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The Giving Up Smoking Thread!!

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jo1972jo1972 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
:eek: This is proper going public, can't go back now :undecided

So....I've decided to give up smoking tomorrow to help save money. I spend £5.60 smoking a day and I can't afford it.

So if any of you smoke and feel as though you might want to try giving up then post here and join me, more the merrier!!

Can't believe I'm doing this but...I pledge that I will not smoke tomorrow, will take every day as it comes, and will be completely honest with all of you.

So, I've worked out (if I'm right...) in a year I would save £2,090.40!!!!

So I gotta go for it...anyone wanna join me??:eek:


Here are a few links to websites that you might find useful for info on various types of NRT, support groups etc. Plus a couple of books that you might find helpful. Thanks to Oops a daisy for compiling this list :T

If you would like to add any links or ideas to this list that you think are useful for other members then feel free to leave a message on here or PM me and I'll add it so that it's all kept in one place and easy to find. Thanks :D

link to FrugalJo's Blogspot: Exhaler - Diary of a Nicotine Addict
link to silk quit
link to quit smoking website
niquitin website
free niquitin twister
link to another thread on MSE for quitting smoking
link to info on new drug for quitting smoking
link to on line smoking support group
link to info in champix drug
link to ASH
link to Max Kirsten's stopping smoking site (watch the smoking vid!) - thanks to TNG for this link :D

Recommended books:

The Nicotine Trick by Neil Casey
Easyway to quit smoking by Allen Carr

And here is a list of reasons that make the posters on this thread happy that they've stopped smoking, I hope this gives everyone a bit of encouragement, whether you're still to stop or have stopped and waivering, or just stopped and want to remind yourself how great you are :D

Not having to ask non smoker friends if we can sit outside, when the weather really isn't good enough

Having nice smelling hair and clothes

Coming home to a nice smelling house

No more sore throat and burnt feeling tongue

No more 'smoking hangovers' where the night before you smoked a packet which makes you feel much worse than any amount of alcohol

Not worrying about whether you've got cash for cigs all the time

Not getting evil looks from passers by when you have a cig break on the pavement at work and the smoke goes near them

Smelling smoke from other people and thinking that actually it doesn't smell very nice and realising you might be able to actually give up

Having a £2,000 a year tax-free pay rise :j

Being able to concentrate on what you're doing without thinking about going and having a cig when your finished, eg eating, cleaning, working!

People not backing off from smelly smokers breath

OH saying how much better the flat smells now

No nasty clearing your throat all the time

Taking deep breaths of clean air

Being a bit richer

Having a pink tongue!

Your lungs getting rid of gunk

Clean fresh hair and clothes

Paintwork will stay whiter as will ceilings

Lovely clean teeth

More energy

Ateries becoming un-clogged

Longer life

Not having to go outside the pub for one

Laughing at those who do have to go outside for one

Moaning about all the butts they leave outside

And finally, but most importantly, here's the reason we're doing it (thanks to Adz for digging out this info):

At 20 minutes after quitting: At 8 hours:
  • carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
  • oxygen level in blood increases to normal
At 24 hours: At 48 hours:
  • nerve endings begin regrowth
  • ability to smell and taste improves
Between 2 weeks and 3 months:
  • circulation improves
  • walking becomes easier
  • lung function increases
Between 1 to 9 months smoke-free:

Starting as early as a month after you quit smoking, and continuing for the next several months, you may notice significant improvements in these areas:
  • coughing
  • sinus congestion
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath
At One Year Smoke-Free:

Your excess risk of coronary heart disease is decreased to half that of a smoker after one year.

At Two years Smoke-Free:

Your chance of achieving long-term success with quitting tobacco increases significantly after two years.

At 5 years smoke-free:
  • from 5 to 15 years after quitting tobacco, stroke risk is reduced to that of people who have never smoked.
At 10 years smoke-free: At 15 years smoke-free:
  • risk of coronary heart disease is now similar to that of people who have never smoked
  • risk of death returns to nearly the level of people who have never smoked
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  • FieryBlondeScotFieryBlondeScot Forumite
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    Go for it girl (if you are a girl that is!)

    i am now on day 23 of not smoking. my tips are:
    1. set aside 2 weeks to totally devote to quitting
    2. use all available help- NRT and websites like Quitnet and housework etc got me through the day, pampering bath, followed by oil burner and hypnotherapy cd's got me through the night.
    3. sign up to the nicorette and niquitin qc sites, one of them give a really good personal plan, and text u motivational messages which you reply to 2x a day.
    4. KNOW your triggers, for me the worst was coffee, boredom, certain people and stress, and PLAN in advance for them, deep breathing exercises were a godsend to riding out cravings.
    5. get an empty coke bottle, peel off the label, cut off the top and stash your fags cash i n it so you can see it.

    some people say the first few days are the worst, i found them quite exciting1 week 2 was tough for me as the realisation ii was doing it really hhit me, i had to relax into the quit a bit more as i was running a round non stop trying to avoid the cravings and thoughts, my advise now on hindsight is relax into it,

    you soon get to see how stressful it is hhaving to satisfy an urge to smoke every hour of every day!

    i would hhave been screwed if i hadnt stopped smoking. i was always scrimping and freaking out about money, took me 15 yrs to realise if i stopped spending £135 pmonth on fags, all the other bills would balance out (that really makes me laugh now1) but thihs month every time my kid has needed sometihng or i have needed something i hhave been able to get it

    and yes the cravings do get less over time!

    best of luck, its the best moneysaving thing you can do!
  • ani*fanani*fan Forumite
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    Well done on your decision to quit! :T I'm considering it too as the £40 per month I spend on cigs could go straight towards my debt and bring my debt free date forward by about 2 months. Just don't feel totally ready right now...

    I look forward to watching your progress.

    Good luck!!!!!! I'm rooting for you!!!!!
    If you know you have enough, you're rich. ;)
  • Ali-OKAli-OK Forumite
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    I'd like to join you please!

    Since debt-freedom, I've started smoking again :mad: having stopped on 1st April last year to help pay off my debts.

    I've just signed up to QuitNet (thanks FieryBlondeScot) - stopping time/date is 10.30pm tonight, so it's all systems go from tomorrow morning for me.

    I'm on a wind-down/preparation day today - taking DS Swimming soon and then grass to cut, before a mountain of housework to tackle. Changing drinking tea to water as it's guaranteed I'll have a ciggie with a cuppa. :o

    How are you doing Jo?
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  • oops_a_daisyoops_a_daisy Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Me too :)

    have a few patches left from my last failed attempt and have the Allan Carr book but havent finished it yet :o will read it today

    I am setting my quit day for tomorrow

    must prepare the family and any other poor unfortunate soul who happens to be in the vicinity for my mood swings :eek:

    I will also have to look into NHS quit smoking clinics as the one I used to visit meets on a Monday and tomorrow in a bank holiday.

    edited to say good luck op with your first day smoke free - let us know how you get on :)
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  • I gave up on Christmas Eve 2006. I'd been smoking for 8 years prior to that. Nearly 5 months and not so much as a puff. I did it cold turkey. Knowing how much it cost me was all the incentive I needed.
    [strike]April 2007 £17197.49
    June 2007 £16593.49

    Currently: £15293.49 (thanks HSBC!)
    Watch this space for progress!
    To pay off in Oct 07
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    £176.20 - Wescot
    £417.88 - MBNA
    To pay off in Jan 08
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    To pay off in May 08
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  • jo1972jo1972 Forumite
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    Well morning all!! Glad that a few of you are joining me, good luck to all of you :)

    FieryBlondeScot - thanks ever so much for the well wishes and thanks for all the tips. I will go straight onto Quitnet after I've finished on here, need all the help I can get!!

    ani*fan - look forward to you joining us soon, you have to be ready or it won't work I understand that completely - today's my day :) Hopefully I'll still be on here when you decide to join :rolleyes:

    Ali - good luck to you!! Thanks for joining me. Hope you have a great day preparing yourself for tomorrow, you know you can do it because you've done it before. All you've got to work on now is staying quit, which is my problem as I find after a month or two I become complacent. Good luck, keep us updated with your progress!!

    Oops a daisy - good luck to you too!! I've read the Allen Carr book, it's very good, really makes you think. I also wish your family luck as they've got to cope with you :rotfl: Keep us updated!!

    Gem, well done for quitting for 5 months! You are doing really well and must've saved loads of money. Hope you keep it up, just remember to never get complacent!

    Well, it's 11.20am and I'm doing ok as I don't smoke in the house anyway and as it's a Sunday and I've got no work I wouldn't bother getting dressed to go out until about now anyway....I'm expecting it to get harder about now especially as the kids are driving me round the twist, my 15yr old is blasting music out in her room and waking all the neighbours up, I just caught my 4yr old son trying to shoot next doors cat, luckily it's only a little plastic gun and wouldn't hurt it and my 1yr old daughter has just emptied her bowl of porridge all over herself and the floor :mad: Yes things are definately getting harder lol!!

    I'll pop back later, hope you're all having a lovely day and good luck to those preparing to starting to quit :T

    DFW Nerd no. 496 :cool: - Proud to be dealing with my debts!!
  • Thank you

    I needed the kick up the @rse to stop so yeah count me in...

    I'm going to go to quitnet see when my day will come.

    My reasons are money! Health and also I am applying for cabin crew jobs as this is my dream job I need to be healthy and fit for it and also dont want to be craving a fag on a 12 hour flight :eek:

    So yeah I am in (Again)
    Isn't the knowledge that comes from experience more valuable than the knowledge that doesn't?
  • oops_a_daisyoops_a_daisy Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    well done Jo and good luck to all the other quitters :D

    I have just worked out that I will save £150 per month by packing in :eek: what a waste of money.

    Will start reading the book this afternoon. I seem to remember a thread on here a while ago about packing in smoking and there was a link to silkquit ? which is a little program that you download onto your computer and it works out how much you have saved since quitting and how much of your life you have saved - will have a look for it and post the link

    edit - LOL googled silkquit and got a link to MSE freebies LOL linky - it is free if you use the correct link

    all the best - OOPS
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  • jo1972jo1972 Forumite
    8.9K posts
    I am applying for cabin crew jobs as this is my dream job I need to be healthy and fit for it and also dont want to be craving a fag on a 12 hour flight :eek:

    Well done!! When is your quit day? Yeah I can't imagine being able to stand outside having a quick fag when a few thousand miles up huh?!

    You have a great reason to do it, so good luck :)

    Well today's been full of ups and downs, I've had quite a few cravings but haven't given in. Unfortunately I've also eaten a shed load of chocolate so me thinks I'm gonna get fat :(

    Only gotta get through another couple of hours and I know when I wake up tomorrow I'll be really pleased with myself. I have no fags here and would have to drive to the shop which I'm not prepared to do cos of the embarrasment of having to tell my husband that that is why I'm going out. So got no choice tonight.

    Thanks Oopsadaisy for the link, I'll go take a look.

    I wish you all well tomorrow, let me know how it's going!!

    DFW Nerd no. 496 :cool: - Proud to be dealing with my debts!!
  • worto03worto03 Forumite
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    nice one, we've just had a baby girl (5 weeks old) & I'm 30 now & have been smoking for 10 years so I'm ready to give up too.

    Need to get some patches first so I'll set a quit day of Friday next week. (it'll give me time to sort some patches out)

    Last time I tried patches I get 2 weeks worth & didn't have a single smoke until I ran out of patches then I started again (Clearly I'm an idiot and needed more than 2 weeks worth of pathces)

    I'll stay away until Friday cuz I'll make you all want to start again but I'll be reading & will join you on Friday.

    good luck,

    Oh & I spend about £100 a month on smokes which I'll be overpaying the house payments with.
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