NST: September: the Turtles go Wombling



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    Evening all :)
    Checking in with my second NSD. No extra payments or anything because I am just way too busy - but at least I'm not spending...
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    Hi everyone!

    Bob sending hugs! Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight and that tomorrow is much better for you.

    Dolly thank you. DS was a little super star. I actually though he had passed out at one point as he was lying so still, but he was just trying so hard not to move!

    After this mornings rush, little ones got to school just in time. Seems like they both had a good day and they both polished off their packed lunches. I took a jacket potato and tuna salad for lunch so it has been a SFD.

    Used up some of the veg I had prepped tonight in a hot pot, but it took ages to cook and we didn't eat til about 6.30, which I think is late for a school night. Will have to do some better preparation and plan some quicker meals for school nights.
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    As the rules state to post ideas for meals I thought I'd share a recipe that has become a family favourite.

    Spicy Meatballs - this serves 5 to 6 with pasta and we have quite big portions
    For the balls:
    1kg turkey mince - I have also used pork mince
    1 egg
    1 tbsp. plain flour
    1/2 pack of taco/fajita seasoning
    Mix these together in a bowl and shape them into smallish balls. Brown them on all sides in a frying pan and pop into a casserole dish.
    For the sauce:
    1 jar of salsa - mild or hot depending on taste
    2 cartons of passata
    1/2 pack of taco/fajita seasoning
    Mix together and pour over the meatballs, pop in the oven at about 180C ish. Cook for half an hour until the meatballs are piping hot all the way through.
    It's best to make smaller meatballs as by the time you finish browning them they are almost completely cooked through. I have added sweetcorn, courgettes, mushrooms etc to the sauce to bulk it out. We always serve with pasta and sometimes sprinkle with grated cheese. I freeze the leftover sauce after all the meatballs are scooped out and we will have it stirred into pasta.
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    Well another sfd 2/15
    Haven't been to the bank yet to withdraw this month's money so it's easy!!!! Been sitting dgd at her house today, all day. I'm exhausted, she's only 2 and into everything, took her a walk, played with her just about non stop but she didn't want a nap at all!! And I needed the rest!!!! Anyway off to bed in a moment, I should have known better as still getting over shingles but I have been feeling so much better the last couple of days. Dd made me dinner before I came home otherwise I would have got caught up in the traffic and very nice it was to. Love them all.

    Sounds if everyone is off to a good start even with a few upsets along the way.
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    Morning All

    Nanny - 2 year olds are hard work aren't they. There is such a marked difference by the time they hit 3. My son was a typical high energy toddler, I could never sit down in a coffee shop as I knew he wouldn't. It's part of the reason I decided to open my own, because the way some people expect children to behave just isn't natural! Hope you get a rest today.

    Cybertortoise - Yum! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I am now very hungry.

    WelshKitty - Do you all eat together every day? I would love to but I find son is starving by 4.30pm and husband not home till 7pm. I do try however to serve the same meal normally adapted for us later on so at least I don't wind up doing 2 meals from scratch.

    CCL - well done on your 2nd NSD. Good luck getting through the rest of the week back at work.

    MissTara - good luck with your double shift. What do you do?

    Carvis - well done on the cheap fuel top up. And taking your own sweets to the cinema.

    Apple - I read somewhere that 90% of what we understand as humans is non verbal. Interesting no. I try to go with my gut for that very reason.

    Iwanttobefree - good luck selling your ebay items. Side hustles really help with debt freedom!

    The Only Girl - I don't think you are mad shopping at 2am. I bet it was nice and peaceful. I did it once when I had to drive to see a relative who was sick. Then did my shopping at midnight on the way home. Either way sounds like you got a great haul and the trousers were needed. Have you calmed down yet from the feelings of elation to be debt free?

    Abundant - thanks again for the space clearing suggestion. I had not heard of that. When I actually was burgled earlier in the year it felt very weird knowing people had been into my shop when I wasn't there. Fortunately there was no malicious damage only theft. I don't know how I'd have felt had it been graffiti & god knows what. Good luck getting your EF full up.

    498louise -don't beat yourself up for a 50p spend. That's amazing. Still!

    Calling - Sorry to hear about your friends accident. I've heard a few people talking about the Amazon vouchers now. Might investigate.

    Thrifty - Aviemore is a beautiful place. I stayed at The Boat of Garton there the night before we did the Speyside Challenge. A 54 mile walk in 24 hours. Goes from there to Elgin through the most gorgeous land I've ever seen.

    Well day 3 of the challenge. Son's first day back at school. Husband is doing the honors today due to a very early pick up time. I'm back on duty from tommorow. The weather at the moment is bothering me. We cycle home each day and it is a long way. If we get stuck in one of these insane showers it will be very unpleasant. Last night's weather was just shocking. It can't be natural that we are experiencing this level of rain?

    My arm is still very sore from the whooping cough jab which they gave me right in the top of my right arm. It feels like someone has punched me really hard. Not great as I am concious of it all day. She did say it could last up to 5 days. Joy!

    Aiming for a NSD. Will count out my tips jar and see what is in there. Should be able to make a dinner tonight out of fridge remains.

    Have a good thursday everyone!

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    Good Morning!

    Bob to be honest, my mum often picks the little ones up from school and feeds them, so when I get home from work it's just me and DH I have to think about. Mum is on holiday atm though, so I suppose it's fair to say I'm not used to cooking for all of us after school/work. I do like us all to eat together, so I will think up some quicker recipes.
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  • Hello, just a quick pop in. Today won't be a SFD as I get my hair cut (to make it more streamline for the race, HAHA) which will be paid for by a refund of money for swimming lessons DS didn't take. Otherwise not much to report.
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    cyber - thanks for sharing the recipe, I will definitely be trying that one out.

    Funnily enough we are having meatballs for tea but just beef ones with a jar sauce and some garlic bread - quick and easy.

    Thrifty - best of luck with your Triathalon.

    Well I had a bit of a nightmare picking up DD from school yesterday, the school is located on the main street of the most incredibly busy town, it took forever to get through the traffic and then there was nowhere to turn round and come back home and I got lost, the whole trip from collecting DS to getting home was 1hr 10 minutes. I know where I can double back now but the traffic getting to school will be worse today as the whole school is back.

    I got my £5 bank reward yesterday and moved it to the Christmas/birthday fund, I also made a little sale on ebay so that was another £5 to the same place. DD has her birthday at the beginning of December and DS at the beginning of January so it all comes at once for us so I really need to start saving.

    Been for a run this morning and will walk the dog later, also lots of work to do so need to get a shift on. Have a good day folks.
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    As good an excuse as any Thrifty!

    Oh Dolly, that does sound stressful. DD is just 11 is she? I think from what you were saying she is just starting seniors? When do other parents start to allow own organised bus rides home? Or will you prefer to continue collecting her? I have to say I am pretty clueless as we just have the 6 year old so far. In my small home town I began walking go and from school when I was 7 but it was very easy and everyone walked together so there was always lots of people around. Here in London I see very young kids on buses alone. Well they seem young but probably just starting senior school really.

    WelshKitty - your mum sounds nice. Hope you can manage ok whilst she's away. It's always a juggling act isn't it.

    Well I've managed a £5 PAD using a mix of my tips and knowing I have a £2.50 nectar reward. So I've taken £5 from the food budget and am replacing it using those instead :)

    I am chipping away go get to 1% of my stretch this month. But £30 is getting closer every day :)

    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

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  • Hi how is everyone, can I possibly join in this month :o ? Sorry its late. I'm now clear headed and focused so battle will now commence,lol. Bob, loving your mantra! How have you been,not long now.

    This month my daughter goes off to uni after gaining her place to do medicine at Brighton, so I will be feeling the squeeze as well as missing her as a very dear friend, who I'm embarrassed to say has been my rock over the last few months. So it will be me and the 3 boys at home,who thinks I talk to much lol.Back to the school run today, it feels like they just broke up lol.

    I am going to aim for as many NSDs as possible and see how I go.After making a payment today I go into the hundreds so I'm pleased about that. Good luck everyone and take care :)
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