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247 spares rip off!!!



  • darchirdarchir Forumite
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    I also have a big issue with 247spares.
    On 20th April I purchased an engine through them from a company called Wirrall Salvage in Birkenhead for £540. When the engine arrived at the garage who were fitting it they discovered it was the wrong engine!
    They spoke to the garage and agreed that it wasn't the right one and said once they had the engine back they would issue a full refund to me.
    On 4th May their manager confirmed that they had received the engine back and that a refund would be done that day. After phoning them nearly every day since and them promising they will sort it out, still no refund. This looks like it's heading for the Small Claims Court now.

    Does anyone have a name and contact details for 247spares as having got in touch with Citizens Advice Bureau if this issue isn't resolved amicably they will hand it over to Trading Standards for further investigation.
  • stetanosstetanos Forumite
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    On their FAQs, 247 parts claim they are a 'free service'. Beware friends,this is misleading. :eek:

    Yes, receiving a quote is free (THEIR exact wording), but if you want to follow through that quote, ie call up and order, you HAVE TO call an 0703 471 XXX number. 24/7 Spares do not even advertise the call cost per minute, and (i think purposefully) avoid pointing out the costs of these premium numbers.

    Googling this class of number, you will find many horror stories with exorbitant charges and time wasting on the other end of the phone.

    No wonder they are hiding something. I think they bank on the fact that you will be unaware of the charges until the last minute. Keep in mind that you will happily spend ages filling in the forms (ie putting in the effort and time) only at the end of it to be faced with the surprise of these costly premium numbers up to 24 h later. I wonder how many would pursue a quote knowing the costs at the start of the process.

    I would suggest you used an alternative site that is more transparent with their costs.
  • Pat172Pat172 Forumite
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    I fell for this last month, and ended up with a £10 phone bill - I'm normally very careful and was so embarrased that it happened to me!

    Last week I needed a wing mirror for my car and used Parts Gateway - they too offer a direct dial (which is also aprox £1/min) however a quick google for the company name works a treat.

    There are many other parts companies, I suggest using them first and only using these middle men as a last resort.

    End of the day, they are simply brokers and are only interested in making their money off us, the customers! But doing it so under-handedly is wrong!
  • stetanosstetanos Forumite
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    Following on from my post, the best price came from a company called Autotek electronics, I called them (on an 070 number) who then said they did not have it in stock... So I paid for the call (I still need to see the price on my statement) for nothing...
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    Oh dear, how I wished I had check here before ordering £108's worth of Suzuki alloys. I am at the moment sat waiting for the items to be delivered but must say after reading the posts Im a little worried. Guess all I can do for now is wait as calling their premium phone number is only going to cost me more money. I paid by debit card last Thursday wondering if its worth getting in touch with my bank. I will get back to this post and keep you updated one way or the other.
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    I have to admit I was in a panic when I read these posts but just got my 1st wheel......I ordered 4 so there is some good also came with a tyre which is also a added bonus. Keeping my fingers ( dirty greasy fingers now) crossed that the other 3 turn up and they all match, will keep you all updated.
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    Well I made a mess of things and thought I was ordering 4 wheels and got one, so ordered the second wheel which was £20 cheaper, both arrived, so I have no complaints really
  • osmodiaosmodia Forumite
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    Don't even bother to get a quote ! I did out of interest and got quoted £45 total for a electric window switch for my Skoda, postage in that was £8! (90gram item) A new one from Skoda spares was £30.40 plus £3 postage! AND a 2 year warranty! 247 gave 90 days.
    Forget 247, they are crooks.
  • Think you will find that 247 Spares are not the supplier of parts, they just contact suppliers for people that are in need of parts, therefore its the supplier that gave you that price NOT 247 Spares. I use them and others all the time.
  • i was to get a part yesterday from them and they have told me it was delivered but nothing arrived,
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