated due to her health reasons (in the beginning of Jan) I got a letter 3 days ago from the same PC who is the one claiming to be putting pressure on the council and the NHS to deal with it accordingly. In the email he says:

    A follow up email mentiones that the council is changing their minds with regards to the relocation programme launched.

    Furthermore, I have been in touch with a Council Representative who was in charge of investigatin the breaches in my neighbours tennancy agreement and was cooperative until a week ago when she abruptly sent a mail stating that her investigation is now over without any findings.

    In total the police are holding 7 footages of my neighbour damaging my car but I still get dead ends.

    Lastly, it is true that now my neighbour is visited once per week by a nurse but not much details are disclosed with regards to this.

    this may well have moved on again by now, but if you seek publicity on the basis that the council/social workers etc are failing in their duty of care for a vulnerable person who is at risk of the consequences of their own behaviour then you might get further, [especially after the publicity concerning removal of £s and services for the chronically disabled, changes from DLA to PIP, NHS cuts etc] You have ample evidence that this person is committing acts which, were less lawfully minded people involved, might well result in physical reprisals. The police have evidence but find themselves unable to act (?) because of the culprit's mental health situation(?) If you present it as the culprit being at risk and failed by the system you may well find a more positive response (unfair I know, but papers tend to deal in caricatures)
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