Has Martin changed your life?!!



  • This year we managed to absorb huge increases in gas (repaying debt grrr) and rates bills without increasing the amount we put in to our joint account, thanks to using this site to cut back on insurance costs (prob around £300 between house and car insurance), phone costs (down about £15 a month, total £180 pa) and food costs (down from a shocking £350 pm average to £200 pm, yearly saving £1800).

    Also on a personal level for the first year ever I have been able to pay for planned house repairs (£700) and unplanned bills (£200) from savings rather than on credit card. I also have most of my holiday paid for, I might have to dip about £200 into debt but in previous years this would have been more like £1000. And this time next year I won't have to go in debt at all.

    Just updating. I am now making overpayments of £250 a month towards my mortgage, finally able to set up a regular dd to an ISA for a slush fund for emergencies (have wanted to do this for years!) and a regular DD to a short term savings account for 'planned' big items like car insurance and house stuff. I also have Xmas bought and paid for at probably a third the price of previous years. And will hopefully get through Xmas and to Jan 31st payday with no real debt. And will be able to do some of next Xmas's buying in the sales :)

    I am a planner by nature but somehow it didn't occur to me before using this site that I could actually plan my finances too :confused:
  • Hi, I am sorry to bump into this thread with such a non-relevant question. But could anybody point out the thread which we can save some of our shopping bills? Thanks a lot.

    Come join us on the grocery challenge :)


    sorry I know I sound like a creepy evangalist but it really is a useful tool
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    Finding this site has transformed my life. I feel in control and i'm paying off my debts at last after years of my head in the sand!
    -This really is the best site ever! The advice is great and the kick up the A** when needed also helps...
    Bankruptcy survivor: Nov 2012
    Best tip: Start a money book and write Everything down (Thanks to my Grandma who showed me how)
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