Collated Tesco Savings Voucher £10ish discount

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    Somene pm'ed me and asked me to forward them the document. I copied the address and deleted the message - went to send and storage is over its limit. If it was you PM me again.


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    Saved another £8 off my shop today, 2x Durex, two £1 vouchers - one posted to me from huggies and a friend gave me the other and various bits and bobs from magazines or with free samples. Walked all the way from one end of tills to other looking for a youngish lad and no probs!
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    My Mum and my Granny have been redeeming vouchers for things they haven't bought for years (at least 5 or 10 years I would say). They don't overdo it. They shop at Ashby Tesco. At one time it was advertised to encourage customers, and as far as I know, although no longer advertised, it has never been withdrawn. They try to go to the same person at the checkout each time, so the woman expects it. They have never tried internet vouchers though, but I'm sure they will try them now, so thanks for the tip.

    Also, if you make bread or pizza bases the following tip might be useful. My Granny has been getting free fresh yeast from the bakery for years. (Fresh yeast is better than dried!) Just ask at the bakery for some yeast. This was another thing that was advertised once upon a time. If you have time to make your own bread this also saves money on buying quality bread (with no additives either).

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    Save £6 at Hull teso on Monday with vouchers

    went in Wednesday.
    manager said no longer accept internet vouchers according to H.Office.

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    :o talk bout inCONSISTENT, having had enough of arguing at tesco tills i emailed cust services and recieved this reply................................

    Thank you for your email.

    Our policy is that the actual item must be bought instore and the only
    vouchers accepted online are tesco vouchers but again the product must be
    bought. You cannot use the internet vouchers online or in any of our stores.
    If they are tesco internet vouchers you must use them online quoting the
    voucher code at the checkout stage.


    Jean McKinlay
    Customer Service Manager

    of course i emailed them hoping to get the email that says' you can use internet vouchers even if you dont buythe item' !!

    tesco sooooooooooo need to give themselves a shake with this one >:(
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    Went to Tesco Extra at Watford today armed with my vouchers (and Head Office authority - not needed).

    Sought out said bored young male at a checkout with with no queue who (poor chap) had been on since 04:30 and got chatting about the football after asking if he would accept my vouchers even though I had not bought the product.

    No problems......accepted them all except bio life PetalCleanse which they do not stock. The £2 Durex and a couple of others did not scan so they went in as "Coupon NS" (non-specific).

    Ended up with £2.85 off :D Not bad for a first attempt


    Disaster - checked my bill in the car park and they had overcharged on my bananas and only given me 20p on the Durex.....I am sure these transactions were not related ;)

    Anyway went back to Customer service and smiled sweetly at the girl behind the counter and explained the problem refunded the difference on the bananas and same for the voucher in cash.

    Result ....... £4.65 off a £30 shop ;D - 15.3% reduction for the purists and paid by AMEX (another 1%). I'll volunteer to do the shopping again next the decorating ::)

    PS The highest value voucher to use is the £2 Durex and if used weekly, it does wonders for your street cred 8) and your pocket.
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    The amount of times I have used the Durex voucher - Tesco must think I'm part rabbit ;D ::)
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    The amount of times I have used the Durex voucher - Tesco must think I'm part rabbit ;D ::)

    Does it scan in your Tesco? I tried once but it did not scan. I feel a bit guilty having to ask the cashier to type in the code with a pile of vouchers on side.
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    I have just been to Tesco in Elmers End and they accepted nearly £10 of vouchers off a £24 shop cant be bad. Again I hunted out a younger cashier and they looked a bit annoyed putting in loads of 15p 20p vouchers,but I dont care. I have now used the Durex voucher 3 times in the last 4 weeks,each time I get a funny look. I think I will email Tescos again , as it is silly that the vouchers are accepted in some stores but not others. There should be a general letter sent to each and every store. :):):):)
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