Roadkill Rebels - January 2014



  • Saver-upper
    Saver-upper Posts: 2,340 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post
    Ooooh,I'm here :j.
    Happy New Year,everyone.
    Thanks for setting up the new thread,HOK3Y.Don't think I will ever beat my December total,but will die trying!!
    Happy,roadkilling,all :T
    SPC #36 :staradminx 8.SPC7=£751.10 SPC8=£651.04 SPC9=£843.00 SPC10=£872.76
    Pinecone £301,Valued Opinions £10.50

  • flamingo747
    Tempted to hit the town centre for the coins dropped by all the revellers last night! Weather sounds awful though.
    Married 40y.o. mum of an autistic 11y.o. Carer/SAHM.
    OS '24 Fashion On The Ration: 0(34 preloved)/67 coupons used - OS '24 Declutter Challenge: 633/500 items gone 🏅 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 - Now aiming for 750!
    Feb GC: (1st-29th inc) £161.45/£495
     ((OS 2023 Decluttering: 740 items 🏅 🏅 🏅  🌟 . OS 2023 Fashion on the ration: 14/15 used))

  • Emma_N
    Emma_N Posts: 265 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    Happy New Year Roadkill Rebels.

    Although December wasn't a great month, I'm determined to up my game in 2014 :rotfl:
    Attempting to make £2021 in 2021
  • mumfirst_2
    Hi all .. Happy New Year..
    I played along in December and found a grand total of £0.89...
    would like to be in it for real this month if i may please.
  • Monkeyballs
    Monkeyballs Posts: 1,935 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Hi all,

    This is my first month as a Roadkill Rebel but as previous posters have said free money = debt free repayment for nowt! :)

    I'm not sure just how much I'm likely to find but I'll be damned if I'm not gonna look! LOL

    On a side note, I was gutted yesterday... I thought I'd hit the motherload with a load of receipts from a Tesco Express but they don't count apparently! Grrr... Oh well, back to the drawing board :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  • banshie13
    Can I join please?

    thank you

    Road Kill Rebel #69 65p collected woo hoo
  • Igamogam
    Igamogam Posts: 6,024 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud! First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    I will join in again please :)
    Be the change you want to see -with apologies to Gandhi :o
    In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn
    'On the internet no one knows you are a cat' :) ;)
  • no_control
    no_control Posts: 130 Forumite
    Hi all, Happy New Year! Please can I join in again with my number 12 - thank you!

    Hope we all find lots this month!
  • Monkeyballs
    Monkeyballs Posts: 1,935 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker

    So it's New Years Day and in my city there are several places which are huge congregation points so naturally I took a wander out past there :)

    KERRCHING! I found a 5p and 2x 1p coins LOL

    Ok, so there may be more but there are massive dirty great puddles everywhere with who knows what in there :) perhaps another day...

    Still, I'm 7p better off than I was earlier! Small beginnings...

    Happy New Year!!!

  • MalhamCat
    MalhamCat Posts: 16 Forumite
    Hiya, I'd really like to join in if I may?
    Sealed Pot Challenge (No.7): 208

    Roadkill rebel: 70
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