Has Martin changed your life?!!



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    Hi Julia,

    It's great to read how much your life has changed. :T

    This is a good thread for the How much have you saved board so I'll move it over there.

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    In common with all the other posters on this thread - yes Martin has made a HUGE difference to our lives! Pre - MSE I'd just spend on the credit cards without giving it a second thought (ok, I did swap them over last year to lower rate cards, but spent on them just the same), not bother with meal plans so end up in Tesco's several times a week - I used to go in for dinner and come out having spent at least £20 a time! Now it's Lidl/Aldi and Asda for anything else, our food bills have dropped from £80+ a week for 2 to £40 - 50 for 3 (DD2 is back from Uni) and we know in advance what our dinners will be - and no crafty sandwiches at lunchtime from the shops, OH does all our lunches too. Internet banking is now a must, and I've swapped gas and electricity suppliers. Will think about the mortgage soon!
    I've also vowed to pay off both credit cards (bit of a hiccup this month but back on the wagon now) with the help of whatsthecost website, it's amazing how that keeps me on the straight and narrow! And thinking 'do I need to buy this item, or do i just want it' is also a great help!
    Above all it's nice to know we can be in control of our finances and that I did have a problem with spending - and that we don't need half the stuff all these companies and adverts keep telling us we do!
    Martin for PM, I say! :rotfl:
    :j Almost 2 stones gone! :j
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    :p I WILL be tidy, I WILL be tidy! :p
  • I'd started to change my life about two years ago, in that i bought this great book THE MONEY DIET and in it mentioned this website.....my life is now complete and the rest is history!!!!! My husband says he's going to put his wedding ring on the computer!!!! It's changed my life, so many like minded people. One little itsy bitsy complaint, i get so caught up on here my four little people are deperate for attention!!!! Now where are those little people i gave birth too.........................................
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    Thank you so much for the above folks. It has moved me very much. To be honest work is difficult at the moment, the stress levels are very very high and its tough to cope with; the above comments help keep me inspired to know I'm doing something good. Thank you for your support. It means a lot. Now the MSG is telling me, and rightly so, that I must turn the computer off for the weekend.

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    It has made a big difference to us, we may both be new members but used template letters to get money back from the bank, used advice to sort bills and lots of other savings. Now always consult here to check latest offers and savings. Have made some very supportive friends in the arms! Sorry to hear you are stressed, Martin but please take some comfort in the massive difference you have personally made to a hell of alot of people. Thank You so much!
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  • OK, I used to never open my bank statements, used to get charged, ignore everything, I refinanced my debts with a loan twice, blamed University for this, even though I was lucky enought to just get in in the old days of having fee's paid and got a grant to cover rent. I used to go abroad 4 times a year, get £80 haircuts, buy designer clothes and perfumes, had the fancy car.
    When I got pregnant last summer (on a £3 K holiday in Australia) I realised all this had to change. I now colour my hair myself, wear all the clothes I used to impulse buy, sold the car and use my boyfriends (dont really need one at mo as on maternity leave), have got better deals on CC's, have claimed back all the charges I used to get, which helped pay off the debt. I shop at Lidl to fill up the store cupboard and there fresh fruit and veg is amazingly fresh and cheap. I make dinners out of what is in the house. I dont go out as much, but baby put a stop to that I guess. However, I am actually happier now than before, partly because I have my little boy, but partly because I am in control of my money. I also feel I have earnt something if I do need to buy something, get a great sense of achievement out of cooking dinners from scratch with food many would throw away. yesterday I made veg stew out of veg that has seen better days and I would have thrown last year. It will feed me and partner for 2 main meals.
    I have the odd blip, but generally can handle these. I almost look forward to my bank statement now because then I can see how good I have been and i know I am in control of my budget.
    Martin - we know how hard you work for us. Thankyou.
    Money isnt everything they say, but it is an essential in life.
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    After only a couple of months of being introduced to this site, I have just been offered an amount from Barclays Bank. I had over 3 grand worth of charges over 6 years, and they have just offered me today 2250!!! I have to say, after a minute debating, I have signed and accepted!!!! I am just so grateful for being brave enough to do this in the first place, am over the moon, THANK YOU MARTIN!!!!!!!!:T :T :T :beer: :j :j :j
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    Money Saving Martin says..... has become a standing joke in our house.
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    I think everyone who spends more than a quick glance at this site will save money. I am constantly refering to it elsewhere.
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    Thanks to Martin and this site, I feel like I am in control of my life again.

    I am more organised financially, I know exactly what is coming out of my account, how much and when. I am obsessed with keeping an eye on it everyday and am having panic attacks because I'm going away for 2 weeks and won't have internet access so won't be able to do it lol!

    I know how to look for the best deal and I even feel a little guilty (but good guilt) when I buy something, always wondering do I need it? can I afford it? etc...

    And of course I got some bank charges back which really was the icing on the cake....

    Now I'm trying to teach my DD (hard going sometimes lol)

    So for me it's a big thank you Martin!
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