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247 spares rip off!!!



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    Damn, I've just been had been this conartists - came after googling 247 spares.
    I got one email giving me a quote to call 0703 471 xxxx. no where did it say it was a premium rate number, I just thought it was a mobile number. Called it was on the phone with the guy for 14mins, he didn't tell me either that I was calling a premium rate number.
    Only after I recceived a 2nd email starting with the same number 0703 471 xxxx, I got a bit suspicious.

    I then rang my network, t-mobile, was on the phone for 23 mins before she came and told me yes it was a premium rate number charging at 75p/m!!

    Out-bloody-rageous!!!! with a capital F!!! Everybody knows that premium rate numbers start with 09 and 07 are mobile numbers. This is a deliberate trick to con people to calling premium rate numbers masquerading as mobile numbers!!!

    The networks should at least put a message informing users that the number is a premium rate number and will be charged for.

    My blood is boiling!
  • Put in a parts request to these cowboys, recieved 2 "Quotes" phoned the cheaper of the quotes on "the supplier number 0703 471 ******" went through the "Recorded for training purposes message" on each of the menu options, eventually got through to the "parts advisor" who then asked for the part number off the sensor I was enquiring about. As the manufacturers part number formed part of the enquiry I became suspicious as to how they could quote a price for the part which they didn't know the part number of, so I canceled my inquiry. I then checked and found the phone number I had used was a premium rate number, charge band PN2 costing 97p per minute including VAT
    These people are pure Con artists and I cannot understand how it is legal for them to operate in this manner.
    Is there nothing that can be done to stop this type of theft?
  • Used 247 spares a few years ago when I needed a replacement alternator - was really impressed with the service - saved me £100's. In those days the suppliers contacted you directly and it was a quick and much cheaper process. Have just tried using the site again, and was really surprised to find no other way of contacting the supplier than the premium phone number, which I will not be calling. Very frustrating. What a shame they've chosen to go down this route.

    Meanwhile, I had forgotten about Parts Gateway - thanks xenton for the reminder!
  • Waste of time. Avoid this outfit.
    Premium phone number scammers.
    Today I made the mistake of signing up for an online quote for a Ciroen alternator.
    Only way to reply to quotes is through 0703 Premium rate numbers. They don't warn you of this - only tell you how their 'service' is free!
    Now being bombarded by emails and no link to unsubscribe.
    No way to contact them through their website.
    Buried in their terms is a PO Box number for Citynet Datacom Ltd - PO bOx 4270, London W1A 7WP
    Also buried in their terms is their right to use, store & process any personal information that relates to and identifies you and that they may send you information from third parties.
    i.e sell your details.
    Only way to contact them is either through writing to the PO Box or else ringing their 0872 number.

    Try for spares. No premium rate numbers and quotes come with normal landlines to phone.
  • Beware of sheffield motor spares wrong part delivered and returned with proof of delivery yet still no refund after several calls and being told its been done £140 bank now dealing with it.Ordered same part from another guy called Dave that goes under the name SWN FIND A PART This guy said that his card machine wasn't working and sent txt telling me why asked if I could pay by cheque which I did and sent recorded delivery, he received cheque and confirmed this via txt value £155 and guess what no part!!!! I have his address and email
    [email protected] but he doesn't reply now his phone number is no longer active he is a CON MAN BEWARE.
    I am now £295 out of pocket and still no part!!!!!
    I've used 247spares in the past without any problems but now wouldn't touch them.
  • Hi, 247 spares is just a broker. Its like trying to sue Alexander the meerkat because you have a dispute with Churchill. You can go to 247 via the contact us bit to start a dispute but I found (having just had some problems with another bunch of cowboys - Foreign Car Spares LTD) that threatening them with Trading Standards, threatening to write to 247 and ebay (they have an ebay shop) to advise them of their conduct, threatening to bring the financial ombudsman in, and a no-win-no-fee solicitor is often enough to get them worried.

    Also, they are a pain in the backside these cowboys yes? So why not be a pain in the backside back? Phone up hourly if you need to, if you have a mobile with unlimited minutes then this is great, be a thorn in their side. They will be annoyed at your constant communication and may refund you eventually just to get you to go away.

    Foreign car spares sent out broken, warped and rusted parts, a week late, and I am set to be refunded on Monday, a month late but I only came on here to try and get a postal address so I could alert 247 to what the lone ranger and his buddies at Foreign car spares have been like. Cowboys? John Wayne has nothing on them. I get put through to around 4 different people each time I phone, and its clearly the same bloke putting on a different voice.

    So be aware of Foreign Car Spares but realise that your gripe is not with 247 spares. I have used them several times in the past with no problems whatsoever. If you ever have good experience then do one of two things - jot down the company who you dealt with so you know if they offer you a quote in the future you can trust them, or even better - take their direct number and see what they have directly next time
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    we have bought a rebuilt engine for Mazda, last year July, through eBay from 247carclinic. The engine arrived to our Mazda garage and it was found to be wrong. The Mazda garage called the 247carclinic and advised them of this. The wrong engine was sent back and another arrived. At this point the 247carclinic has been advised what type of engine is needed and again the engine is wrong. No luck in getting any answers or help from 247carclinic since. We have paid £900 for the engine, plus the work involved which came to additional £1500 pounds. Our car is still in the Mazda garage since last July. It is non functional and we are getting nowhere in trying to contact the 247carclinic to get our money back or correct engine. Could anyone advice us how to take this further? Thank you.
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    I entered a search for a car door at 247spares' website and received 2 quotes the next day. Phoned up first one and was put on hold as soon as I managed to negotiate the extended menu. Hung up after tiring of waiting. Phoned back later and was told that they had made a mistake with my quote - the door they had was for a different type of car.

    Phoned different 0703 number attached to second quote but that directed me to the same menu and people. Definitely a phone scam. If it wasn't a scam how could they identify the wrong type of door against a full set of vehicle details twice???

    Hopefully it will not have cost me £6/minute.
  • I came across this by accident as I was just trying to find out who the company was that belonged to the 0703 471 **** that they gave me.
    So thank you everyone I will not even bother to try the number. Ha Ha I had been warned great work.
  • I too have been fooled and have paid the cost. Called their 0703 471 3853 which is given in their email and they make no mention of how much the call will cost.

    Can this not be reported to anyone as being misleading and offering false pretence? So a stop can be made to these cowboys.

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