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* Walking in a Winter Wonderland * - It's the 2015 Christmas Chatter Thread



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    Yup no snow here either. Just had a bunch of wind and rain all day, makes me want to hibernate with a pile of my Christmas chocolate..
  • nicki wrote: »
    My main tree is coming down tomorrow. I can't stand having it up any longer, plus it needs to come down before my work order arrives on Monday. :( Other decorations can wait until DD gets home (Tuesday) then she can help. I want everything except the window cleared & away before New Year. I like to start each year with a completely clean house if I can as it also means less rushing about before her going back to school ;) The house will look so bare! :(

    Nicki, before you clean your window could you post a photo of it please? You didn't post the one you did last year, and I really wanted to see it - you are just so talented. I wish I could paint the way you do.
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    Smiles are as perfect a gift as hugs... size fits all... and nobody minds if you give it back.
    ☆.。.:*・° Housework is so much easier without the clutter ☆.。.:*・°
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    Yup no snow here either. Just had a bunch of wind and rain all day, makes me want to hibernate with a pile of my Christmas chocolate..

    Apparently the snow is making its way down the country - I am due some at 2am
    squeaky wrote: »
    Smiles are as perfect a gift as hugs... size fits all... and nobody minds if you give it back.
    ☆.。.:*・° Housework is so much easier without the clutter ☆.。.:*・°
    SPC No. 518
  • Lots of rain here too. Dont mind snow if I haven't got to venture out!

    Think were off to see friends tomorrow. My friend and I will eat pate and cheese til we pop and her wife will sit on the floor with dd1 and dd2 and build lego n playmobil. Win. Win. Lol!

  • Wow , lovely new thread and brilliant links - great job! :)

    Thanks for all your lovely messages of supports , you guys are a lovely bunch of people!

    I arrived home later afternoon on Xmas eve, then I had a ton of wrapping to do as well as last minute shopping (I was determined to do it lol) I pulled it off and everyone I saw on Xmas day and Boxing day all had a wrapped and tagged gift :).

    Its magical being out although my life is being fuelled by morphine mainly amongst other drugs lol! They wont know for a while yet if this new device in my chest will settle things but fingers crossed! Fred has left me a big bald patch and another scar the naughty little thing , however the doctor who removed him let me keep him!

    Anyway , I am glad I managed to get back on and post! I am sending hugs , love and positive vibes all round! I am blessed to be part of this thread with such lovely people!

    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
  • Peppapig wrote: »

    I hope you really want to was the uncle (I think he was an uncle, if not he was the dad's best mate - he was involved in all the searches and always at the house anyway). I enjoyed the story but felt it could have been done in less episodes because it was so drawn out. Also don't like the real Dr Who (David Tennant) not being strong and decisive lol.

    Had a lovely Christmas but it's the preparation and the actual days that do it for me, once Boxing Day is done then it's all over - tree and decs will be down tomorrow.

    OMG I'm rubbish at guessing I thought it would be th r vicar!!!! In complete shock!! I agree with you about david being the true doctor I loved it when he did the one off with matt smith and John hurt. I hoped he was going to swap with matt somehow! !!!

    I hate taking the decorations down it looks so bare and dreary. I aim for just after bew year before I go back to work. Its so sad as it all comes down. I didn't want the elves to go as it was!!!
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    Oh my Festive Princess I knew you'd do it. Are you mad???? YOU are blessed, I think you may have that the wrong way round lady!!!! We are truly blessed to be part of your life. Now enough said Im getting mushy xxxxxxx

    Newthift woooo hooo congratulations, such exciting times ahead x
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    It's not the things you do at Christmastime
    But the Christmas things you do
    All year through

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    :bdaycake: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIGPEN :bdaycake:

    Evening everyone, i hope you have all had a wonderful christmas, and all the hard work throughout the year was worth it :), i have had a lovely few days, everything has gone to plan and everyone enjoyed their presents. So off we go again......

    SFAM aah lovely to see you on here, yes DS words worked i did do just the things i wanted on xmas eve, hope you have had a fab christmas

    NEWTHRIFT wow congratulations my lovely, you must be so happy!! Was it a complete surprise?

    JJ glad you had a lovely christmas at home

    3FORHOLIDAYS thanks for the shiny new thread, love the name of it
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  • Happy Birthday pigpen (just in time!)

    JJ so glad you're home, well done on the wrapping! X
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    Merry Christmas to you all!
    JJ glad you got home for Christmas :)
    Congratulations to Newthrift:T
    Marvellous Christmas here, lovely quality time with lots of extended family. Boys were spoiled rotten by everyone. Both have been very good boys too. Currently drowning in a sea of toys :rotfl:
    Personalised calendars (pics of the boys) were loved by all who received them and "grown up" nieces and nephews loved their couples cinema vouchers. (2 tickets, two food vouchers and two drinks vouchers in a Cinema reel tin) wish I'd taken pics of the wrapping too, looked good if I do say so myself.
    Misread the time on Christmas morning so got up at 6am. Only realised after my shower. Everyone else still asleep so I had a good hour with a very nice cup of coffee and my book. (Carole Matthews: "With love at Christmas"- loved it). Really appreciated the peace and was giggling at the book, then I was bright-eyed and blow-dried before the boys woke up about 8. Good start to the day :p
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