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Flight delay and cancellation compensation, Thomas Cook ONLY

edited 2 July 2014 at 10:22AM in Flight Delay Compensation
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  • NrugorNrugor Forumite
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    Thomas Cook Airlines has responded today - claiming once again that the first door was opened 3:59 after the STA. Their evidence is 2 screen grabs from their internal computer system, depicting a notation by the duty manager that notes the time 11:19z (12:19 local time). TC has failed to acknowledge our evidence, nor provide any impartial evidence of their own.

    The cheek of TCs stock response claims we have not provided any evidence to support the time that the first door was opened - whilst I guess this may be technically correct, the fact that the plane is still in transit dismisses any requirement to do so!

    All of this has been documented with CEDA - I believe there is about a week or so more to go until we have a decision.

    We never submitted the video evidence of my watch as we felt is was easy bait for TC to wriggle out of. Should CEDA not find in our favour, we shall progress through the court system.
  • Shearer9Shearer9 Forumite
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    I'm just wanting a bit of advice on a Thomas Cook compensation claim that they have refused.

    My flight to New York was scheduled for 10:35am. Due to an engine issue suffered on the aircrafts previous flight, the flight didn't take off until 7:14pm - a delay of 8hours 45 minutes. They are refusing to compensate due to the damage being caused by foreign object damage, is this correct? I was under the impression that this had to be covered as it is a technical issue, and not an act of nature.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • jpsartrejpsartre Forumite
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    Shearer9 wrote: »
    They are refusing to compensate due to the damage being caused by foreign object damage, is this correct?

    Sounds like it might be a bird strike which would be extraordinary circumstances. Since it's a knock-on effect it's a grey area but if it happened enroute to pick you up my gut is there's no claim. But check on, if they say there's a valid claim it's usually a good indication.
  • Shearer9Shearer9 Forumite
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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    EU claim have said 600 euros per person so stuck in limbo!

    I have a feeling TC are not being entirely truthful. The first announcement made stated the delay was due to over running scheduled maintenance. Followed by a letter stating the plane had engine damage. Then 4 hours after the scheduled departure TC staff advised they were waiting for the relief crew to arrive. 6.5 Hours after scheduled departure we actually boarded the plane only to be advised that there was an issue tallying the bags back to passengers which caused another 2.5 hour delay whilst they rectified that.

    I could argue that the initial delay was engine depature, but the subsequent 5 hour delay was down to their staff not being available and their baggage system not working correctly.
  • jpsartrejpsartre Forumite
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    If you feel you might have a claim open a case with CEDR, an alternative dispute resolution service that TC uses. TC will then have to make their case to them.
  • Shearer9Shearer9 Forumite
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    I wasn't aware of that, thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  • Hello,

    I've got a question. 12th of May my flight from Gatwick to Cayo Coco was delayed 5-6 hours, flight number MT2634. First departure time was scheduled 10:10, but due to "technical issues" it was delayed about 45 minutes. When plane landed we've been informed about another 30 minutes delay due to "too many disabled passengers". When finally we get on board 11:15 we've been informed about technical issues, we had engineer in pilot cockpit trying to fix something, but around 12:00 we've been informed that he won't be able to fix it and we have to wait for another plane which is in Manchester. We've been kept inside for 2,5h and finally moved to second plane just after 15:00 and flown off around 16:00. Does it qualify for claim? I've got emails and text messages from TC with all delays where they wrote "Due to a technical issue with the aircraft, your outbound flight MT2634 has been delayed until 15:20 UK time."

    I've already used claim form on their website but i'm not sure what should i expect.

    Thanks in advance for your time.
  • Justice13075Justice13075 Forumite
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    Firstly, any compensation is based on the time you arrived at your destination. Secondly was the delay caused by an extraordinary circumstance. So if the reason for the delay was a technical fault and you were delayed arriving at your destination between 3/4hours late you should be due €300 per passenger over 4 hours is €600 per person. Euclaim says you are possibly due €600 each. If they refuse compensation contact them and ask for a deadlock letter so you can take it to arbitration. Come back if you need any more help.
  • usejeanusejean Forumite
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    Am I in the right place for help with advance notice ie, 3 months for a Thomas Cook flight change of 10+ hours?

    Read they should provide email address or number to contact them but my email from them only contains web site addresses for Thomas Cook and Condor.

    Also think they are supposed to ask if we accept the flight change or not but they haven’t.

    I can try Customer Services at TC and/or Condor but thought best to get some advice first.

    Forewarned is forearmed he thinks!

    Thanks in advance
  • Caz3121Caz3121 Forumite
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    they cover advance changes in the t&cs (section 14)
    they class anything under 12 hours change as 'minor'
    are there other airlines operating the same departure and arrival airport on the same day?
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