Has Martin changed your life?!!



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    Thank you so much for the above folks. It has moved me very much. To be honest work is difficult at the moment, the stress levels are very very high and its tough to cope with; the above comments help keep me inspired to know I'm doing something good. Thank you for your support. It means a lot. Now the MSG is telling me, and rightly so, that I must turn the computer off for the weekend.


    Awwwwww Martin we love you! Keep up the brilliant work!!!!:T:T:T:T

    Hang on in there:A
    QUIDCO £2827 paid out since October 2007:D
  • Just bumped this thread to say that not being able to get on here for 4 whole days has made me realise how much i love Martin and all you other people, MSE is firmly part of my life...........a life without mse is a boring dull life........oh dear just read that back, how i need to get out more.....
    Sometimes your the dog, and sometimes your the lampost..:p
  • Same here Sharonloves2spend! Not being able to come onto this site was def traumatic, I never realised how much of a crutch this website and the people on here were (even tho I mainly lurk)!

    Martin has changed by life:

    I no longer have any loans
    I'm never i red
    I dont have bank charges, in fact I relcaimed them
    All my debts are on 0%
    I plan before I buy
    I meal plan
    I compare prices instead of just renewing
    I think "what would martin do"....
    I tell everyone about how great this site is...

    Thanks Martin, no hacker can bring down all the things you have taught us!!!
    £6,838.71 all on 0% CC, what a change!
  • :A if it wasnt for this site I might niot be here now-my debt problems were making me have suicidal thoughts. If it wasnt for the wonderful advice Martin and people on the site gave me, and all the love and support I felt, I could have gone over the edge.So Martin has not just changed my life -hes saved it.
    Martin gave me the strength to fight back, to face my problems and reclaim my life. Its still tough but hey I'm here! Even small things like seeing Martins pic at the top with his little seasonal adaptations(great vampire!) make me smile and chill out when I am stressed.

    And thanks to this site , I have found ways of coping--surveys, comps, reduced prices and offers and very sound financial advice.

    Am so annoyed at the t***ers who have tried to wreck the site-idiots.:beer: to Martin and the techos for getting the site up again -I LOVE YA! should be a superhero costume next for the pic I think
  • Thank you Martin. It's not just the money saving but the TLC on this site. May you live long and prosper.

  • saucy77saucy77 Forumite
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    I've decided to make Martin my new husband, as the one I have now does little for me.

    He has helped me see that I can save money instead of spending it. At present my finances are in rag order, but with help from users of MSE and Martin I am slowly getting through them all.

    Today I even made my first judgement call when I was shopping in Sainsburys and purchased some dishwashing tabs. Priced up correctly, although they forgot to take down the sign that said 1/3 off!
    Felt so good to get back the £2.26 extra they charged me...

    I know it was only a little amount, but god did it feel good to save the money. Even when the old useless hubby drove off and left me in town.. I walked home from the supermarket saving another £1!

    Just hope Martin can help when it comes to divorcing him, 2nd honeymoon has gone out the window... saving me loads more money! Yippeeee
    Raising awareness for Pancreatic Cancer UK and Macmillan... doing a sponsored 10k skydive for both charities.
    https://www.justgiving.com/sheenarobinson (PCUK)
    https://www.justgiving.com/sheenarobinson2 (Macmillan)
    Please give a little, it means a lot :)
  • luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    I just wish I had kept account of all our savings since finding this site in May 2007! These are the most memorable:
    'Found money'
    - £90 from Pigsback to date
    - £27.73 from Greasy Palm
    - £97.48 on its way from Quidco from a total of £147.31
    - £180 tax rebate plus an ongoing reduction in tax
    - £120 approx overall by clearing loans using savings
    £515. 21 in our hot little hands.

    Monthly savings:
    - £45 a month from insurance renewals = £540 pa
    - £120+ a month on the housekeeping = £1440 pa
    £1980 over the next year

    Now exploring gas ,electric, phone, internet and TV options to maximize our savings.
    I love this site!!!!! Thank you.
    I can cook and sew, make flowers grow.
  • It's interesting and actually quite fun ...

    The savings can be seen in 2 ways ... more money coming in, and less money going out.

    My guess is I've saved about £1500 in the year,

    I run 2 vehicles and I,ve saved big time on Insurance following the Insurance thread, (less money going out)

    I,ve got myself a cashback credit card as recommended (Money coming in),

    Special offers and tokens .. Some money out, some in (what to do with 28 bottles of talc??)

    Tidied up my savings, sorted out my debts, less tax to pay on Savings etc.

    Most of it is common sense .. nothing more, however Martin does a good job of bringing it together in one place .. and of course there is huge support and advice.

    As they say in the US .. "way to go".
  • Hi, I am sorry to bump into this thread with such a non-relevant question. But could anybody point out the thread which we can save some of our shopping bills? Thanks a lot.
  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
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    Hi, I am sorry to bump into this thread with such a non-relevant question. But could anybody point out the thread which we can save some of our shopping bills? Thanks a lot.

    Hiya :wave:

    This thread HERE might be the best place to start. :)

    Hope that helps.
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