Has Martin changed your life?!!

I've noticed so many improvements to my life since I joined MSE:

:D I'm so much more organised

:cool: I'm not panicking about money any more

:T I've cut my food bills by two thirds and I've never eaten so well in my life

:beer: I don't feel so isolated any more because I can chat to you guys and gals at any time.

Martin has become the other man in my marriage - I quote him at every opportunity and even the cats think twice now before wasting their pocket money on new catnip mice. They get their little sewing kits out and mend the old ones.

How has Martin changed your life??????



  • tru
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    Hello Julia, I don't think we've met, nice to meet you :D

    Apart from saving me money on absolutely EVERYTHING, Martin has made my friends roll their eyes at me A LOT :rotfl: If you talk to me about recipes, cleaning or anything money related, I guarantee your eyes will do this :rolleyes: then glaze over :rotfl:

    But then, a few days later, you will ring me and say 'what's that stuff you use for cleaning? I've forgotten what you said' or 'what's that site called where you can change your gas supplier and get cashback?' I should charge for info if I've had to tell them more than once :D

    Mr tru takes the mickey out of me, then tells everyone, 'ask tru about that, she'll find it cheaper, she goes on this great money site'. He said last night 'what do the people on MSE say about something or other' (can't remember what it was, I wasn't really listening lol) then said 'OH NO, I can't believe I actually called it MSE' then walked off muttering something about being sucked in to it all :rotfl:

    He usually calls this site 'cheap-a$$' :D
  • boo81
    boo81 Forumite Posts: 654 Forumite
    Ive learned lots and even my mum asks me for tips now! Im generally getting lots of good tips about things especially cleaning and I spend much less on certain items.

    I feel im also more organised and it makes me feel good as confirmed I do some things right!
  • dianadors
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    Ive said it many times on here, and to any one who will listen! Martin has changed my life totally. In the olden days, I could see that "on paper" we should have been able to make ends meet, but in reality this wasnt happening. I couldnt get to grips with why this was happening until I found this site. Every aspect of my spending has undergone review and cut back, and instead of being £500 overdrawn at the end of each month we now have a few hundred spare which has enabled us to save for the first time in years. The kids have also caught the bug which is great!
  • Outnumberedbysmallpeople
    Outnumberedbysmallpeople Forumite Posts: 59 Forumite
    like Boo i now have a mother who says "what does that site say?" when it comes to money things.

    One thing i have come to appreciate here is it's one of the few places where I don't feel the constant intense competitive "keeping up with the Joneses" feeling that everywhere else seems to have, it's the one place i feel normal being broke and i feel less broke for the things i have learnt here (and I'd never even have thought to come here if it wasn't for all of the bank charges reclaim media coverage)
  • skint_spice
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    This site has definitely changed my life - I'm paying off my debts, budgeting , ebaying and meal planning. There's always food in the freezer and something in the bank for emergencies. I'm also confident that even if I take on a bigger mortgage I'll be able to pay it off early as I think I've changed for good.
    I love the recipes and seeing people join the Debt Free Role of Honour as that gives me faith that one day it'll be me!
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  • garfieldslasagne
    garfieldslasagne Forumite Posts: 69 Forumite
    This site has changed my life :j.

    Everything that's already been mentioned; organisation; cutting shopping bills; cleaning tips etc applies to me but more than that, I've taken stock of my entire life and through careful budgeting (aka I'm now an internet banking and spreadsheet nerd!!) I've been able to give up work to spend more time with my DH and DD.

    I couldn't/wouldn't have done any of this without this site and the infinite wisdom of others on here.

    So here's a big thanks from me (and my family) to you all. :beer:
  • MrsTinks
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    Apparently my future mother in law told my OH the other month "there is this great money saving web site! You HAVE to tell Tine about it, she'd love it!"
    So Moira... I'M here!!!! Found it before you! :rotfl:
    Apart from that then Martin IS the other man in my life, my OH has adjusted to this now and no longer feels like he's an MSE widower... possibly something to do with us having organised finances, less stress, mortgage is sorted and cheaper, all other debts are as cheap as they are likely to get, bills get paid - we never get any reminders, he's claiming back bank charges at the moment, he eats home cooked food nearly all the time and sometimes I even clean the house a little... :rotfl:
    And I'm happier... :)
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  • Linda32
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    Deffently changed my life too, much more organised, OH loves it too and calls you all "the money savers" :money:

    Or "what does Martin say"

    One example among many I could give is we found a very very good birthday card stall on the market which does 4 for £1.00, well we now buy the cards in advance, rather than nipping to the co-op two days before someone's birthday and paying £2.00 a pop!!!
    MRSTITTLEMOUSE Forumite Posts: 8,547 Forumite
    I am a changed woman since finding this site,as I am totally disgusted at myself when I look back and realise the amount of money I wasted in the past.
    My food shopping alone has halved and the amount I spend on other things is minimal,because I always think several times before I buy.I just wasted so much before I could cry thinking about it.
    Also as others have said I too enjoy the community on here,you never feel lonely and there is always someone who can offer advice.
  • belfastgirl23
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper I've been Money Tipped!
    This year we managed to absorb huge increases in gas (repaying debt grrr) and rates bills without increasing the amount we put in to our joint account, thanks to using this site to cut back on insurance costs (prob around £300 between house and car insurance), phone costs (down about £15 a month, total £180 pa) and food costs (down from a shocking £350 pm average to £200 pm, yearly saving £1800).

    Also on a personal level for the first year ever I have been able to pay for planned house repairs (£700) and unplanned bills (£200) from savings rather than on credit card. I also have most of my holiday paid for, I might have to dip about £200 into debt but in previous years this would have been more like £1000. And this time next year I won't have to go in debt at all.

    I just really wished I had known about all this sooner. But maybe I wasn't ready for it!
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