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Husband insisting I work full time

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  • Glad you've found something to suit you and your family. :)
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    NoAngel wrote: »
    Well I've taken a different job of 2 days a week! He's happy with that, we had a few chats about everything and it feels 'right' that I get to spend so much time with my LO. It will take longer to get some of the things we want (bigger house, newer cars etc) but you can't buy my happiness or time with my LO!

    You may do this already but, when I was the one who was at home most, I made sure that most chores were done during the week so that the kids could have plenty of time with their Dad when he was home.

    We also arranged things so that they had time together without me. A lot of their friends seemed only to spend time with their Mums or their Mums and Dads together.
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