Collated Tesco Savings Voucher £10ish discount

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  • save4u wrote:
    Went to Tesco Extra at Watford today armed with my vouchers (and Head Office authority - not needed).

    Sought out said bored young male at a checkout with with no queue who (poor chap) had been on since 04:30 and got chatting about the football after asking if he would accept my vouchers even though I had not bought the product.

    No problems......accepted them all except bio life PetalCleanse which they do not stock. The £2 Durex and a couple of others did not scan so they went in as "Coupon NS" (non-specific).

    Ended up with £2.85 off :D Not bad for a first attempt


    Disaster - checked my bill in the car park and they had overcharged on my bananas and only given me 20p on the Durex.....I am sure these transactions were not related ;)

    Anyway went back to Customer service and smiled sweetly at the girl behind the counter and explained the problem refunded the difference on the bananas and same for the voucher in cash.

    Result ....... £4.65 off a £30 shop ;D - 15.3% reduction for the purists and paid by AMEX (another 1%). I'll volunteer to do the shopping again next the decorating ::)

    PS The highest value voucher to use is the £2 Durex and if used weekly, it does wonders for your street cred 8) and your pocket.

    You've been doubly ripped off as it's Tesco's policy that if you are overcharged on anything they will refund the WHOLE item and not the difference, basically giving you a free item.

    This is also covered in many of the tesco threads on here.
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