247 spares rip off!!!

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  • hi
    i have been reading your threads i run a nissan skyline gtr club dealing in high performance nissan cars i have been dealing with dewsbury auto salvage for years.
    i have never heard some one write more rubbish in my life i have never heard of 247 spares even though i sell new perfomance parts on ebay.
    i take credit card and debit card payments and if for any reason have to refund it take 5 working days for the money to go into a customers account.
    (if i take money from there account i get it next day.need to asks banks why they do this.)
    It seems they had refunded you but you never had the patience to wait.I also seem to think that you dont like anyone you come in contact with NHS included.
    I like the bit you write about your sick wife and how you want us to feel sorry for her. Your phone was switched off they phoned to leave a message with your wife. Your so wound up with the way the world is treating you your assuming everyone is giving you or your wife abuse.
    If they sent you the mirrors in the 1st place why did you not ask them to pick them up.
    I bought £2600 navara engine from them i got it fitted and it would not start my garage said the engine is no good they told me that the engine is in a bad state. I phoned wade at dewsbury auto salvage told him the engine is no good and it has cost me £430 in labour costs.He asured me the engine was good to cut story short he phoned my garage spoke to the mechanic and asked them to change the crank shaft sensor.My mechanic told him and me it will make no diffrence.I phoned him again to say this he then told me if i could force my mechanic to do this i believed wade and got it swaped. The engine started 1st time and i still own the car i have not had any problems since. I would use them any time.
    The mechanic admits he had never come across this problem before.Dewsbury auto salvage saved me Over £4000 from a new engine from dealers.
    if you want me to speak to them for you i will. I do think you need to change your way of thinking. It cant be a rip off if you got your money back or what you paid them.

    alan from r34 gtr club
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    Thanks Alan for your comments, or at least the bits that agree with what I said.

    A cynic might feel that your name isn't Alan but Zed from Dewsbury, particularly as you know so much about the fact that the OP's phone was switched off when Zed/you tried to contact him.

    But obviously, I'm not cynical like that. ;)
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    Never heard of 247 spares, but after reading this thread, they have earned my respect.

    What strikes me is if the item was returned on 30th March, and the refund arrives near the end of april, it was hardly held up by the banks for all that time.

    Well done OP, I think its pretty clear you are telling the truth IMHO. Hope you get your postage costs refunded too.

    I share your concerns over 'Alan's' motives, a simple 'I've used this company in the past and never had any problems' would have been more convincing than attacking you personally.
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    Have used 247 for finding car parts, great when it works but a pain in the !!!! when you don't get any follow up.
  • Thanks for the comments MarkyMarkD, wacko911 and spido.

    I agree that my wife could have put the phone down and hopefully she would certainly do that in future. It was a concern when I returned from work, that she had taken this flack, when no attempt had been made to contact my mobile. It does have a voicemail facility when the phone is off and does record missed calls, no record of Dewsbury contacting it however.

    I don’t think that it is really worth commenting on “Alan’s” post, as I think he has confirmed my earlier comments and the other posts have also addressed it. This message board does allow companies the legitimate right to reply if they want to.

    In my experience good customer service makes all the difference, particularly when the customers are people who don’t know the trade. If you have a good experience of a company when things go wrong, you’re not likely to complain and you may even use them and recommend them in future.

    But I think I will look elsewhere for spares in future and would advise others to do the same.

    I won’t hold my breath for any refund of loss of expenses, I will just have to put this one down to one of life’s experiences and move on.

    But it has been very positive using this board, where there are some very knowledgeable and supportive people :T . Hopefully I can do the same for others in the future.

    Many thanks
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    Hi guys,

    For those of you who have no been able to get your money back from Dewsbury Auto Salvage Ltd please read on.

    I had similar problems to the above. I received a car part different to the one I ordered. So I sent it back to the supplier (Dewsbury Auto Salvage Ltd) and they agreed to refund the money back to me.

    Guess what? Yes, they didn't bother to refund my money. Over the period of about four weeks I made calls to DAS to find out why. Each time I ended up speaking to someone who calls himself Tony (I doubt this is his real name*). Each time Tony said he would sort and refund the money and each time it didn't happen.

    Here we go: I contacted 247 Spares via their 'contact us' page on the website, (click here) I put the details of the problem to them and within 1 hour they called me back. They made one call to Dewsbury Auto Salvage Ltd, and two working days later I had my money back (minus the delivery fee though, but it's better than nothing).

    I believe Dewsbury Auto Salvage are afraid to lose their subscription to 247 Spares, so at this stage they will drop the criminal behaviour and return your money.

    * I believe that Tony uses a sudanim because I spoke to another person who worked their called Waheed and when I told him I originally spoke to Tony he sounded miffed and said "there is no one called Tony working here". Another reason I think this guy uses a sudanim is because he and another sudanim warrior called Zed, rip people off all of the time and one day someone will come round there and teach them a lesson in vigilant law.

    I hope this helps anyone that has a run-in with these con-artists in the future


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    I am having exactly the same problem with a refund for a part that they sent out incorrectly, have been battling for 2 months. Have contacted 247 today, thanks.
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    but a lot of "new posters" have contributed to this thread.
    why not call HMRC and tell them the salvage co are doing cash transactions - shouid be fun
  • Even when you have sent items back that they have damaged, which you will of course have to pay for to be sent back. they won't refund your money, no matter how many promises he would make you. Phone the company you were directed to them by, tell them it is their problem and you would have to speak to the police. make sure when they refund your money it is the full amount!!!! I would never buy anything through these companies again. Also make sure you keep all documents relating to the items.

    Good luck if you've bought something from there and it's wrong!!
  • Totally agree with all of the above! Rip off dodgey W***S!
    orderd a gearbox for my 106gti on friday 12th sept, arrived on tues despite being told it would arrive on monday. got it fitted Wednesday!
    Ratios felt different, took it back to the garage, took Gearbox code of the box, and it matches to code to a 1.5 Diesel box! My blood was boiling!
    i have a parts description Recipt here that says "PUG 106 1.6 16v "GTi" GEARBOX"
    i e-mail Bayliss Recovery, and they want me to return the gear box and they will refund or replace..... why should i have to pay my mechanic for the hassel of what "Bayliss Recovery" have caused me.
    IMHO, my email from them states that it was the correct box they sent! how can it of been when they dont check and test the parts!

    RIP OFF!

    Something Really needs to be done about this
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