247 spares rip off!!!



  • Totally agree with all of the above! Rip off dodgey W***S!
    orderd a gearbox for my 106gti on friday 12th sept, arrived on tues despite being told it would arrive on monday. got it fitted Wednesday!
    Ratios felt different, took it back to the garage, took Gearbox code of the box, and it matches to code to a 1.5 Diesel box! My blood was boiling!
    i have a parts description Recipt here that says "PUG 106 1.6 16v "GTi" GEARBOX"
    i e-mail Bayliss Recovery, and they want me to return the gear box and they will refund or replace..... why should i have to pay my mechanic for the hassel of what "Bayliss Recovery" have caused me.
    IMHO, my email from them states that it was the correct box they sent! how can it of been when they dont check and test the parts!

    RIP OFF!

    Something Really needs to be done about this

    I agree. I have had bad experiences with them.

    My brother ordered a Subura Impreza gearbox, they said it was from a 55,000 mile car and it was a good gearbox. The garage fitted it and it turned out to be broken. They will refund or replace the duff box but obviously wont refund the fitting costs that my brother has had to pay so the mistake has cost him a lot of money. Parts should be tested quality parts, especially when you are forking out £350!! Labour was £350 as well.

    I ordered a wing from them, they took my money and the wing never arrived. I ring the breakers concerned and they simply give me excuse after excuse. A different excuse each time I ring. Trying to get my money back right now.

    I have not had a single good experience, their site should be pulled and Quentin Willson should have pulled his sponsorship. It gives a false impression of quality. How could he associate himself with such cowboys.

    Service is RUBBISH
    Quality is RUBBISH

  • Can I add my comments to this list.

    Is 24/7 spares a scam?

    They take the money, the parts never arrive and you're left to spend ages trying to get your money back, a total waste of time. :mad:
  • 24seven wrote: »
    Can I add my comments to this list.

    Is 24/7 spares a scam?

    They take the money, the parts never arrive and you're left to spend ages trying to get your money back, a total waste of time. :mad:

    Yep I had the same trouble. I had to go to my credit card company to try and get my money back.
  • Very interesting to read about complaints regards 247 spares & related suppliers.
    Let me start by advising NEVER to use this firm in my opinion or any of its suppliers.
    I have no idea about cars but was informed by a friend about an online search for a part for my BMW 7 series (Old Shape but good condition). I used 247 spares & found an entire exhaust for £519 & thought GREAT. The exhaust turned up & the garage took reciept of said part. It turns out one of the sections of exhaust had a bend or kink & couldn't be fitted. Well you no doubts probably see whats coming. I have went thru a unparalled shambles trying to get my money back. With no joy. Ivan Joseph at the formerly Ezy Car Parts formerly rear of 316 Ilford Lane Essex strung me along for absolute ages. Under the premise of him claiming cash from the courier. A very polite man & well spoken he fed me an inordinate amount of lines. Eventually after an enormous amount of emails/phonecalls and fobbing off from all parties including the lady at 247 spares i consulted my Credit card company Halifax - would you believe it these things have time limits !!!! Disgusted to learn they couldn't help me. Needless to say I needed to get to work & in that period I had no end of logistical hassles with my family & work. I eventually instructed the garage to proceed with supply & installation of a new exhaust whilst i got to the bottom of the old one. Out of pocket again to the tune of £500 odd pounds. Mr Ivan Joseph eventually told me to return the exhaust & he would refund - which i did. When it arrived to him given he probably didn't think i'd courier it down recorded delivery he then denied he said he would refund. he's since moved premises, his phone number won't work & I've been robbed of the cash, the exhaust & had to shell out to get the car on the road.

    I am more than willing to take advice from anyone & if i had the cash to proceed to court I would - i am totally angered & disgusted by rip off. As other people have said 247 didn't step into help & just fobbed me off - I would warn against using them at all. Trading Standards also just advised me to go to court. How can the common man start doing that. being from Glasgow area it was tempting just to drive down to ilford myself. Absolutely disgusted. My aim now is to ensure as many people know about this 247 service & the man Ivan Joseph & his many company aliases.
  • I got parts from Dewsbury via 247spares, several months ago. Arrived as promised and all OK. Lulled into false sense of security, I searched again for ABS sensors for my old Honda Accord. Jap Parts replied with two sets of quotes for same items, one much more expensive than the the other! Luckily (especially having read the responses on this blog) I got them from a man who I usually go to; he runs a spares supply business from an old field near Luton. Seems a bit dodgy but I've been many times, generally in the company of my mechanic hubby, and everything has always been spot-on. Even when we ring up, we chat abt what we want and he always gets it right. Card details given over the phone, items packed and delivered usually within a few days. Anything that doesn't work, we return and he replaces. If you need Honda spares (2nd-hand but I've also got new from him, much cheaper than main dealers) ring 07850 354332 https://www.hondaspares.co.uk
  • I have a Vauxhall Corsa and I usually go to Megavaux in Nottingham (they do Vauxhall parts).

    They've always been great with me and my dad, plus there is a guarantee on the parts :beer:
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    I used 247spares and I had issues with a supplier M & M Auto Salvage.

    When I ordered the Honda Civic Type-R Steering Wheel I specifically asked "does the steering wheel come with the red Honda badge", as this was the only reason why I wanted to purchase the item.

    I received the item but it came with no Honda badge, so I wanted to return it for a full refund as the item was not as described. But they will not refund me.

    Also I find it very strange that if you want to contact 247spares they automatically assume that you want to file a dispute!

    The only text on the Contact Us page -
    "Please provide the following information to file a dispute against a supplier. Please note that we will be unable to investigate your dispute until all information requested here has been provided"
  • i used 247 spares to find a part for my car which put me in touch with VW WAREHOUSE, i paid for the part with my bank card on the 01/02/10, after countless phone calls and letters, even had a CCJ issued against VW WAREHOUSE still haven't recieved my £150. I would advise anyone not to use 247 SPARES or VW WAREHOUSE, nothing but cowboys :mad:
  • This is one of those times when the final checkbox should alert people:

    I have read & agree to the 247 Spares Network Terms and Conditions, and undertsand I may be sent quotes and offers from time to time by the network. In order to activate the "Text-a-Quote" service there will be a £1.50 charge plus one network message, We do not charge until you reply to the free text we send you. 247 Spares Helpline 0871 3456 247

    Apart from the fact that I believe this breaks consumer rules (including terms and condition agreement with the opt-in for marketing), it clearly should start alarm bells as being a bit of a scam, and probably giving this company money by the mailing lists they create.

    The site itself, and the way it works (where you don't actually see your specific part) should also set off further alarm bells. I think anyone that goes through this process with them and still gives them money is being a bit short-sighted.

    I don't wish to sound rude, but it drives me a bit crazy that so many companies get away with these scams simply because people are trying to get things for less than they should cost.

    Actually, it's one of the reasons I don't visit this site so much, because I don't support the whole 'free / cheaper' is better philosophy, whether that is car parts, insurance, bank accounts or anything else. In the end, there quite often a reason.
  • If you wish to complain to trading standards about 247 spares here is an address to write to

    Foreign car spares LTD
    166 Parkfield road
    Alum Rock
    B8 3AY

    24/7 spares has cost me loads of money as i've had to take time of work waitng for a delivery which never happened when we tried to contact them to speak to the chap we origanlly spoke to all we got was he's not available, can i help when i explained the situation they became very rude. If anybody wishes to complain about this company please feel free to e-mail me so i can hand the complaints into Trading Standards and hopefully get something do about it
    no promises but i will try.

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