MSE News: Major price hikes coming for TalkTalk broadband, TV & home phone customers



  • cdafonseca
    cdafonseca Forumite Posts: 403 Forumite
    I call them and was put to the loyalty costumers ,sign on new contract for Essentials TV, Broadband & Phone for £3 a month for 12months contract.:D
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  • onetimeatponycamp
    onetimeatponycamp Forumite Posts: 118
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    Does anyone know please, when I call up to cancel Talktalk off the back of this email, is there a notice period - how long will it take for them to cut me off? I am just ordering Plusnet but presumably it will take a few weeks to set up so wondering how I can minimise internetless time.
  • purplestar133
    purplestar133 Forumite Posts: 1,731
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    I am moving house soon, probably in the next week or two but don't have a definite date yet.

    I have a lot of discounts on my plan that I negotiated as a retention deal. The Home move guide on the Talktalk website says "Please note, any other promotions and offer won't be transferred to your new home". So my plan is going to go back up to full price when I move, is that right? If that's so, I think I have no choice but to cancel my contract under the guise of these price changes. The service is not worth full price. But I haven't received the price change notification yet!

    Do you get a refund of any Value Line Rental you've paid in advance if you cancel in this way?

    Has anyone else moved house and found they lost their discounts? Just wondering if I'm reading it right.
  • DavidP24
    DavidP24 Forumite Posts: 957 Forumite
    They DO say that they will honor any price they have agreed, which is why the ONLY way I will deal with TalkTalk is on 1 year offers.

    Sadly, I am moving and TalkTalk are trying to rip me off by forcing me into a new 18 month contract at about 10 times the cost of what I am paying now.

    It is cheaper for me to pay off my existing contract to November and go with a new provider.

    In the past the loyalty team have always won me back but this time they seem determined to lose me as a customer.

    If and when TalkTalk charge you more, a call to them reminding them of your fixed price agreement will see a refund on your account. They tried this previously and you are right, they keep putting their prices up, they also charge RIP OFF rates for non inclusive landline calls.

    As part of this RIP OFF price increase they are no longer including 0845 numbers in their anytime calls.

    I really think TalkTalk have lost the plot, they seem to be doing so many things to lose customers.
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  • Ian011
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    If you make more than a few minutes per week of daytime calls on weekdays, signing up to an Anytime call plan will save money in the long run. Call plans with inclusive weekend calls or inclusive evening and weekend calls are usually false economy.

    The dropping of inclusive 0845 and 0870 calls was expected. It comes as part of the massive overhaul of non-geographic numbers that takes place on all networks on 1 July 2015.

    See also
  • purplestar133
    purplestar133 Forumite Posts: 1,731
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    I'm confused about how to proceed with TalkTalk. I have Essentials TV with medium fibre, mid contract. I have half price discount on the whole package and an additional £2 discount. I've paid for Value Line Rental.

    I am moving house, shortly (not sure when but within a month) and was thinking I would just carry Talktalk over to the new house but have just found out to do that you have to start a new contract and lose any discounts you have. I'm not happy with that, I don't think the service is worth full price.

    Then comes the price rises - I'm not happy with them either, particularly the loss of free local calls and 0870/0845 on evenings and weekends.

    PLUS my new house doesn't have fibre available, which I'm in a contract for.

    So, can I use the price rises as a way to get out of my contract without charges, the whole thing included value line rental and fibre, and then sign up again as a new customer on a new tariff (simply broadband) in new house?

    If I didn't do anything and just carried TT over to my new house, what would happen with my fibre contract considering that house doesn't have fibre available?

    Totally confused about my best options and how to avoid extra charges. Probably going to have to pay to have a new line put in as well!
  • audigex
    audigex Forumite Posts: 557 Forumite
    You don't really have a leg to stand on regarding the Fibre - at the end of the day you're choosing to move house, that's not under TT's control. They'd simply be obliged to provide their best non-fibre package.

    That said, you shouldn't be losing any discounts as far as I'm aware
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  • HazardsOn
    HazardsOn Forumite Posts: 16 Forumite
    What about advance value line rental? I received my email yesterday outlining changes but I paid line rental for 12 months in advance in March. If I leave will they repay my line rental (pro rata of course)?
  • moany3000
    moany3000 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi, i am new to this forum and i do hope someone can answer this for me, I have just received another email from talktalk advising me that they are putting up the price of my
    services again, they did this a few months ago and i heard that people were able to leave with no cancellation fee.
    does this mean i am legally able to leave early due to this change to my contract ??
    many thanks in advance.
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